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    Greenlake residents wrote up a formal proposal to the Seattle Design Commission for theirs…has West Seattle done anything like this? Just curious who can fill their hole quicker (insert pun here – and there I go again!)



    We published the call for ideas more than a month ago:

    Looks like Monday was the deadline.

    If anybody submitted one, we’d love to hear about it … will drop the Design Commission contact a note to inquire if they will be announcing how many proposals they got and where they came from.



    I was thinking it would make a great fishing hole or why not a giant swimming hole, just line it with plastic!

    Affordable housing? A great spot for a senior living development, being so close to the junction.

    Bottom line, who can afford to build a large project at this time?



    Okay, since it’s been sitting thare in that state for so long now, I think the City should take it by Eminent Domain.

    Then, invest some money into making sure it’s safe, and to create some signage, and make it into a tourist trap……er…..attraction.

    Charge admission, and the above mentioned signage would describe this Attraction as a “Mystery Hole” that literally appeared overnight.

    The description could indicate that property had a building on it with two, long time, viable businesses in it. An auto parts store, and a fabric store, along with a large parking lot.

    Everything was fine, until around a year and a half ago, when *POOF* everything disappeared literally overnight, leaving this mysterious gaping hole!

    The signage could then delve into speculation; Was it aliens? A meteor that didn’t leave any traces of itself or any burn marks?

    I think charging five or ten bucks a head could rake in tons of money for the City in these troubled times!




    I think they should dig a big tunnel connecting the two holes.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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