Reply To: Bidding a fond farewell to Seattle but more specifically, West Seattle.



So, a week in I can say we’re having a LOT of fun down here! On Friday we went downtown and hung out at a park on the north side of the Congress St Bridge to watch the nightly batpocalypse and it was amazing. Got some great bbq, did a AR “getting to know the city” game walking up & down Congress and 6th solving puzzles and learning about the art and history of the city. Most everyone I’ve interacted with here seems to be in a good mood and earnestly happy to chat and ask how you’re doing, offer suggestions if you have questions, and have a really warm vibe all around. It’s a big difference and it’s quite lovely.

I’m flying back up to Seattle tomorrow AM to deal with my car lease (Chevy in Burien, the Volt was an amazing car but their customer service? Boooo. Do not get a lease there) then I fly back down tomorrow evening. It’ll be a long day for sure but it’ll be nice to grab lunch at Ma’Onos again and see friends.

Take it easy everyone!