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    Nursery Care Attendant
    Job Description
    Tibbetts United Methodist Church

    General Description:
    The position reports to the Staff Parish Relations Committee and the Pastor at Tibbetts United Methodist Church. Nursery Care Attendant must be at least 18 years of age.

    1. Provide Childcare for Infant to 2 year olds
    a) Sunday morning worship – 9:30 – 11:30 am
    b) Other scheduled church meetings/events if available

    2. Make sure that:
    a) The nursery is a place where children experience the love and care of God.
    b) Emergency procedures are developed and maintained.
    c) Positive relationships are maintained with parents.
    d) Condition of toys and equipment is regularly evaluated, hazards eliminated and needs for replacement or additions are reported to the Staff Parish Relations Liaison.


    1. Demonstrates a life evidenced by gentleness, humor, compassion and a genuine love for children.
    2. Listens well to parents, children, church members and staff.
    3. Has freedom to be spontaneous within structure.
    4. Ability to pass required background check and regular follow-up background checks.


    1. Early childhood training and/or experience, e.g. cooperative nursery school, preschool, daycare, church school, parenting and/or formal involvement in early childhood education is preferred.
    2. Infant and Toddler CPR and First Aid Training and certificate is required.

    Upon hire, staff will receive information and training on Safe Sanctuaries.

    Contact Info – Lisa Danforth-Lewis, Tibbetts United Methodist Church Staff-Parish Relations Committee at

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