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    Dear Kidnapper,

    We’re glad that you liked our drummer, but that’s not an acceptable reason to take him and we’d really like him back.

    Bones was last seen playing July 2nd where he lives near the Delridge Community Center. His kidnapping not only represents theft of personal property, but also disrespect of art and the community who enjoyed it.

    Bones was the first member of the house band and he is an irreplaceable one of a kind component. Born in 2006, Bones made his public debut in 2009 where he quickly gained community popularity as an installation intended to celebrate music, art, reclaimed objects, and our natural environment. He only recently returned to his drums having just undergone his second complete reconstructive surgery making him a significant investment in terms of both time and money spent on materials. (It also means he has many hidden symbolic elements that we’ll even share with you, if you return him.)

    We’re happy that so many enjoyed the band and want to thank everyone who expressed their appreciation, however, in light of the recent kidnapping the other band members are fearful for their safety and will be taking a hiatus for an undetermined length of time. Should Bones be returned no questions will be asked, but a waning faith in others could possibly be restored.

    Therefore, we will make one last plea to the kidnapper, or anyone who may have information on the abduction, to please return Bones and restore him to his rightful place. Bones is a rock star and meant to play in front of an audience, not an object to be unjustly coveted by one. Thank you!



    Photo of Bones:



    update in the comments from the front page thread say Bones is back home!







    Nicndub just confirmed this in e-mail so I’ll be noting it on the HP too. Glad to hear it.



    I so love happy endings :)



    Glad to hear it! Looks/sounds like a really awesome display. Now if someone would just return the giant inflatable Oogie Boogie, lifted from our neighbor’s Halloween display. We miss the big green guy!



    Dear Co-conspirator,

    Thank you for bringing Bones back safe and we apologize for assuming the worst as clearly Bones must have had a wonderful time considering he lost his shoes. We realize you probably didn’t feel too good about your mischief because you returned at the wee hours of the morning, so we honestly appreciate you returning with Bones and thank you!

    He’ll be recuperating for a while and will need additional surgery due to his latest escapade, but he is expected to return to drums soon. (After which we just may need to have a plastic surgery intervention). We’ve also decided to return the house band (with additional security of course), thanks to all the positive support from the community. And we’d like to give a special shout out to Jenn & Kai who found Bones at his drop off and personally escorted him to our door. Although, please be warned, the reunion may take a few months as time is needed to complete the medical processes and acquire appropriate security.

    And since we promised to share the some of the hidden symbolic elements of Bones and we didn’t actually meet, and because the community has been so supportive we decided we’d list a few here.

    Bones and the entire installation are composed predominately of reclaimed objects most often slotted for disposal, or objects that were originally intended, and used, for another purpose. The house band members are not the only local musicians in the family, which not only explains the origins of most of the materials, but also of the overall theme and importance of music in our lives. But don’t worry; no functional instruments were harmed in the making, only well used and loved pieces were re-appropriated from other Seattle musicians. The pieces are an investment in terms of time and construction supplies due to the time required to collect all the necessary materials, the subsequent assembly needed, and the work done to make them (somewhat) Seattle weatherproof. Some fun Bones facts are as follows:

    * His original body was a papier-mâché Halloween prop made in China. We try not to purchase items made in China for social (exploitation of inexpensive labor), political (human rights abuses), and environmental (lack of regulation) reasons, so Bones’ longevity helps counterbalance this infraction.

    * The spine deteriorated first and so has been replaced by a broken axe handle (unfortunately also from China) covered in a reclaimed broken globe making Bones a world traveler with a strong backbone.

    * He’s a true musician thru-and-thru illustrated by his arms and legs that have been reinforced internally with drum sticks and externally covered in duct tape (which numerous musicians have confirmed is their best friend capable of fixing anything).

    * He has a solar powered light in his skull which used to light his eyes at night (at least before sustaining damage from his endeavors). His skull, hands, and drum sticks are also coated in glow-in-the-dark paint.

    * His orange flight suit was originally part of a Halloween costume until a mildew storage accident, and has a few patches including a barcode to symbolize how fulfillment of your destiny is priceless.

    * He is sitting on a bench originally used by a locally owned music shop, and a broken guitar neck has been affixed as the back rest with hinges from a door broken during the last show ever played at a bar with a reputation for its live local punk rock shows.

    Thanks again for returning Bones after your adventures, and we’ll do our best to get the band back out and playing.



    I believe there might have been a Chupacabra involved in this incident. maybe if you make a Cupacabra part of the band it won’t happen again. They feel they need more representation in the community and were making a statement. Thas just what I heard through the grapevine.



    I was sad to see this… However this morning I saw bones on my way to work crumpled at the end of a driveway…I hope he can be repaired. Advice to the owner dig a hole fill it with concrete and a eye bolt and chain bones to it…you might prevent this from happening again. Glad your home Bones! I look at you everyday as I head home.

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