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    I never saw this thread before either and I will have to say I would have both Rants and Raves about Alki. We bought our house a little over 2 years ago and they were they first place I went shopping. They had a reasonable delivery charge and decent prices, and for me, same day delivery. I couldn’t have been happier. I soon realized I needed my own truck and went there to grab a few dozen 2×4. When I went to pick them out, they were some of the worst lumber I had seen. The guy helping me commented that a real carpenter could make them straight. Really? So I didn’t go back for a while. Slowly I went back for a few things here and there, all good. This past spring I need some custom Trusses and 7 squares of cedar shakes so I called them for a quote. They were about 25% higher on the shakes (Bought from Issaquah Cedar) and more on the trusses (Bought from Tri County Truss). So while I would go there in a pinch, they are never my first option any more.



    Had a terrbile customer service experience at Alki Lumber as well. I’m just one guy and was only looking for one piece of wood. Obviously, not their client base.

    Anyway, ordered decking from Stewart Lumber down on Rainier and had an awesome experience.

    @JoB – as for the scruffy appearance, as condodweller said, try living by it. I’m all for a little scruff around the edges – definitely prefer that to a sterile Blahvue look – but their appearance goes well beyond scruffy. It’s downright sh*tty. They’re like the crappy neighbor on your block that has multiple disused cars out front up on blocks and trash overflowing into their yard. There’s a difference between having ‘character’ and just being a nuisance.


    My issue with Alki lumber is they sell to a known scam artist ( i will not give is name or think of calling him a contractor or plumber or engineer; hint hint) that has ripped off many West seattle and Washington residence in general. They only seem to help the contractors but not the little guys.


    alki lumber is a bunch of honest hard working stand up guys if you feel like you got over charged they would most likely refund all your money & let you keep the screens. Oh & do you check the history of every customer that comes in to your buissnes i dident think so and you have no idea how hard it is just to keep it scruffy I think you were looking for the bellview blog .And further more how would you know what goes on there after hours???? Alki lumber has been in west seattle since before any of one on the west seattle blog was born.Those guy do nothing but give west seattle 150% all week and they deserve nothing but respect!!!!!!!!!!!!!




    I’m not quite sure what you are saying since my vernacular to English translation device is unavailable. Might I suggest buying a capital letter, or possibly more punctuation? The redundant use of question marks and exclamation marks is intriguing, if not overwhelming. By the way, the red lines under many of your words mean they are incorrectly spelled. Just thought I’d help…



    I am not the smartest guy in the world, but how do you give 150%? If 100% is just that, 100%, ie, all you can give, how can you give 50% more than that? Doesn’t that make 150% actually just 100%? Please, correct me if I am wrong Phil, I was never very good at that new math stuff…

    (psst, Garden_nymph, the red lines are because you are using Firefox probably, with a built in spell checker, phil is probably an ie kind of guy)



    for a real good time go in wearing a jane fonda t shirt.



    Nobody flagged this but please refrain from criticizing people’s spelling and grammar. Another one of the rules we don’t have – is perfect spelling/grammar. Idyllic as that would be, it’s not possible for some, and I’m just glad to see people here communicating … long as they follow what rules we DO have … Thanks.



    Well, if we’re going to flag rules, how about the one that states Rants need to be directed to management of the establishment and a solution pursued before blowing them up here? “Alki Lumber has already demonstrated to me their level of service and no complaint to their management is going to do me much good at this point.” doesn’t really seem to demonstrate an attempt at having managment resolve the issue.

    If you haven’t noticed, the trick is to pile on after the first rant with your own rant, even thought the following ranters haven’t tried to contact the management of the business to resolve their issue. Its a free ride, really.



    criticizing spelling and punctuation only serves to make the person doing the criticizing look petty, small, insecure and insignificant.

    and Alki Lumber rocks! it’s a lumber yard, not a day spa.

    Why not “clean up” the waterfront too, get rid of those big cranes and all that machinery and plant some nice landscaping, make a pretty park? It makes West Seattle look trashy and uh…..working class….. bwa ha ha ha



    Is Alki Lumber vegetarian? Because if it’s not it should be. Or at least offer some vegetarian dishes. Also, I am tired of all those dogs off leash at Alki Lumber.

    PS- The Blue Angels are too loud and scare my cats.


    ace motel rocks! as for you garden nymph the only thing that intrigues me is why when i put your blog name in my vernacular translator it translates as bridge troll any way im leaving to go surfing in Indonesia im shure it will be overwhelmingly enjoyable have fun under your bridge talk to you in 2 months PS you can be shure il be giving 150% on every wave! by now did i miss any grammer???!@#$%)*


    Joe Motor

    I have been going to this place for over 20 years. When I wanted an account for my drywall business(when I first started doing business with them), the deal was set on my word and a hand shake.The people there are real, the place has been there like 80 years. The owner, Jim Sweeny, is a stand up guy and treats his people better than any giant corporation. They could make the place look nice for all the YMCA yuppies driving by. But why, it is a lumber yard, they have been here longer than anyone in town. Jim paid his dues, and runs the place the way they always have.

    They take care of local contractors, the guys that build and remodel your homes and businesses. If Jim ever throws in the towel and I have to go to Home Depot, I will raise my prices (time is money), it takes forever to get anything at these big stores. At Alki L. the guy that waits on you, rings you up and loads your rig. And these guys actually know construction, what a concept. Just my 2 cents.



    Well, if the converstations I have had with the employees on my way to work are any indication, they are not treated as well as you might think. As far as making it nice for the YMCA yuppies, how about making it nice for the average person that just does not like looking at overgrown bushes, garbage and a run-down premises.



    And seriously, why are we bringing up a topic from five moths ago?



    I just love WSB and strongly feel that it is West Seattle’s premier hyper-local news-gathering blog but this thread concerns me. Usually posters (and sometimes even WSB honchos) jump all over ranters who do not contact management regarding their complaints – in this case it seems that this rule is only being selectively enforced.

    especially wacky is this comment “I’m just glad to see people here communicating … long as they follow what rules we DO have …” – seems odd to go after the grammar police when the OP clearly is also flaunting the rules.

    and seriously zenguy – questioning someone for posting on a stale thread just moments after doing that yourself? gotta love that humour!



    Clifford, there is a non-written rule that when something is months gone by that a new thread is started. I only commented because Joe Motor brought it up again after all this time.



    Only because Joe Motor brought it up I must reiterate: I truly don’t see any negatives about Alki Lumber making some very much needed exterior improvements to their business.

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