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    After 11 years in Seattle (7 in West Seattle) the Surly family is picking up and moving to Norway. Mrs Surly is from there, and our kids are thrilled that they will be able see their only living grandparents every day. Me? Well I like cold weather, pickled fish, and skiing.

    There are so many things I will miss about Seattle, but I will not bore you by listing them. The things I will miss most about West Seattle are 1) My 20+ mile runs through our amazing parks, followed by two sandwiches from Husky Deli (a Club Husky followed by a tuna and swiss), 2) paddle boarding, kayaking, and swimming spitting distance from my front door, and 3) tide pooling with my kids. We are keeping our house and renting it to my niece, who is completing here medical residency here, and sold our rental property near the junction to a friend who is a developer; not sure what his plans are for it yet. We have no plans at the moment to come back, but who knows what life will bring.

    Be kind to each other and remember that the bridge debacle will not last forever.

    Farvel og ha en fin dag!

    – Trevor



    Sorry to hear it but happy for you and your family.

    Thanks for participating in WSB discussions rather than simply being absorbed by the social-media Borg as has happened to too many. Travel safely. – TR



    Dang! I’m gonna miss you TSurly!

    Being a Professional Pedestrian (though homebound 100% of the time in recent months due to high-risk for COVID), I’ve appreciated your comments over the years in support of safety for those whose modes of transportation are not surrounded by steel and able to move at high speeds. I even appreciate the snark. 😉

    Best of luck to you and your family!





    I mean, yay, happy for you…

    Will miss your comments, I hope you and yours have the most wonderful adventures in Norway (and frankly not a bad time to be leaving the US…).

    Be well. I’ll endeavor to find an email address for you and shoot you a note–for if you ever want to come back and visit you’ll find a spare room here.




    Best of luck. Wish I were going with you.



    Hate to see you all go, but Norway! Is! Wonderful! And with grandparents right there? How fabulous! Enjoy your new life!



    TSurly: Thanks for your views on biking, even if I feel our city’s bike infrastructure is dangerous and incomplete…Biking is a net good. Also, I always wanted to know if your handle refers to Surly bikes. I love mine—a great workhorse.

    Good luck in Norway.

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