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    I’m wavering between removing the old aluminum siding and, if possible, repairing the cedar shiplap underneath OR putting up new fiber cement (Hardie or Nichiha). Factors are: condition of wood siding once aluminum is removed, COST, loss of insulation without the ‘additional’ siding layer. Vinyl is not an option. Can anyone recommend a green-minded, budget-friendly siding contractor…or advice?



    Ventana Construction just completed the restoration of my home (after last year’s house fire). I had aluminum siding, over cedar shiplap.

    The Cedar ship lap will be a lot of long-term maintenance, including scrapping/painting, let alone whatever repairs are needed. I went with the hardi-plank and am very pleased with look and low maintenance. Ventana can speak more to the ‘insulation’ properties of hardi-plank. I think more/a lot of insulation protection comes from our windows; tight seals; and the insulation that is in our walls. (again, Ventana would know far more than I).

    In case you want to call them, their number is 206-932-3009. Ask for Anne or Clarence.



    We replaced our wood siding (Louisiana Pacific and utter crap, btw–the company was sued out of existence because their product was so bad) with HardiPlank and we’re very happy with it. It looks great, takes paint well, and will last a long time.

    Sherwood Construction has done our home improvement projects. This ended up being a bigger job than they usually do, because when they pulled the old siding off they discovered that the builder had neglected to install a plywood envelope between the insulation and the siding! So it took them longer than expected–but that’s not their fault. They do good work.



    Anonyme – have you had a home energy audit? You can get a thorough one for cheap (subsidized by Seattle) and then will know the status of your insulation among other things. there may be tax breaks or special financing if you were to add insulation and this seems like a great opportunity to do so. even if its just that rigid stuff on the outside. might be worth looking into.




    You might want to take another look at vinyl. Not the same product as years ago.



    It’s not the product (vinyl) so much as the production methods. Vinyl production is one of the most toxic and polluting processes on the planet. I’m trying to adhere a greener philosophy.

    I’ve had power audits, and have new insulation. Problem is, house was built in 1934, no wrap, and the siding is nailed directly to the studs. There’s little doubt that the additional layer of siding is providing insulation value, I just don’t know how much.

    With old houses, it’s always interesting to see what the original house looked like. If the siding were removed, there might be telltale signs of former window or dormer ‘footprints’,or other interesting details. One of the aluminum soffit covers came off, and when I put it back up I could see that under the fairly deep eaves were original Craftsman-style brackets. Someone went to a lot of trouble to turn a tiny Craftsman cottage into a used car lot trailer. I’d like to bring it back, at least in spirit! But cost is a problem.

    Thanks for all the suggestions! I appreciate your ideas.



    Aluminum siding has an R-value of 0.61


    If you are considering repairing the original siding, be aware that the paint probably contains lead.



    We did the city funded audit and found out so much good stuff! Oh the joys of owning an older home. No insulation, asbestos shingles, crap windows! We want to do new siding soon. Did any of the above remove any asbestos shingles? If so how much was it (per sq foot?) also, if anyone is willing to share how much the new hardy was per sq foot that would be awesome for our planning purposes…thanks!

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