Reply To: RANT Alki Board and bike poor service for repairs


Paul Loeb

I don’t have a high-end regular bike. But I do have a high-end electric bike that I got from Alki Bike and Board, and I took my previous electric to them for about 8 years. So 10 years as a customer, and I can’t imagine a better bike shop. I’m sure things mess up from time to time–that’s inevitable. But I’ve always found Stu and his team just incredibly helpful–trustworthy, reasonably priced, caring about what they do. Pretty much everything you’d want. To me they’re the equivalent of my beloved Foreign Car Workshop (except FCW doesn’t sell cars), where we’ve been taking our cars for 20 years. I’m sure the other places that people mention are fine, but from all my experience, I’m delighted with them.

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