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    Please take a look at what happened to my son Gary , (15) born and raised in West Seattle junction & White center area
    Gary took a trip to Metlakatla Alaska on 8-2-23 to meet his dad’s side of the family who live on the only Indian reservation in the state of Alaska , pretty neat small community of around 1600 and almost everyone there is probably related to him in some way . He was having a great time but unfortunately on 8-5 his trip was cut short after he slipped and fell from a 25ft coast guard tower him and some local kids were jumping off of into the ocean. The tower is also on a dock, and the dock is still about 15 ft or so above the water so in all, roughly 40-50 ft fall, broke the fall face first on the dock which knocked him unconscious into the water . Extensive injuries , surgeries, metal plate in chin ,missing teeth, really almost lost his life because he was unconscious and submerged into the water (🙏🙏) thankfully the kids acted quickly and got help and helped save him from the sea. Gary was airlifted in a guardian jet to Seattle within hours to receive adequate care they couldn’t provide in Alaska , was at harboriew over a week before discharging to me and coming home to heal . More info is in his Go fund me description if you use the link below. Please anything helps , the fundraising is mainly to restore his missing teeth (6 total , 5 top front) and get him permanent false teeth since insurance will not cover implants / vineeers , only dentures, which he will have but hopefully just temporarily . He is currently missing his 1st semester of sophomore year in high school , missing daily activities as well as sports which is his regular daily schedule , football , wrestling, baseball . He’s a Wonderful son , stays out of trouble , respectful, charming I could go on and on . Just so thankful we didnt lose him . Even if you can’t donate we appreciate you reading this post , or even just encouraging words for Gary mean so much , thanks for reading
    Hopefully one or both of the links below work . Not sure since this is a forum type thing



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