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    I’ve looked into a few of the dentists that have been recommended here in the past, and they all seem to have hours that are during my working hours (7am isn’t early enough). I’ve been seeing a dentist up in Bothell (I used to live in Lynnwood, and just kept going) as they have both Saturday and evening hours, but would love to go closer to home.

    Here’s my other issue with dentists. I had a dentist I went to in NYC for 30 years. I trusted him 200% and it was very hard to leave him. The first dentist I went to (in Lynnwood) told me that I had $3,000 worth of emergency work I needed done and praised my “good insurance” repeatedly. When I questioned their treatment plan (as my NY dentist had never said I had these issues 6 months earlier), they told me my dentist had essentially been a bad doctor who didn’t know the best techniques and knew nothing. I walked out and never went back to them. This new dentist I go to now, when I saw them 6 months later I told them nothing about the other recommendations until they were done. They only agreed on 1 crown – the rest of it the new dentist said didn’t have to be done at all. But as time has gone on, they seem to really want to do all this proactive work – how I should have my wisdom teeth pulled when there’s nothing wrong with them (because they “might cause trouble later”) and how I should get crowns on several teeth because the fillings are big and it “might cause trouble later.” I’ve refused to do anything but necessary work. Today he tells me that one of the teeth he suggested a crown on is now cracked and has a cavity and now it needs the crown ASAP. Actually 2 of them are cracked, but one is a higher priority than the other. I find myself questioning whether it’s really true.

    So I guess I’m really looking for someone who is conservative and doesn’t want to replace every tooth in my mouth for what I consider no good reason and who I can trust when they say I need something. Or someone whose practice is based on cosmetic dentistry and wants to do all these fancy things. I just want some basic dental care I can trust. Any thoughts?



    I will again recommend Joon Kae at West Seattle Dental. I was afraid to go to the dentist since the last time I went (years ago!) they scared the bejeezus out of me saying that I was going to need all kinds of scary surgery. Counter-intuitive for me to not go back, right??? Anyway, Dr. Kae looked me over and was able to fix one receding gum problem in-office in an hour! They are very non-scary and very non-threatening.

    I’d say visit them and lay it out for them and they should treat you well. I gave them all my backstory before they even took a look.



    Hi Sue,

    I’m sorry to say all Dentists are for profit.

    But you do need to know ,that all fillings do need replacing at some point.

    Are the fillings that need replacing,are they older then 20 years???? If yes, you would need some work.

    The only place that I know that is open on the weekends is Gentle Dental.

    The Doctors there are all paid by a salary.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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