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    It’s getting warmer out and you’re going for longer and longer walks with your dog. Good for you- it’s healthy for both of you! But what should you do with that green baggie of dog waste that you’ve so carefully scooped up? Take it home with you! It’s your dog so proper disposal is your responsibility. You know where it doesn’t go? In my garbage can! I’d invite you to come back and pick the green baggie in question up off of the street (where I dumped it out) but a garbage truck has already run over it, so that might be a little bit difficult. It’s going to be hot the next couple of days, so it will probably catch your nose as you walk by it again this week. It will dry up and disappear by the end of the week if you don’t get it but the plastic bag will blow away and end up in the sound. That probably wasn’t your original plan for this bag of dog waste, so why not just take it home with you next time?

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    So you removed a baggie of dog poop so that a truck could run over it? oookay



    Yikes; I get not wanting people to put dog poop in your garbage can, but to throw it on the street is pretty irresponsible. It’s not punishing the dog owner, it’s punishing everyone else (and the creatures in the Sound, as you mention).

    Since garbage cans are meant for disposal of stuff, dog walkers in my neighborhood are welcome to put their bags in my can, if it’s out. It’s better than leaving it on the sidewalk.

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    I don’t like it when people put poop bags in my landfill can (and really hate it when they put it in my compost pail and I have to reach in and get it out), and don’t use others cans for my dog’s waste when we are out walking. I’m really concerned about the amount of trash in our world, so I pick it up when I can–plastics, beer cans, crap (literally and figuratively.) It’s more about protecting our environment than making a point. Litter isn’t processed in the environment based on intent.

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    This topic has come up before, and I agree with VV that it’s extremely rude to put your dog’s crap in someone else’s garbage can. Nor is it an either/or situation of placing it in someone else’s can or leaving it on the street. Putting your crap in someone else’s can could be considered illegal dumping, and leaving it on the street, bagged or not, is illegal. The only correct choice is to take YOUR poop home and put it in YOUR can. First of all, residential garbage cans are not public receptacles. They are paid for by the property owner as part of their utility bill. Second, poop bags STINK and the stink lingers in the can even after emptying. When I had a dog, I kept a separate galvanized can for the bag & yard poo collection, then added it to the trash can on collection day to avoid the stank absorption. If you want your can to be used as a public poo collector, then put a sign on it saying so. The rest of us expect you to act like responsible dog owners and carry that precious little package home with you.



    Sorry, Val, but you’re a litterbug. While it’s illegal to put items in someone else’s private waste can, what you did is also illegal. And I would argue that it’s even worse, because the end result was litter in the street. You can put a sign on your garbage can. You can post nasty rants on this forum. (Have you heard of NextDoor? It’s great for this stuff!) You can set up a webcam and try to catch them in the act. But don’t pollute my street.



    I agree with the others, it was not “cool” to take the poo out of your can and then put it onto the street no less in the bag…that’s double littering!
    Since we are on the topic of “poo” how about you cat owners that let you cats “poo” in my flower/garden beds!??? I own 2 cats and that and also safety is the reason they are indoor cats.

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    A sign on the bin might help. Some people don’t realize that homeowners are hesitant to put even their own dog’s waste in the bin until trash pick up day.

    I have a friend who used to do this on our walks until I explained to her how unpleasant it can make a homeowner’s bin if the trash has just been emptied and it will sit for a week.



    I get not wanting other poop in your can but it’s super crappy to fish the bag out of your trashcan and throw it on the street. Pretty crappy indeed. It’s classic passive-aggressive Seattle for sure.

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