Does anyone else have mosquitos like I have mosquitos?

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    I live in the Seaview neighborhood and every summer my neighbors and I are plagued with mosquitos. It’s impossible to spend time in the backyard after mid-afternoon.

    I have friends in other WS neighborhoods who rarely see mosquitos. Is it just Seaview? Or maybe just my block? There are underground springs around and it’s really swampy in the winter, but by late June the ground is pretty much parched with no standing water. I’m just curious if it’s just our little area or if my mosquito-free friends are just really lucky.



    I don’t even have fruit flies any more since I put up and began continually maintaining a hummingbird feeder. Those little guys like the nectar for extra energy. But from what I understand, their main food source/choice is insects.

    Bats are also really good at eating their weight in insects. There is lots of information online about sourcing and placing bat houses on your property.



    seaview is plagued. i’ve got the bites to prove it.



    Next door neighbor put up a bat house last year after attending a seminar on them. No occupants yet but we’re ever hopeful!

    I put out a hummingbird feeder and maintained it for a summer several years ago after seeing a single hummingbird, but it appears to have been a one-off visit because I haven’t seen one since.



    We have an occasional mosquito or two in the summer up here in High Point. Nothing a few citronella candles can’t handle, though. Right now my main concern are the friggin’ ants.


    2 Much Whine

    Our mosquitos in Admiral are pretty big. You can see me riding one in my avatar.



    No mosquitos here (I think they call this Fairmount Springs). However, get a gazillion spiders and these tiny moths (or something like moths) that are driving us crazy.



    We don’t even have screens. I have been a mosquito magnet part of my life (SE N.C.) but I have only seen a couple in the decade I have lived here.

    I was told by some city department several years ago that mosquitoes rarely travel more than 500 feet from where they hatch. Check your neighbors (and yourself) for sagging gutters and any small spots, pots or damaged dog toys that can hold water for 21 days.

    I need to replace my hummingbird feeders, I have four pair that tour the flowers and flowering trees regularly. Maybe that keeps them down.



    Ugh, don’t get me started on the *$#Y@!# spiders. I carry a stick outside that I wave in front of me to knock them out of my path. For the most part I’ve learned to coexist with my outdoor spiders. But if they’re indoors, they’re dead. (no comments on my policy please — I already know everyone else’s opinion on how beneficial they are from the various threads on last year’s superspiderfest — but my phobia, my house, my rules).



    Good idea on the gutters. I know one of mine does have a low spot which I rediscover every time I clean them in the fall. I might have to try to secure a mosquito donut in that spot. Thanks as well for the 500 feet rule. I’ll certainly wander my yard looking for errant plant pots that could be contributing.



    I have a small patio area that flies like to congregate and fly around and around and around. Any ideas on how to get rid of them? I have two dogs, so no chemicals.



    We also live in Seaview and have lots of mosquitos in our backyard. We haven’t found any standing water in our yard and wondered if there was a neighborhood “source” elsewhere. Has anyone had any luck with any non-toxic mosquito deterrents for the yard?



    i live not too far from sue, kind of up the hill, and we have plenty of mosquitoes. we also have springs on the hillside.

    mosquitoes breed and live near a source of water of some kind, somewhere they can lay eggs, and i don’t think they stray too far from home. a spring or pond, maybe just a damp patch of ground. or maybe you have a couple of containers holding water. buckets, watering cans, wheelbarrows… you should keep those upside down to prevent making an inadvertent mosquito day care center.

    i like the bat house idea.



    ‘ll be out emptying and scouring all of the dishes placed under pots earlier this year..

    if the roots aren’t established by not they are probably not going to be.

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