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    Love those postcards from Metropolitan Market offering free or 2 for 1 goodies. This week it’s an individual turkey pot pie. And they had a load of them at 7PM last night. Can’t same the same about bread–the artisan loaves were completely sold out. Do people eat more bread on Valentine’s Day or what?



    Speaking of pot pies, has anyone tried a pot pie from Shoofly?



    since i will be buying another one to go with it.. i am really glad that the turkey pie is good. thanks for letting me know.

    i was in there yesterday.. but it was a zoo. didn’t stop me from buying dessert tho:)



    Huindekmi, the pot pie at Shoofly is absolutely amazing. I highly recommend it. Although, if you eat in, they tend to not heat it long enough. They refuse to use microwaves since it heats better in their regular oven, but since it can take 10+ minutes to heat it, it obviously gets pulled while still lukewarm inside. I usually just take it home and heat it as I like.



    Shoofly BTW got another newspaper review this week. You should be able to find the link on a new page we soft-launched because I’m still tweaking it … click the tab that says MORE in the navigation bar atop any page.



    Did the metropolitan market turkey pie today. not bad. definately worth doing.

    will try shoofly next:) there was too much construction in front today.



    Omigosh! Do I love your “more” section. If this is a soft launch, then I’m going to be in pig heaven when you have the real thing up. Thanks so much for doing such a great job. Bloggers, you have to see this new addition.



    the charlabob plus sylvia family had shoofly chicken and beef pot pies last night and they were MAHVELOUS! We have very different tastes and we were all very happy. The beef is a little spicier than the chicken, but both will definitely remain on our take-out rotation.




    Tried the turkey pot pie last night. So much better than anything in the freezer section. Plus you get keep the porcelain rammican.

    Out of curiosity, I tried a slice of shoofly pie. Interesting…like a dry pecan pie without the pecans. Good luck to Shoofly Pie. I will be back to sample more!



    I had a beef pot pie from Shoofly. I thought the crust was fantastic, but the filling was a little bland. I did love the black/raspberry pie though.

    The Metro Market pot pies are pretty good. I think they use less thyme than they used too. And I’d like the filling to be a little thicker.



    Shoofly chicken pot pie is so good I wish I could peel back the crust and bathe in it. Then eat the crust! Slurp.



    P.S. I signed up for a pie-making class at SHOOFLY through South Seattle Community college. Can’t wait! I think it’s full – but maybe they’ll add another?

    >>Monday, 5:30 PM – 9:30 PM; 1 session on June 2, 2008

    Class cost $39 , Materials Fee $ 10.00

    Instructor: Kimmy Hsieh Tomlinson

    Location: Seattle – Shoofly Pie Company



    Oooh, I’m jealous, RainyDay! It is full, but I signed up for their waiting list. Maybe if enough people are interested, they’ll add another one. And if not, maybe we can contact Shoofly directly and see if we can create a class directly with her.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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