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    Open letter to Chairman Luke Esser, Washington State GOP

    Dear Chairman Esser,

    I am the GOP PCO for SEA 34-1247 precinct, and delegate for Dr. Ron Paul.

    I write to strenuously object to your intentionally deceptive and biased press release titled, “Sen. McCain Wins Republican Precinct Caucuses in Washington State” of February 9, 2008.

    With 87.2% of the precincts reporting and 13.8% “uncommitted” or “other” (meaning we do not know their preference, or did not support Mr. McCain) and 16.5% supporting a candidate who has suspended his campaign (Romney), it is outrageous that you pre-emptively declare a winner of the Washington caucuses, when the statistics and circumstances cannot support such a claim. You cannot know how those groups of delegates will allocate their vote to the 3 remaining candidates (McCain,Huckabee and Paul).

    As a supposedly experienced, past elected representative I cannot believe you are so ignorant to not understand what these numbers mean, or don’t mean. If you are that ignorant I hope you are never elected as a representative to anything requiring economic comprehension. Perhaps you learned your mathematical understanding and “voter intent” from the King County Elections Department?

    I can only conclude that you are intentionally using deception to bias the outcome. This is an insult to the voters who were invited to participate in the Republican caucuses. You must imagine most of those people are mentally dim enough to buy into your deceit – this is a level of contempt that is unworthy of any Party Chairman.

    How you can expect us PCO’s work to build a “big tent” Party, when you make ridiculous claims about a “winner” from a plurality outcome among delegates who may redistribute their votes, is beyond my comprehension. You undo everything I work toward to convince voters the Republican Party is honest and trustworthy.

    I formally request that you withdraw your statement of a Washington State “winner” of the GOP caucuses, and simply report the honest numbers of the results. Let the voters draw their own conclusions.

    If you do not withdraw your twisted statement, I no longer consider you an honorable leader worthy of the Chairmanship of the State Party.

    You were not elected to make unfounded, authoritarian statements that intentionally distort a conclusion.

    I will urge my fellow PCO’s demand you withdraw your statement.


    Cary Thomas, GOP PCO, SEA 34-1247

    West Seattle

    (published at various internet venues; news media; select PCO’s; http://washington4ron.blogspot.com)



    umm What did you think was going to change with that last 13% by the Chair projecting a winner?

    I really want to know.

    The mechanism of calculating the potential change in a trend is fairly well known. However I am assuming the caucus process for the republicans was as open and transparent as the Dems side.

    Perhaps I am assuming wrong.

    Did they actually have a ballot to count? Rather than a name with a choice beside it on a sign in sheet?

    Where are the 6.7% of precincts that even now it seems are not reporting?


    Or is your complaint something along the lines of the “faithless elector” issue in the electorol college?


    Or is it your contention that since the WA GOP

    is splitting its delegate election between the caucus and the primary, that declaring a winner in the caucus will somehow contaminate the delegate selection process in the primary?

    I am unfamiliar enough with the Republican caucus process it seems to figure out just what the complaint is from your letter.

    Can you spell it out a bit better with some background?



    could the Ron Paul folks be another group of cross-overs? sounds like someone’s not happy.



    Goldys explanation seems to make a bit more sense.


    And the Houston Chronicle sez Paul is concentrating on keeping his house seat.


    There is gonna be some bent Republicans in WA. for a variety of reasons.



    wow, thanks for that link.. i got lost in it.

    and yes, there are going to be some p….d republicans. they have reason.



    I suspect you might enjoy this one too.

    Another local author. Dave Neiwert at Orcinus.




    ken.. my dogs are not happy with you..

    and my leftover banana walnut pancake from Skylarks got cold.

    I am afraid my family thinks i have lost sight of my priorities.

    On top of that.. i am not holding up the American economy by mindlessly shopping while i dawdle over websites.

    what’s a girl to do ;-)

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