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    The abandoned house at 3804 23rd Ave SW is, finally, partially boarded up, has far less graffiti, and had its overgrown vegetation cut back from the bike path. Thank you to SDCI for, according to the note on the retaining wall, identifying “high hazard” standards and forcing change.

    What do you think changed of late to make it a high hazard, as it has been in disrepair for many years? And what’s the future of the site? Context from West Seattle Blog last August: “There was a tour with city officials, organized by community members, more than a decade ago. Laws have been changed since then to allow demolition of properties without a replacement plan, in short. This is still standing because its owners haven’t taken any steps toward demolition. There was a plan two years ago to replace it with townhomes … I just checked the file and there’s been no further action since the 2019 early-stage filing.”

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