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    Location: parking lot of California & Erskine 7-11
    Time: just past 2 pm today
    Car: gold with black trim Mini-Cooper, license beginning with 960?
    Driver: female with shortish dark hair

    While waiting for the bus, I heard someone cry out. Turned around just in time to see the vehicle back into an elderly woman with a cane who was crossing the parking lot. The impact caused her to stagger sideways and almost fall. She was shouting “stop, stop” the entire time. The driver just turned and headed out of the parking lot. I chased after the car as best I could (not young myself) yelling at them that they had hit someone. They slowly continued down the block as if they knew someone was shouting at them but oblivious as to the reason.

    Here’s the thing. The elderly pedestrian was moving at a crawl. If the driver had looked behind them for even a second, she would have been clearly visible. Certainly she would have been visible as she clung screaming to the left rear side of the vehicle. This is not a case of someone running behind a backing vehicle while in their blind spot. This could only have happened if they did not look AT ALL before or during backing.

    The woman was OK, glad that someone had stood up for her, but wanted to be on her way. Otherwise, I would have stayed and helped her file a police report. I got the impression that she had made eye contact with the driver at some point.

    If anyone knows this mini-brained, mini-moraled Mini driver, please let them know they nearly killed someone today – if they care. I’ve never seen such horrible driving in my entire life as I’ve witnessed in West Seattle recently. This behavior is shameful and inexcusable.

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