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    Dear residents of West Seattle and all other Seattlites who read this blog,
    For centuries, the government has denied all native americans their right of land that they gave up for the welfare of the country. To this day, the US government has forced native americans into small corners of the country, and though today, many authorities accept that what is happening is wrong, they continue to do nothing about it. Over the next few years, I wish to change this. I request that you help put a stop to the lies that have been passed down the generations that this is right, and force the government to give more land and rights to the native american people.
    We are waiting until COVID-19 cases are lower to arrange any in-person protests, but you may do anything else to help.
    Here is a link to the full document. Updates will be included in the doc and on this blog.
    Felix Morin, founder of NARP

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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