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    Anyone have any suggestions for a place in West Seattle for a pedicure for men?




    I highly recommend Lynn or anyone else at Tulip’s in Jefferson square. There are often men there when I go in, and the other night there were three. While I’m not a guy, I do get sore

    toes from ingrowns and feet are sore from just being old, I guess. They know how to take care of ingrown nails and the mini-massages Lynn gives make foot pain go away for days. They appear to autoclave their instruments, too.



    Tulip uses illegal blades to cut caluses avoid at all costs! Amy’s was great for some pre wedding prep for my bridesmaid duties and they use liners in the foot spas. Shanti Salon has a separate room for nail/spa services in the back so it feels more private. They use large bowls instead of those hard to sanitize massage chair baths. A little higher on price but a much more relaxing atmosphere than the busy cheaper strip mall nail places. HOA Salon (not in West Seattle) also has specific men’s mani/pedi services and has a more private area than the big front room where I’ve seen couples getting nail services together and may be less embarassing if that’s a concern. I think the room is also used for groups/bridal parties but always seemed available when I went. My favorite salon in my old neighborhood. They have a few locations around the city now.



    Amy’s great and the women are very nice.

    I see many men in there.



    Also, the salon on 42nd SW, about a half block south of Admiral Way, Salon Ta Lenaje, now offers manis and pedis…prices for basic is $30 and goes up from there. Small salon, private. I haven’t had a pedi there yet, but have met the person who does them. She said she has 27 years experience.


    WS Person

    Tulip does not use credo blades anymore.



    Thank you. I’ll check these places out. Happy Holidays!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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