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    A Rant about the management at WWV’s Desert Sun Tanning Salon…yesterday after work I stopped by to start getting a little glow for our vacation coming up in July well the girl that works there was in her car leaving she rolls down her window and says “sorry we’re closed” this is at 3pm and then she explains to me that the person that was to come in for the next shift called and said they “didn’t want to work” so she called her boss and he/she said “if you don’t stay you’re fired”. She then told me that she has a 2nd job that she needed to get to and that she needs to work the 2 job just to get by and that her boss knows this but he/she fired her anyways. Couldn’t he/she had asked her to stay just until they could get cover to come in or themselves come in???!!!
    She is telling me all of this crying her eyes out. I called their Corporate Office from home and told them how disgusted I was in how this was handled and all they said was “we’re sorry you had to experience that” and oh you can go visit our West Seattle location. SMH with disgust.
    WOW have you ever heard anything so mean?

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