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    Topping the new “Food” category with this as a “sticky” for anyone finding it useful as reference:

    All WSB news stories about West Seattle restaurants/food are archived here:

    (The list of all our coverage categories is in the bottom third of the right sidebar on every WSB page.)



    And don’t forget about this link “West Seattle dishes to die for (from Aug 2007)



    Oh good point! A few might be outdated but I’ll make a sticky out of that – and perhaps people will want to add their own to augment the list!



    WOW! Thanks for putting up the “dishes to die for” link! I think that was and remains at the top of my all time fave comments on an hp post.

    Two years and ten pounds later..’nuff said, :)


    john moore

    What’s a “sticky”?



    john, a “sticky” gives an internet forum/message board admin/moderator the ability to keep a particular comment thread at the top of the comment page.




    The developers of our content management system WordPress (which has become wildly popular worldwide … it’s not just for little personal sites any more) also have given the “sticky” option for specific stories to be “stuck” to the top of the home page if the site publisher chooses. We use it on rare occasions if there is something so huge that it just has to stay at the top of the news section even as newer stories are published (and we always label it as such when we do). But we use it sparingly, since otherwise it would mess with the integrity of the “newest stuff first” format.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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