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    I have a firedoor that I had to break the doorknob off of a while back. We are going to move and I need to repair the doorknob and am looking for a locksmith that can install a new knob that can be keyed with the house keys, anyone have any reco’s for West Seattle or even White Center/Burien? Thanks so much I really appreciate the help



    Stan at Alki / West Seattle Key & Lock. 935-7538.

    SUPER trustworthy and friendly staff. Changed our locks and those of our friends. No problems.


    Pretty simple fix… you can just take your existing key to Home Depot and if you buy the replacement door hardware there, they will rekey it for you for free. That said, I do rekeys & other handyman work, so if you need help with the install feel free to contact me. blackpointwoody at hotmail dot com. -Andy



    Do NOT call any of the 24 hour places. They are all a sham.



    Blackpointwoody is correct. It is a simple fix. I was going to offer myself but on second thought you would probly b more comfortable having a certified professional understandably. Just be sure not to get charged a billion dollars for a quick task that anybody with half a brain could complete.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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