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    OK people please read this carefully-this is about my friend and amazing cat/dog whisperer DEMERY SHAIN-she fricken got her finger literally bit off from someone’s wild dog. I don’t care about what happened. What I care about is she comes over hours later to take care of our elderly cat and give him fluids!!!! I had called another friend to come over because I had thought she couldn’t get here for 2 days.. She needs to pay other people to take care of your pets-so if you are listening please HELP her out-she is the loveliest human being and has been going through soooooooo much… So to all of her other clients-especially those with extra cash PLEASE write a big ole check…..As to the person whose dog bit her finger please be considerate and humane-ask her what she needs and give her double-much love from one of your favorites clients, Mr. B, and E and D






    W.S. Bloggers This is a follow up-I am pretty sure that the person whose dog bit off her finger has not even called to ask how Demery is doing…. Well I happen to know that on top of emotional pain from her friend/client of 20 plus years not even calling to ask how she is doing… she is losing money because she is unable to do certain tasks because of her hand cast. Also, she needs 2 more surgeries… If you are the person of the dog in question or knows who it is-PLEASE step up to the plate!!!! Does anyone else feel that this is so unfair to a great individual and fellow West Seattleite?




    What jerks for not taking responsibility for this woman’s finger.

    How can they live with themselves?

    Ayi yi yi. . .



    It is totally unfair. Since they have such a long-term relationship maybe Demery could call the person and ask for an explanation and/or compensation. Difficult to do but certainly within her rights, and maybe will be the nudge they need to step up and help … or at least explain their behavior — guilt? shame? indifference? fear?

    Thanks for being there for her, sistah!



    Demery is my cat sitter. She goes way above and beyond . She is a “cat whisperer” I am not sure why there has not been any communication from the dog owner that just does NOT make any sense to me. Seems like bad karma???


    Ms. Sparkles

    I don’t know any of the parties involved, but I’d guess the owner of the finger-ripper-off dog is in denial / afraid of the consequences.

    ….sadly it’s time for Demery to pursue those consequences to their logical legal end; she needs to file a small claims suit against the Wild Dog’s owner for reimbursment of her medical bill. It’s a very easy process (getting actual payment may be more difficult….but I digress), and that way Wild Dog’s owners will at the least be forced to acknowledge there is an issue.

    If Demery needs help with the process she can contact me: percypuppoppydog (at)




Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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