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    Dear customers,

    Thank you so much for sticking with us through this tumultuous, to put it mildly, year.
    We became new owners when COVID had just struck and very shortly after the first lockdown. It was a year when many people reassessed their professional and personal relationships, and that’s just one of many reasons why witnessing examples of people being their better selves, when it would have been so easy and seemingly excusable not to, was so important and dear to us.

    Here are some special shout outs to mailbox holders and non-box holders, people and businesses, accountants, actors, architects, artists, book sellers, chefs, construction workers, entrepreneurs, hair stylists, inventors, medical personnel, photographers, plumbers, realtors, tattoo artists, teachers, pilots and sailors, poets and writers, couriers, process servers, moms and dads, and grandparents, and many others, who had their wills, powers of attorneys, marriage applications, adoption papers and various deeds notarized by us; whose documents and photos we have printed, whose work we (hopefully helped to support), whose cookies, blueberries and sourdough bread, suitcases with laptops that have been hastily left at home, dancing costumes, artwork, family heirlooms, armchairs, desks, tires, rugs and doors, we have sent to their friends and family or helped to return. You keep us running.

    We most certainly will miss naming some with so many to thank.

    Thank you Larshes and Merediths, Christina, Pinky, Ms. Stasso and Jette, who is the reason why I keep putting up new memes every week, Mr. Goss, Mr. Lowe, best bookseller in town, Mousers, Mr. Moore, Mr. Richards, the master of crystals, ,, , wonderful Emma San Cartier of , The best 7/11 in town (at Charlestown and California), Fantabulous Mr. Craig, Dave and Lenora, constant beekeepers and honeymakers, Diane, who started a college fund for our vicious toddler, Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox, Mr, Guenther (and Abbie the silkiest dog in the world), Mrs. Harrelson, Mrs. Haruff, Hatleys, Ms. Iida, Mr. Israel , who supported the college fund of our devilish child, Mrs. Jaeger, Jebediah, the Lord of baseball cards, Juanita, Ms. Junglov, Ms. Kane, Ms. Lennon, Ms. Lundgren, Mr. Marshall, Mugoux, who has magic powers, Pat, Preston, who always makes my day, Ms. Ross,, your dream real estate agent, Rowan from, Mr. Roberts and Secret Book Club Santa, Mr. Rundberg, who supplies us with the best styrofoam in town, Ms. Tigtig, Ms. Walsh, the best baker in West Seattle, Ms. Wilcox, and amazing Mrs. Schroeder, who reminds me of how we should conduct ourselves as humans.

    Thank you for the last year and we look forward to the next.

    Anastasia and Ben

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