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    Anyone had good or bad experiences with Alki Automotive? The one near Luna Park Cafe? Thinking of trying them but want to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly first! Thanks!



    I’ve had very good experiences with them. When I thought I could benefit from new tires, the guy who looked them over said I had at least another year left on them but he noticed, from the sound, that the battery would soon need replacement (but not right now). They’re good mechanics and the owner is conscientious and ethical.



    I wanted to like Alki Automotive because they were really convenient. Unfortunately I found them to be expensive and condescending.

    I love Courtesy Tire on California. They do great work for reasonable rates, and are honest about what they can and can’t do. We had a bad transmission once and they told us they could do it, but because they weren’t a transmission shop they recommended a transmission specific shop who did it for more than $1K less than Courtesy estimated it would cost them.



    I have no experience with or thoughts regarding Alki Automotive, however will second herongrrl’s endorsement of Courtesy Tire.

    Over the years they have done almost as much ‘free’ work on my tires (checking air-pressure after cold spells or before road trips) as they have replacing the tires and battery on my car.

    The long-term staff are a great group of guys who are eager to answer any questions and help in any way they can!!!



    I am not a fan of Alki Automotive. I liked one of their mechanics when they were at their previous Alki Beach location, which is now Blue Moon Burgers. But that mechanic left Alki Automotive years ago and went to West Seattle Autoworks.
    I found Alki Automotive to be too costly, rude, and the problem I paid them to fix resurfaced a few months later. Ended up fixing it myself with the help of YouTube.



    Another endorsement for Courtesy Tire! They are the best, have always treated me well. I have witnessed their integrity and honesty in action. I completely trust them and their opinions are car maintenance.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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