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    For the past 5 weeks a coyote has been visiting my bird feeder on the east side of the Webster St. Retention Basin at 24th SW and SW Webster St. Some neighbors have been letting their dogs run loose here so -HEADS UP-
    NOT a good idea anywhere but really bad here.

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    After 5 weeks, maybe it’s time to take down the bird feeder?



    Especially if you have a photo, you’re welcome to send that to us for a front-page coyote report. (



    Bird feeder is on my side of the fence — coyote’s on the other side looking frustrated.



    Agree with HappyOnAlki-Take down the bird feeder. They attract rodents and raccoons too. The birds can find their own food.



    OK folks – back to the point: the retention basin is not an off-leash park and could be dangerous for dogs as well as cats.
    Re birds: they eat spiders and mosquitos which are prevalent around the retention basin and my patio. So, I feed the birds and they control the insects for me.



    JFC-I guess your point wasn’t clear. The birds still don’t need you to feed them because as you point out, they eat the spiders and mosquitos.



    And why would they hang around my patio without an incentive? If you have a better (less expensive would be nice) method, not involving chemicals or odors, please let me know..



    This seemed to devolve swiftly into an attack on the OP for having that ubitiquous yard staple, a bird feeder. Maybe if bears were an issue in the neighborhood it would be worth talking about, but beyond that in somebody’s own fenced yard it seems like their own choice to feed birds and possibly risk rodents or raccoons. The point to the original post was to warn off leash dog owners about the presence of the coyote. I have personally seen small dogs attacked and even killed by coyotes so that is a good warning to give the neighborhood. And if the coyote was not visiting to look longingly at the bird feeder it would still be in the area anyhow looking longingly at cats. Why do posts in the forums sometimes quickly turn to attacking the poster?



    First, the bird feeder is not the problem- nor is the coyote. Off-leash dogs are the problem.

    While bird feeders can (and do) attract rodents, they’re everywhere, like it or not. Just like spiders (which are not insects, but highly beneficial arachnids. BTW, the greatest predator of spiders is other spiders. And without them, insect pests will multiply).

    It’s a little late in the year for bird feeders, but I can’t imagine life without the joyful activity that birds bring to a garden. A feeder is the only way to view many species that would not otherwise be easily observable.



    i took my bird feeders down last year because i had a rodent problem.
    it appears the rodents have found another food source..
    i still constantly battle rats.. and probably will as long as there is nearby habitat… like the lovely rain gardens the city put in out front or the vacant house next door or ….

    i miss the birds

    as for coyotes.. i live near Westwood and have seen them in my alley

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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