Flying saucers hovering anyone know why!?!?

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    I saw three circular shiny disc shaped UFO’s and a couple cigar shaped ones and they were hovering in some kind of formation over Lincoln Park.

    Then one of them flew straight up like lightning and the rest are still hovering somewhere over White Center. This isn’t one of those carnival rides is it?



    <making tin foil hat>



    <interested in getting some of whatever Flipjack is ingesting>



    grateful for belly laugh..

    now i have to finish cleaning my house.. aargh!

    the upside is that i always tackle one project every time company comes so that the house gets just a little bit cleaner each time.

    right now i would be grateful to be abducted… if they could return a new and improved me to a clean and organized house:)

    BTW.. flipjack may not have been ingesting anything interesting. my cousin and i thought we saw UFOs when we were teens.. and we didn’t eat anything more intoxicating than french fries..

    of course, the same cousin and i thought her house was haunted and saw ghosts ;)

    ahhhh the mysteries of my youth:)



    I had my glow sticks out trying to attract their landing but to no avail.



    I think that you might have seen searchlights, because what you are describing sounds like something I saw the other night.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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