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    Saw this review on Friday for Fresh Bistro:

    Not a rave review, but could be far worse. When I was there today they said they had their busiest weekend ever after the review, which is good since eat there about once a week and love it.



    I’m so, SO glad they added more vegetarian items to the menu. I ate at Fresh Bistro when they first opened, but they didn’t have many vegetarian-friendly options at that point and I just ruled them out for future visits because of this. Fresh Bistro is now back in rotation — can’t wait to try the couscous risotto! yummmmm



    funnygirl, there is one meal on the brunch menu, I think it’s the lentil waffles, that has a vegetarian option of “tofu bacon.” I ordered it, expecting it to be a soy product that looked like bacon (like I’ve bought in the store). I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out to be a seasoned, breaded tofu cube that tasted reminiscent of bacon. Thought I’d mention it in case you were expecting (and wanted) something else.



    LOL…”not a rave but could have been worse?”

    I think sue and funnygirl work there :)

    work on the service? priceless….



    hey, buddy…I know for a fact that Sue only eats there. Now, have I lost my sense of humor? I don’t see what’s cracking you up? Did I miss something?



    Ummmmmm……no you *don’t*.




    (Why do threads always take a twisted turn on wsb? bfranklin, please just keep it to the ot)

    Thanks for the info about Fresh Bistro. I may try it today.



    How’s the duck?


    Steve Walum

    I have eaten there many times including dinner, Lunch, and Brunch. It has always been friendly and great service. The food is outstanding. I’m not sure what the “Times” guy was looking for but for West Seattle this place is the best.



    FunnyGirl- I’m glad you pointed the vegetarian options out. I had been avoiding them also b/c of the lack of vegaterian items, but now I’m going!



    Finally had a chance to try it last night – very impressed!

    I had the roasted pork with sauteed pea vines and carmelized chantrelles; it was superb.

    We shared a few items, including the heirloom caprese and a pluot tartine that came with the most amazing ice cream. I can’t believe no one’s mentioned the ice cream they make – it’s insanely good.

    My partner was a little dubious of this place based merely on its location and exterior decor (he’s funny like that), but he was definitely won over by the food. Service was great, too, although we were curiously seated at a not-great table when the place was only half full. Liked the cozy-but-cool interior, although a few of the lights could use some toning down.

    We’ll be back!



    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Fresh Bistro and NO I don’t work there.

    Been there twice just for appetizers but am looking forward to going for dinner.

    You MUST try the “Bellies & Beans” and the “Pecan Prawns”, and the salads that go with them, are to DIE FOR.

    Oh my, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.



    FYI, they also have a fan page on Facebook for those who are interested. Nothing posted yet, but we can share our Fresh Bistro love. :)



    Cool, thanks Sue, I’ll check it out



    My son and I stopped by Fresh Bistro to check out the menu…this item in particular for brunch sounds mouth watering:

    Hawaiian Breakfast – Hawaiian sweet bread french toast, Portuguese sausage, grilled fruit salad, toasted coconut and macadamias. $12.

    Actually, they had me at Hawaiian. I can’t wait for Saturday



    WSMom, that’s one of my favorites on the brunch menu – enjoy! :)



    Mine too — I’ve had it twice and finally made myself try something else last time. The Wagyu Steak and Eggs is amazing and (according to the bob) so is the BimBimBop.



    I had an excellent lunch there recently that included a “fresh” take on the classic Ni├žoise Salad including a tiny perfectly fried quail egg sunny side up. Dessert was to die for. It was their take on a Peach Melba with a peach sorbet. Service was attentive and not overwhelming. I left inspired. Note to the “Piles of Food” eaters – this is not the place for you.



    I know a co-owner at FB and he is one of the nicest people I have ever met. He is my neighbor and a great, great guy.



    I’m back to talk some more about my favorite place, Fresh Bistro.

    They started out with a BANG for me, so I now expect alot from them. My first 4 meals were really fantastic and I still love them but I’ve had a couple dishes that were not all I hoped.

    I’m happy to see that they no longer have the Kalbi Flank Steak on the menu, it had a Funky smell but tasted good.

    Last week I had the Gnocchi which was good but a little oily. I have not had all their deserts but I have not been too impressed with the ones I’ve had. Last week I had the Spiced Apply Crisp, just the name alone sounds tasty, but I found it quite bland. Remember I said, I expect alot from them, so to find something bland was disappointing. It need a little zest or zing OR to be made with a different kind of apples. Today I had the Cranberry/Orange bread pudding which was a nice finish to my meal but not Fantastic. I had for lunch the Jerk Chicken sandwich which was Very tasty though messy, but I can deal with that. The goat cheese was a wonderful addition to the sandwich and I would have it again.

    Keep it up Fresh Bistro, I’ll be back. :)



    Thanks for the update Puppyluck. And for your Very amusing random capitalizations and punctuation!

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