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    My neighbor feeds her cat on a paper plate in her windowsill, and the crows and rats drag these plates over to my yard and onto my roof. I asked her to stop- I’m tired of the garbage in my yard, and I think the ant-infested plates from her house may be creating the ant-infestation in my attic. Her response was to switch to paper bowls.
    In addition, she checks the trash and recycle bins of all five houses on our dead-end street, and puts her stuff in our bins. Because her house is infested with ants, my recycle bin is now,too.
    I am tired of this. I don’t understand why grown people can’t deal with their own garbage.
    This isn’t, technically, dumping, and yet it can’t be ok.
    Any thoughts?



    Call Seattle Public Utilities and ask what to do about someone who is dumping her overflow trash into your and your neighbors’ trash bins. Stick to the single issue that directly relates to SPU fees and services. If you volunteer any additional complaints about the ant infestation and the loose paper products blowing into your yard, those problems are outside of SPU’s official purview and you’ll run the risk of being perceived as a crank instead of a responsible customer whose utility service is being disrupted. Good luck.

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    Forest – Yes, I think you’re right. Thanks for the advice.



    My neighbors feed the squirrels peanuts and they run to my yard to dig them in my garden , hanging baskets and deck planters. It’s annoying cause they throw dirt out as well as plants. Annoying little rodents. Please don’t feed them, they become dependant on people and lose their skills to care for themselves.



    Tape a paper note to your door so he can see it when he drops it off. Also other people will be able to read it.

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