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    Michael Waldo

    Went for dinner at the THE LODGE SPORTS GRILLE in the Alaskan junction tonight. They told us they are closing at the end of December. Makes me sad. They have great food and a full bar and lots of beer on tap. Plus sports on multiple TV’s. Not sure why it never caught on. It was never more than 1/3 full, even on a Friday night.


    2 Much Whine

    I really wanted to like The Lodge when it first opened. We tried it three or four times and gave enough time for the staff to overcome problems associated with starting up. Loved the concept and the thought behind it but never found the right balance of quality and price for the food offerings and we had a few minor service-related incidents. It just never became part of the “let’s meet here” rotation despite really wanting to like it. It never rose to a level to replace Rocksport.

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