Any recommendations on a good OBGYN that is in-network with Premera/Blue Cross?

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    Hello everyone,

    Well, looks like we are going to be adding a new member to our family and it’s still very early but I’d like to know if anyone has any recommendations on a good local OBGYN here in West Seattle that accepts Premera Blue Cross insurance. Preferably “in-network”. There are about 50 listed on the Premera site but getting any patient reviews is difficult so I figured I would just check with all of y’all my esteemed neighbors and see if anyone has any good suggestions or recommendations on folks to meet or any to avoid.

    Thanks in advance and have a great day y’all!



    Avoid Dr. Christine Recinto…she has the worst bedside manner I have ever encountered with any kind of Dr.!

    Not sure if she’s in-network but Dr. Cedar Finkle-Weaver is wonderful but she’s located in Burien by the hospital.



    I have a wonderful OBGyn, Dr. Theresa Burdick. She is in network but unfortunately not in West Seattle, she is in the Heath Medical Building next to Swedish on Broadway. I do have to pay for parking but my recollection is it’s not very expensive (it’s been a year since I’ve been there so this may have changed).



    Thanks for the suggestions! We are definitely focusing first on here in WS just because of ease of access and keeping it as local as possible but we’re open to the best option regardless of where it may be in the city.

    So far, we’ve been REALLY impressed with “West Seattle Women’s Health and Midwifery”. My wife felt really comfortable there and while several of the other places she went to gave her post-it notes with contact info or a business card to check back in at a predetermined time the ladies at the WSWH&M gave my wife a full packet of information, asked her a lot of questions to know her concerns and all around were the most professional, comfortable, welcoming environment we’ve found so far but we’re still checking with others just in case. They are definitely #1 on our list so far though. :)



    Dr. Okorn at Swedish in West Seattle is my general practice doctor but she does obstetrics as well. I have been very happy with her.



    I would 2nd a recommendation for Dr. Okorn at Swedish West Seattle.

    Just one random thing, and don’t know how far along you are and what exact Premera insurance plan you have but… I got a notice that my Premera (” to continue moderating rising costs… blah blah blah…”), will discontinue coverage for portions of the Swedish, Providence and CHI Franciscan Health systems Jan 2017.

    I haven’t figured out who will be included after Jan 2017. I hate making heads or tails of insurance nonsense, so maybe it is easier for you to figure out. and maybe it’s not a full Premera-wide thing.

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