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    I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations for grocery stores who are taking safety seriously. Just left the Safeway on 42nd after I saw no less than four people unmasked within literally a minute of being inside. No enforcement actually taking place at the door or inside as far as I could see.

    I know Whole Foods is good. Anyone else? Thanks!



    I have found that the clientele and staff at both QFC at 42nd and Trader Joe’s are wearing masks consistently.



    Any time i’ve been in Admiral Safeway everyone’s been wearing a mask. A couple of weeks ago i asked a longtime clerk about covid. She said several customers have said they’ve had it but(so far)only 1 of the workers there has gotten covid. That was back in late April.



    Roxbury Safeway still has the one-way aisles and a person at the one door to enter and leave with their “counter” in hand so not too many people are in the store at the same time. All employees wear masks and we’ve not seen a single shopper without one on either.



    I have stopped shopping at Roxbury Safeway. Last week, I saw 2 vendors and 2 butchers without masks and I have photos. The vendors put their masks on when I asked them to and took them off as soon as I turned my back. The manager didn’t seem to be concerned.



    My experience is most stores are doing a good job making things safe. In fact I think the installation of plastic barriers at the check out is something that should have been done a long time ago. Checkers have been subject to our germs for too long.
    We humans can be so stubborn when it comes to change. Think about how often in the past you would see people would take a food sample with their hands and disregard the toothpicks. I see that QFC has reopened their self-serve donut cabinet. That doesn’t feel good to me so I don’t go there. All I can do it leave when I find myself in a place that doesn’t feel safe.
    If you don’t feel safe going into a store, it is ok to stay home and order delivery. Instacart does a great job.



    This is not true in my experience at the Roxbury Safeway. I have literally never seen a person with a counter since the days of lockdown and there is zero enforcement or signage to encourage one way isles?

    Although it has gotten better at this store with mask usage if you want to feel safe then you need to go either super early in the morning or super late at night.

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