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    My lawyer just retired and I need someone to help me with my living will and other estate concerns.



    Kristina Udall.

    She has provided excellent advice and outstanding service to our family. Highly recommended!



    El Cee

    Hello, I wanted to give a strong recommendation for Attorney Kailei Feeney who has recently re-done our out of date wills (She is in the DeVrieze/Carney Law Office, the “white house” on California a few blocks north of the Junction.)
    She spent lots of time with us in creating the new wills/powers of attorney/medical directives package, and explained a lot of the changes in law since our last legalities were done.
    She had a lot of good suggestions on ways to handle the important choice of the “Personal representative” (executor) for our wills, since our previous named executors have passed away. She is very up to date with elder law as it intersects often with wills and estate planning. Even down to details such as a person’s ‘digital life’ that now has to be dealt with after they pass, and ongoing care of pets. With our past Lawyer, the will was a ‘one and done’ setup, but with Attorney Feeney (and others at DeVrieze/Carney) its the start of a relationship as your life changes in following years and circumstances require adjustments in the wills.
    Attorney Feeney really brings her heart to this legal process, she made sure all our questions were answered, and I encourage anyone who is thinking about creating or updating their wills, to make an appointment with her. The fees were reasonable for the Will and the three other documents- with similar wills made by spouses it was definately an affordable package.
    Hoping you can reach out to Atty Kailei Feeney, she and Devrieze/Carney will be there for the long run.



    I would like to recommend Seth Lubin, easy to work with, total professional, very experienced with an easy going manner who will be the ultimate for taking care of you! Lives right here in West Seattle!
    Here are links to look into him.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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