Blue and white turbo-props flying over West Seattle?

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    Every 15-minutes or so, heading west over (approx.) the Charlstown cafe. They appear to be taking off from Boeing Field.

    WTF are these? Some new commuter service?

    Very, very irritating and hopefully temporary/testing of a new plane or something.

    If not, then take the extra 2 minutes to fly over the duwamish and Elliott Bay before heading west.



    I noticed them/it as well, about an hour ago. I just assumed it was one plane going in big circles, but I wasn’t paying that close of attention. I can’t think of where a commuter line could be flying every 15 minutes on a Thursday afternoon, but if this is metro’s new georgetown – ballard run I’m on board so long as they keep prices reasonable.



    Probably just a test flight or something as you suggest.

    I’m usually not home on weekdays so thought this might be normal.

    I sure hope not – they are loud!

    Time to get out the 22! (kidding)



    If you want to know, or want to complain about the noise:


    Contact: Leslie Barstow

    Phone: 206-296-7431


    Noise Office

    Phone: 206-205-5242


    Online form:



    The aircraft may have been from the Clay Lacey/Porsche Business Jet Show which was held at Boeing Field yesterday.



    The FAA uses planes similar to your description to test airport navigation systems.


    WesCAddle – That was my first thought…however it could be SeaPort Airlines.

    Smitty – were these single engine or twin engine aircraft?



    And in fact, last September, we published an item about the type of testing that WesCAddle mentions:

    Note the comments section, which as always added more information to the story – mostly from others, but a little bit from us too – the FAA told us at the time these were semiannual/annual tests. And it’s been almost a year …

    I am seeing this just now at quarter till 3 am so not in a position to try to chase down FAA comment right now, but if this remains unsolved, I’ll put it on my checklist for Monday.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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