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    Chris Landry

    Myself and lady I had the pleasure of meeting were watching our dogs enjoy an evening run in grass. We agreed what a joke it would be if either of us were cited for letting our dogs run around off leash in the park given the more serious offenses committed every day that go unpunished. Soon we were engaged in a conversation about Seattle’s impotence in dealing with homelessness, crime and corrupt politicians. We both shrugged regretfully at being among the few that seemed to think this way. Then we thought… what if we’re not as few as we think? What if those of us who were like minded could gather to vent and discuss these things? How many of us would there be? So this experimental post or message in a bottle of sorts is being tossed into the WSB’s ocean of opinions to see who else feels the same way and might care to step forward and begin a group interested in finding solidarity around these issues. Is there anybody out there?

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    You should probably join David Preston’s “Safe Seattle” faccebook group. Sounds like you’d fit in.



    Uh, so you complained about crime in Seattle while breaking the law? Sigh. I’m sure you’ll find a fair number of kindred spirits, as that seems a sadly popular pastime.



    Load of bollocks, if you ask me.

    I own dogs, I pick up after them, walk them on leashes and obey the laws that pertain to pet ownership.

    I also, periodically allow my dogs to swim in the Sound and accept that I’m breaking the law. I content to say it without any outrage and accept that I may have to pay for it.

    My breaking the law is not excused by the fact that others are not punished sufficient to my standards.



    AMEN heartless.Chris Landry your view that it would be a big joke if fine as long as you excuse EVERY other person that ignores a law. Perhaps you can give us a list of the laws that are “jokes” and tell us how you would justify going after someone else that also said the law they were breaking was a “joke”.



    Try Bellevue, or North Renton, I’m sure you’d find plenty of like minded folk there.


    Ms. Sparkles

    I’m tired of feeling like there’s different standards for different people.

    I begrudgingly took my bags of home improvement waste to the dump & paid the dump fee and resented it seeing on a daily basis the piles of garbage left behind by RV campers and mini-encampments; if they can trash the area without consequence why should I go to the effort of lugging my crap to the dump?

    I scoffed at the animal control officer who came to my door about my dog barking when the reason he was losing his mind (inside the house) was the late-June through mid-July illegal fireworks the city declines to address…. but sure send someone out to talk to me.

    It’s not heartless to acknowledge that there’s a double standard in this city. There maybe many valid, noble-intentioned reasons for the policies that create this double standard, but it doesn’t change the fact that the city does enforce the laws on different populations differently. And no the irony of this situation, considering POC have dealt with this forever isn’t lost on me.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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