Reply To: Aggressive QFC security accused my son of stealing



Sounds to me like the security officer was attempting to use discretion rather then make a larger issue out of petty theft. To be clear you can be detained for shoplifting if you conceal an item, pass the last point of sale and are heading towards the exit (where those pesky baskets are located). I’m not sure why QFC managment gave some other impression in this case but the last place loss prevention wants to tussle with someone is outside the store in a parking lot where accomplices often times have vehicles and/or weapons. As a parent I would have been elated that it had only gone that far rather then having the police called and a trespass noticed issued. The re-training they’re likely to get is to not avoid paperwork and bust them for stealing. Also, the security guard is the authority figure in this story and it doesn’t seem like they’re the ones with the issue…