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    Where are the homeless dumping ther RV waste tanks, in seattle sewer man holes. I have seen RV;s near Hwy 509 dumping with sewer hose going into the Duwamish River.



    Hi, You need to call King County when you see this. 206-263-9566



    If you see that then you need to call the police. That’s how you get the ball rolling. Coming here to complain about it doesn’t change anything.



    Coming here to complain may at least get others to pay attention. And no, calling the police, at least in my situation, didn’t do a damn thing. We had an rv dump it’s black water tank in front of our house into the storm drain last summer. Neighbors called the cops and no one came. We ended up having to contact the city who initially said they couldn’t do anything until Monday (this was a Friday). My husband told them that was bs and that it was 90 degrees out and the neighbors were even leaving because of the smell. They did end up contracting Clean Greens to come out and clean it up, but there were ZERO consequences for the occupants of the rv. I even stumbled upon them on Airport Way a week later (we had the plate number) and called police. They came, but couldn’t do anything. Another week passed and I came across them again near SW Community Center and my husband called his WS cop friend who kindly went and at least told them people were watching and to get out of WS. Nice of him to try, but I still see them ALL the time, usually at the Roxbury Safeway. The whole situation was awful and there was never a punishment, so I’m sure they’ve done it again in other people’s neighborhoods. I’m not saying don’t call police, you absolutely should, but know that that may not fix anything. I can completely relate to the need to vent publicly. When it happened in front of my house, I was FURIOUS. They were really lucky the husband and I weren’t home at the time or we likely would have made the blog for other reasons.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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