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    Hi everyone. I am trying to figure out my halloween costume, and would love some help. Doing a google search for adult costumes is no help as EVERYTHING for women comes with the word “sexy” before it :-) What have you been in the past that was really great? Thanks for the help.



    A nun and Princess Leia



    I went as a corporate whore one year…sort of “sexy”, but in an ironic way. (It involved a necktie, hot pants, and platform shoes.)

    My brother once went as a devil’s advocate. Suit, red necktie, soul contracts. His girlfriend wore a devil costume. (Ironically, he’s since become a lawyer!)

    Dressing up as one of the teachers from Harry Potter could be fun, and it’s pretty easy if you can get ahold of an academic graduation robe or similar. Be a witch for Halloween, heh.



    Devil with a Blue Dress on – wear a blue dress with red tights. Take an extra pair of red tights, but cut the legs/toes off and wear on your arms. Add devil horns, tail, pitchfork, voila!

    Little Dead Riding Hood – Red cape / hood, zombi-fied make up, small basket with something gorey in it… fake body parts or stuffed animal splattered with blood (like a small wolf?)



    In no particular order I have been:

    Peggy Bundy (lots of shoulder pads stuffed in a stretched out bra, lots of hairspray for the bouffant)

    The Tippi Hedron character from The Birds (various birds sewn to a dress including a 15″ crow from A.McF., fake blood)

    The Pointy-Haired Boss from Dilbert (rolled steel wool in hair nets and a suit)

    Martha Stewart (khaki trouser, oxford buttondown, apron, basket of garden utensils and, of course, an issue of her magazine to make it crystal clear)

    Fidel Castro



    Puss-in-Boots… black pants and boots, I found a poofy white shirt (think Seinfeld) at Marshalls, and cat ears and tail from a costume shop. My husband had a sword from a previous costume so I just added that.

    Good luck!



    THis is my fav youtube commercial and it has to do with girls costumes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V4rUiV_Hh74&feature=fvw



    my all time favorite was a bunny costume that doubled for a footsie sleeper the rest of the year.

    i wore it with a pink hat, pink gloves, red boots and a pink nose.

    i was in Minnesota at the time and i was the only one who stayed warm ;->



    I have three:

    1.) A bag of Popcorn. I got some red and white striped fabric and sewed down the sides leaving room for my arms and cut a hole for my head. Then I took a baseball cap and covered it with foil and then covered it with popcorn (tip don’t do the popcorn to far in advance as it will start to smell). Did a small sign on my computer that said popcorn and taped it on the fabric. You could carry a small bottle that would be for the butter.

    2.) a bowl of spaghetti. I got a red sweatsuit and a cotton string mop. I cut the mop up to be the spaghetti and then I got some brown yarn and made pom pom to be the meatballs. I also got a metal collander and taped a second mop to the underside of that and it looks like an over turned bowl of spaghetti.

    3.) A bag of Jelly Beans (warning it can get hot, I took some plastic tarps (painting tarps), and balloons. I taped up the bottom (leaving enough room to get it on and taped up the sides, leaving room for your arms and cut a hole for your head. Inflate the balloons and then stuff them into the plastic. I took cardboard and made a sign to go across the top that said Jelly Beans.

    Those are my favorites.



    Wheelbarrow. Strap a box to your back (a wood fruit crate works well) then get one of those two-handled exercise wheels (http://tinyurl.com/y8tbzkp). You’ll need a freind to wheel you around, and your arms will get tired, but it gets laughs (i’ve done it twice).



    FullTilt- LOVE the link! :-) it illustrates my point “SEXY” anything if you are a girl. I need to wear this to work…..so not so much with the sexy. Thanks for the ideas everyone, keep em coming!



    Dust Bunny: nude body suit, feather ears, chunks dryer lint and puffs of pet fur from floor attached all over.

    Yeast Infection: Black curly wig(s) and lots of yogurt.

    Nadia Suleman: Wax lips, long dark wig, eight plastic babies in a sling.



    Twister game. Cut slit in twister game vinyl sheet. Wear like a poncho. Attach spinner to a headband.

    Last minute invite was the mother of invention for that one.



    sexy _______




    lmao!! OMG those are good.

    I want to be that Padawan Star Wars chick but there are no grown up costumes available and I am not savy enough to sew one. She has the cool striped hair and her name is escaping me.

    I was an accident victim once and made it look like my face was sliding off. The antithesis of sexy. Why no combine the two and be a Playboy bunny who has just been run over. Or a dismembered prom date. That is satisfying on some level…



    I think I should go as a fishstick this year, any suggestions?





    Good God. You are Halloween geniuses!

    If I HAD to pick faves so far, it would be a tie: Nadia Suleman and Dilbert’s boss. Freakin’ awesome!

    Hey, I just thought of something. Maybe WSB would sponsor a WS Best Halloween Costume Contest? Huh? There could be different categories based on themes, subjects, living or dead persons, food items (tho’ I think Celeste would win that one) etc.

    Regardless, very creative and funny stuff you guys! To me, anyway –



    If you have a significant other, you could go as a socket and a plug. :-) that’s what we were last year and another couple showed up with the same costume, so we had to modify out costumes to “swingers” sockets and plugs.

    Another idea: a leftover. Wrap yourself in tin foil with a tupperware hat.



    PS- I think if WSB has a costume contest, we should do best dressed dog too. Emmy has a pretty cool pig costume she likes to rock.



    When I was a kid in the 70’s, I remember my parents heading to a costume party, for which Mom sewed their costumes. They were both Hershey Bars. Dad’s said “With Nuts.”




    The joke is probably old by now, but last year I went as a WAMU executive. I bought a suit for 8 bucks at Value Village and hot-glued play money bills into the waistband, pockets, cuffs and hat brim of a fedora. Carried a old briefcase (with more money hanging out) with the WAMU logo on the case. Came in 2nd at the annual party!



    As a WaMu casualty, I find that hilarious! I might steal (no pun intended) that one from you.



    When I was helping some kids get costumes together, one of the boys went as DEATH, the other as a Tax Man. That went over really well.

    I also like the couples costumes of brick and brick layer. Or honey bee and flower. Polinate THAT baby.



    My mom was a pregnant nun, once.

    I have ALWAYS wanted to be thing 1 and thing 2.

    sacatosh, love the “with nuts”. heheh. good stuff.



    When I was in college one of the students came as a light bulb. He had cut a big piece of foam for the bulb and had some plastic (like a garbage can) around the bottom.

    Or at a previous job a lady had some brown material that she wrapped around herself and stapled leaves to it to be a tree.

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