FOLLOWUP: Here’s what SDOT plans to add, and remove, along Alki Point Healthy Street

(SDOT photo)

More than a year has passed since SDOT announced that the Alki Point Healthy Street – Alki Avenue west of 63rd and Beach Drive north/west of 63rd – would be permanent. A few months later, the city said it was working on the permanent design. They’ve just unveiled finalized designs centering on four locations along the stretch, including the addition of various features including a “cul-de-sac,” a “walking and rolling” lane adjacent to part of the sidewalk, and removal of 60+ on-street parking spaces, while marking three new ADA spaces:

Location 1: Alki Ave SW & 64th Pl SW

-Paint & post cul-de-sac to give drivers an opportunity to turn around before the “street closed” sign
-“Street closed” sign on durable concrete cylinders to reduce cut-through driving on the Healthy Street
-Wayfinding pavement markings for a smooth transition from existing bike path to the Healthy Street
-Approximately 6 parking spaces removed in Cul-de-sac area – raised crosswalk to 64th Pl SW

Location 2: Alki Ave SW and Point Pl SW

-Speed humps to reduce traffic speeds
-Sharrow pavement markings to enhance wayfinding for people biking, rolling, and walking
-Stop signs at intersecting streets

Location 3: Alki Ave SW and Beach Dr SW

-Paint and post to delineate 10’ of additional space for walking/rolling along the existing sidewalk adjacent to the beach
-Sharrow pavement markings to enhance wayfinding for people biking, rolling, and walking
-Stop signs at intersecting streets
-ADA accessible parking along Beach Dr SW

Location 4: Beach Dr SW and 64th Ave SW

-Paint and post to delineate 10’ of additional space for walking/rolling along the existing sidewalk adjacent to the beach
-Sharrow pavement markings to enhance wayfinding for people biking, rolling, and walking
-Stop signs at intersecting streets
-Approximately 61 parking spaces removed on Beach Dr SW, from 3300 Beach Dr SW to 64th Ave SW
-Approximately 46 parking spaces to remain available on Beach Dr SW, from 3300 Beach Dr SW to 64th Ave SW

The first “design update” is similar to what was proposed in “early design” – you can compare via links toward the bottom of the project page – but the other three have significant additions, including the “walking/rolling” lane and more speed humps. This is planned for installation next year. Meantime, SDOT’s update says there’s one stretch they haven’t finalized yet – Beach Drive between 63rd and 64th. This and other “Healthy Streets” around the city originally were set up during the early months of the pandemic, but many have been made permanent as reduced-vehicle-traffic streets.

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  • B December 3, 2023 (2:22 pm)

    I hate everything about this!

    • Dierdre December 3, 2023 (3:47 pm)

      Agreed, it’s hideous. Frequent walker here, and there are no issues as it is. Just leave it alone. Pretty sure everyone can handle this stretch and need some freaking peace not stripes, lanes, restricted movement and ugly Disneyland style. Such an utter waste of money and pointless control.  Yes, I participated in the survey.

    • Pelicans December 4, 2023 (3:02 am)

      The choices put forward for public voting by City of Seattle did not include a choice for “leave it alone” or “leave it just the way it is.”  I t was put out by the city that a change was inevitable, and only limited to the choices they provided.  Voting was open to anyone, I believe.  Rather than not voting at all, some voted for the least obnoxious choices. This plan is entirely unneeded and will ruin this stretch of road.  A previous poster mentioned “Disneyland”, and they were right. The city needs more and vigorous public input, with more realistic choices, including,  “leave it alone, it isn’t broken.”

      • Pelicans December 4, 2023 (7:46 am)

        I will join any in-person protests against this plan, as well as any other protests in any form.

  • Steve December 3, 2023 (2:56 pm)

    I know SDOT is incompetent but this is amazing even for them. Remove 61 parking places? Why? There are extra wide sidewalks on both sides of this stretch of road. There really is no reason for anyone to be walking in the street here. There is plenty of room for bikes and cars. It is mind numbing what this city does with all the money it collects. I wish it would be a priority for SDOT to actually repair roads instead of stuff like this.

    • Miles December 3, 2023 (4:34 pm)

      I couldn’t agree more. Have pot holes the size of small meteor craters on California that they like playing wack-a-mole with and a bridge despite “repairs” showing signs of west and tear near the exit ramps and SDOT is prioritizing random ideas like these. I wish our tax money was being put to good use, what a joke. 

  • mem December 3, 2023 (2:57 pm)

    They also announced the plans for Highland Park and South Delridge. Will you add this information? Thx!

    • WSB December 3, 2023 (4:00 pm)

      Separate story planned.

  • Erik December 3, 2023 (3:01 pm)

    A little disappointed that they are removing 60 parking spots. There isn’t enough parking as it is. I already have given up on visiting such a wonderful area because I can’t ever find parking reasonably close. This just makes it more difficult to use a valuable public resource. 

    • Frog December 3, 2023 (4:57 pm)

      Removing the parking just pushes the parking onto the rest of the neighborhood, who are less rich than the waterfront demographic, so who cares.  Typical Seattle — blah blah equity, not.  I want a closed street too.

    • Mike Hodges December 4, 2023 (8:12 am)

      Free parking means No Parking in a high demand area in a dense city.That’s not new. 

  • Anne December 3, 2023 (3:06 pm)

    Doesn’t bother me-you CAN still drive down that street & I’ve done that maybe twice in the last year. 

    • Cait December 4, 2023 (12:04 pm)

      …You’re not supposed to though, that’s the whole thing 

      • Samuella Samaniego December 4, 2023 (5:39 pm)

        Other than the posted signs, law enforcement (patrol) has been consistent about assuring that parked vehicles with a disability card on the console or hanging from the mirror,  are in fact permitted to drive on that stretch. Unfortunately, that does not deter others who are walking and feel compelled to shake their hands and their pointed fingers at you when passing through, or, parking and later driving  through the healthy street.If you and/or your community believes that disabled person should not be allowed to visit via automobile, please reach out to the appropriate policing bodies.To the extent possible, take a minute and imagine what it feels like to be scorned and told you can no longer be “here”.Thank you for your time.

  • WSCurmudgeon December 3, 2023 (3:27 pm)

    Cue the West Seattle Kvetchers’ Chorus!

  • Vee December 3, 2023 (3:33 pm)

    Ridiculous, public street, don’t know how any of this is legal, waste of money and who are they catering to, everyone should be able to enjoy alku and Park , this will be terrible in the summer 

  • Reed December 3, 2023 (3:37 pm)


  • Sam December 3, 2023 (3:44 pm)

    The city should first fix the potholes and cracked streets around the city before wasting taxpayers money on this! What a flipping waste of money!

  • CarDriver December 3, 2023 (3:51 pm)

    Does this mean EVERY neighborhood that has “annoying” drivers can get road restrictions? Good luck with that. Wonder if the demographics of who lives there got priority. 

  • Alf December 3, 2023 (3:55 pm)

    Boy the elite folks got away with a huge increase in the value of their homes-its amazing to me, and wonder who got paid off in this decision 3 ADA parking spots?clearly the handicap are an eye sore to the rich neighborsshame on everyone involved 

  • Chemist December 3, 2023 (4:08 pm)

    The website for the project says they’re funded for outreach but “Funding for final design and permanent installation has not yet been identified. As we’re hearing from the community, we’re also working to secure this funding.”  It also seems like SDOT hasn’t outlined what’s happening to the in-street bike parking that was installed at Benton and Beach Dr.

    • WSB December 3, 2023 (4:28 pm)

      Saw that re: funding and I suspect that part just wasn’t updated, but I’m checking tomorrow.

      • Vee December 3, 2023 (5:40 pm)

        Can we send our thoughts to sdot, this has to be changed , what can we do

        • Pelicans December 4, 2023 (4:27 am)

          Agree 100%.  How and What can we do to fight this, and keep the roadway not only the way it is, but revert it back to the way it was? Beach Drive Res.

  • Rhonda December 3, 2023 (4:20 pm)

    I can’t wait to see the sneering faces of the Beach Drive homeowners as I park in front of their gorgeous view homes because the curb parking in front of the sewage treatment plant are gone. “Will she park her SUV here for 30 minutes or several hours?”

    • The King December 3, 2023 (6:31 pm)

      Lol, we’re the cousin Eddie’s of West Seattle showing up to Clark’s for Christmas 

    • Pelicans December 4, 2023 (8:18 am)

      Rhonda,See above. Troll elsewhere.

  • PDiddy December 3, 2023 (4:27 pm)

    The whole healthy streets thing is stupid. Improved wider sidewalks and bike paths along there is what is needed. Just like 21st ave sw which has zero sidewalks. What a stupid idea this whole healthy streets scam is. Its not really adding to public safety. This is more of the same old war on cars as if that is going to change anything.

    • Duwamesque December 3, 2023 (5:54 pm)

      I don’t think any of this is necessary either but enough with the ridiculous “war on cars” rhetoric. Almost all of our transportation infrastructure and funding goes for car-based projects like roads and bridges. If there ever was a war on cars the cars have already won.

  • Craig December 3, 2023 (4:41 pm)

    I had high hopes for this, but am not impressed now. It feels like a everyone loses compromise. I suggest a 1+1+1 plan: make it 1 way (entry west to depart east), 1 lane for cars, 1 for parking. Simple. No need for two way flow at all there. Limiting the direction and entry point make it safer for everyone. Keep a 10′ bike/way protected lane as it should be a park like area due to the unique view and beach access for those that don’t live oceanside. 

    • SLJ December 4, 2023 (9:05 am)

      I agree! That’s what I suggested in the survey. Parking there is important for those with mobility issues who want to sit in their car and enjoy the view, and for people paddleboarding. I can’t drop off my paddleboard and then leave it unattended while I go park somewhere else. I walk  my dog here almost daily and honestly, it seems fine the way it is. Maybe SDOT should focus on streets without sidewalks instead of this.

  • TAnderson December 3, 2023 (4:57 pm)

    The only way in which I would agree with this plan is if the people who live along this exclusive area are not allowed to drive or park on it either — for any reason. Otherwise let’s control traffic for the whole of Alki Ave SW, harbor Ave and Beach drive by enforcement, speed cams where appropriate, speed bumps as needed and lighted crosswalk signs.

  • M December 3, 2023 (5:14 pm)

    I am a cyclist. I have biked that stretch for 50 years. I am against this. The street is fine prior to Covid for cyclists, runners and pedestrians. No need to remove 60 parking spaces. Ridiculous!

    • wscommuter December 3, 2023 (8:48 pm)

      Fellow cyclist and I ride this street 5 times a week.  Have to agree with M.  Ill-advised choice by SDOT.  

    • Actual cyclist December 4, 2023 (11:00 am)

      I’m sorry, no, this road was not fine prior to covid. At any peak hour, there was a giant line of noisy cars belching pollution into walkers and cyclists faces.

    • WSEA December 4, 2023 (11:46 am)

      Also a cyclist and runner.   Prior to covid, I’ve not had a issue with this street.  If anything, its been one of the better sections for biking and talking with your mate side by side.   True, its nice now too but I did not see a problem before. Now if you want to use the funds for repaving beach drive closer to Lincoln park, I would not argue at all. 

  • Donna, The Whale Trail December 3, 2023 (5:19 pm)

    We have helped thousands of people watch southern resident orcas from shore along this stretch of Beach Drive. The diversity of the crowds was always inspiring – some brought there by seeing our notices on the Blog, and many by seeing a crowd gathered with binoculars and stopping to see what was going on.

    Many of the people we met were from other states and countries – Alki is one of the easiest places for visitors to get to from downtown. We’ve learned many ways to say “orca!”

    The flow of diverse crowds slowed during the pandemic, and came to a halt with the Street Closure signs. This design will make that change permanent.

    What a loss for our community and what a tremendous give-away to the able-bodied and nearby homeowners. This view, and this access to marine life, should not belong to a privileged few.

    • John December 4, 2023 (12:39 am)

      Don’t forget in the summertime when there’s low tides and Seattle Aquarium naturalists down there! Such a magical spot in general and so much marine life for people to be able to access and it’s hard enough to find parking in the summertime

      • Pelicans December 4, 2023 (7:17 am)

        Taking all those parking spots away will disenfranchise anyone wishing to enjoy watching wildlife and possibly those new to discovering the wonders of Puget Sound!

        • John December 4, 2023 (3:52 pm)

          Completely agree with you! Although he has since passed away when he was dying of cancer and my grandfather liked to go down to the area and walk. He would call my grandma on his cell phone when he was ready to come back home and sometimes he couldn’t handle walking back to the same spot she dropped him off so it was convenient to be able to stop anywhere to pick him up. And I get down there quite often with my camera. It’s especially nice in the summertime when Alki Avenue is absolutely packed you can go over to that end and have a little peace and quiet

  • valvashon December 3, 2023 (6:17 pm)

    I’m very suspect of any DOT that can’t make maps with North at the top.  It’s as if they are trying to confuse  and obfuscate what they are proposing.  I had to MapGoogle these intersections to see where this was and I’m within walking distance.It is ridiculous that they are taking over 60 parking spaces away.

  • Tracey December 3, 2023 (6:18 pm)

    Building a better mouse trap?  I have biked, walked and parked in this area for years.  The street is wide.  The sidewalks are wide.  What are we improving?  My opinion is nothing.  Worse for everyone.  Maybe we should put the pickleball court hear too.

  • Scarlett December 3, 2023 (6:25 pm)

    An over-engineered solution to a problem that doesn’t exist.  Living in Seattle does make one feel one is playing a part in Terry Gilliam’s absurdist bureaucratic “Brazil.”   

    • flimflam December 4, 2023 (12:17 pm)

      Excellent analogy!

  • wsdad December 3, 2023 (6:38 pm)

    I think the people who live on Alki have had enough of the car racing, violence, and murders on this stretch of road. That is why this change is happening. I am confused about the concrete cylinders. Is this to stop people from driving down Alki? That’s the best part of visiting Alki: driving down it. It sounds like they want to kick out everyone except the wealthy.

    • Jon December 4, 2023 (12:41 am)

      Are you serious?! This isn’t typically the stretch of road where that kind of stuff is going on these are rich elite people that don’t want the public parking on “their” street

      • Pelicans December 4, 2023 (7:33 am)

        Uh, Jon, yes, it is. But it has changed dramatically during and after covid. It remains much quieter and less congested. The street is much less used by vehicles than it was, with more room for non-motorized traffic in general most of the time. JMHO, and I invite any users to weigh in on this observation.  (Covering my head with both hands…)

      • WSDAD December 4, 2023 (9:56 am)

        I guess you don’t read the WS blog that much Jon. West Seattle Blog… | UPDATE: Man shot and killed near Alki’s Whale Tail Park

        • Kyle December 4, 2023 (11:05 am)

          That location is about a mile away from where SDOT is planning to make this semi-permanent street.

        • Cait December 4, 2023 (12:10 pm)

          Wow… way to announce that you don’t actually live here or can’t read a map

        • Jon December 4, 2023 (3:55 pm)

          Whale tail park is five blocks up and eight blocks over and about 2 mi from this street. Try again

  • Lori D. December 3, 2023 (6:51 pm)

    I’ve followed this process from the beginning, and it seems like the decision was made long before the public comment.  It’s fine the way it is, and there are SO many more important things to spend this (not yet funded) money on.  Contact SDOT and share your concerns.  

  • WSPK December 3, 2023 (7:04 pm)

    I’ve been riding my bike along this stretch of road regularly for 30+ years and it never seemed like a problem area. People like to park there to enjoy the views (and an occasional toke.) I say “Let ’em.”

  • wetone December 3, 2023 (7:11 pm)

    Another project that shows the true incompetence of SDOT, along with Seattle’s government. With all the budget issues in this city and maintenance of infrastructure including roadways and elevated structures needed, where in the heck do they find time and money for these projects such as Healthy Streets ? True take away from taxpayers with benefits to who ? Especially in this case. Follow the money trail….SDOT needs to be audited. If this is what the new SDOT director is ok with time for him to go just like the last 2. Says something about Seattle leadership in picking these people ;)

    • Canton December 3, 2023 (8:15 pm)

      Spot on. SDOT is looking for easy projects, to fill out the budget. They are not trying to solve any traffic issues, just trying to create more havoc.

  • Zane Baker December 3, 2023 (7:20 pm)

    I think the general public is finally finding out what a rediculous plan this is. The owners of the houses along this strip are the ones that petioned the city to block this off. I’ve lived here in West Seattle all my life and there has never been a reason to shut this street down. The speed bumps do what is needed to keep traffic slowed down. A planned demonstration is needed to protest to the city council and the transportation Dept. about this stupid idea and to get rid of any blockage of this street. Get rid of the signage and cement cylinders and open this back up to the public.. We don’t pay street taxes to have them taken away!

    • Canton December 3, 2023 (8:21 pm)

      Organize a protest, and I’ll attend. You’re right; we pay the taxes, but they control the streets. Government is supposed to be run, and owned by the citizens…

  • Kyle December 3, 2023 (8:22 pm)

    Honestly, this makes me sick. Bus access to here is terrible. With the hills you have to be in phenomenal shape to bike it or have $5K+ for an electric bike for each member of your family. Everyone saying just walk here lives in houses that are valued at $1M+. The end result is access from poorer communities is cut off. Gone are the days of living in white center but still being able to drive down and enjoy this PUBLIC park. What a gift to the rich homeowners.

    • Reed December 3, 2023 (9:02 pm)

      Just an FYI, you don’t get in phenomenal by complaining on the internet.

    • Foop December 4, 2023 (10:36 am)

      You can drive to 63rd or alki, or Lincoln park with a bike rack and ride over if you’d like. Or walk from your car. I really don’t understand th pearl clutching over this one street with not a single business, restaurant, or coffee shop to visit. Y’all would probably want to drive up to the top of rattlesnake ridge too if you could park at the peak.If driving and walking a few blocks is too much for you, or you can’t bike here from your home, go to mee kwa mooks, or LP. Jeez.

      • Betty December 4, 2023 (6:35 pm)

        The whole point is that the people who have pearls to clutch, have their homes on that street, and now have the right to keep only their cars on that road. 

    • 3M December 4, 2023 (4:36 pm)

      Free Bus Access:  The Water Taxi provides two routes in West Seattle, operating daily while the Water Taxi is in service.Route #773 provides service from the West Seattle Junction to Seacrest dock. During the summer schedule, the shuttle expands its weekday route to include the Morgan Junction on midday runs. Riders on this route are able access shopping in the Junction area in addition to making connections to other bus routes heading through the area and to downtown, like RapidRide C Line.Route #775 operates along Alki Beach and is extremely popular through the summer averaging nearly 12,000 riders a month in June through August. Riders of this route enjoy everything Alki beach has to offer, including great restaurants and fantastic views.The shuttles are a service funded by the Water Taxi, operated through King County Metro under contract with Hopelink. One shuttle operates on each route during service. Each shuttle has room for 26 passengers (including 7 standing) and has the option for two wheelchairs and two bikes.

  • AlkiMama December 3, 2023 (8:50 pm)

    It’s clear that this plan has nothing to do with pedestrians/cyclists and everything to do with making it so people won’t want to park and toke with a view along constellation. Honestly though, I’m tired of dodging plumes of weed smoke with my little kid along the sidewalk, squeezing between the rail and one after another half baked car. If this change puts the parked cars along the opposite side of the street at constellation then it’s more fresh air… I’ll take it.

  • Fix it right December 3, 2023 (8:59 pm)

    I’d like to see a 1+1+1 as has already been mentioned with a one way single lane. Bike this route daily and it’s tiresome playing chicken with oncoming vehicles driving down the middle like they own the road trying to make a point. Drivers aren’t paying attention either. Keep the parking along east side. Current entry to this stretch from 63rd/Beach is problematic

  • Dave December 3, 2023 (9:08 pm)

    OMG……ridiculous…..the public owns public streets….DUH…thought this stuff was all but over….

  • J December 3, 2023 (10:15 pm)

    Why is it there are streets all over this city, including parts of West Seattle, with NO sidewalks, yet certain streets get all of this funding and attention? It seems basic sidewalks, wheelchair accessibility, etc. shouldn’t have to wait decades for attention while things like this move forward.

    • Niko December 4, 2023 (12:47 am)

      Even in the area they neglect some of the side roads beyond the waterfront sections. Take a drive down 61st Avenue just off of Beach Drive there’s so many potholes and cracks It feels like you’re driving off road

  • Wseattleite December 3, 2023 (11:04 pm)

    This is wrong on so many levels. “Never let a crises go to waste”. These healthy streets that “suddenly” popped up when there was a declared emergency should not be allowed to become permanent without starting at the beginning of the process to take away public utility.  Though not started on his watch, one would hope the new SDOT lead would shut this down.  It does nothing to support the stated goals of equity that the City likes to brag about.  It’s not a war on cars or bikes.  It’s just stupid. 

  • Pam December 3, 2023 (11:51 pm)

    They should have made Alki Ave between 57th and 63rd the stay healthy street. They could route additional buses and add stops to the water taxi shuttle. Doing so could actually make it MORE accessible, because you wouldn’t need to rely on driving there and hoping to find a parking spot. It would allow restaurants to have more outdoor dining without blocking the sidewalk, people would be able to comfortably walk and bike in the area instead of on the single sidewalk, and you wouldn’t have to be worried about getting hit by a car crossing from restaurants to the beach. There will obviously be some people now saying, “but the parking!” or, “that makes it harder to visit!” which is why the closure would need to offer additional forms of public transportation. The junction parking lots sit empty most the time, why not create a dedicated shuttle bus? It would encourage people to visit the beach and junction. Sadly though the city doesn’t actually care about making areas better for pedestrians or tourist – just look at the refusal to close the street in front of Pikes Place. Every time I go the street is filled with vendors, pedestrians, and… cars. Ridiculous. 

    • noCarBrains December 4, 2023 (5:17 pm)

      Now here’s a good idea. I wonder if there’s a petition we can sign.

  • Ally December 4, 2023 (12:00 am)

    This is ridiculous! It’s a public street and a very wide one too! It would make it impossible for people from different parts of town to enjoy this beautiful scenery. What about whale watching? I’ve been watching whales from that street for many years now and I’ve never seen a problem. Everyone in harmony walking, biking and driving a car. A lot of people stop and ask what is happening  when there is a crowd and get excited when told that orcas are out there and you can see them from the shore (street).

  • anonyme December 4, 2023 (5:05 am)

    Maybe the director of SDOT should be an elected position, as nothing seems to change otherwise.  Taxpayers are regularly asked to pony up millions more for transportation, and yet all we seem to get for it are decorated crosswalks, “healthy” streets, and Vision Zero nonsense – while infrastructure crumbles.  I’m actually all for the “war on cars”, but these projects benefit no one except for special interest groups and overpaid consultants.

  • Actually Mike December 4, 2023 (6:48 am)

    It’s like they put Parks & Wreck in charge of streets, too…

  • Kaleb December 4, 2023 (8:17 am)

    This is ridiculous. What a waste of time and money. I agree with whoever said that SDOT was probably paid off for this by rich local residents. How can we best fight this? Write the head of SDOT? 

    • WSB December 4, 2023 (9:59 am)

      For those asking about comments, there is no formal comment period currently but one thing to note – for any comment, pro, con, or otherwise – is that the street was initially converted during a previous mayoral administration. Departments such as Transportation report to the mayor, so whether you support or oppose this or any other transportation project, that’s the ultimate authority. Also note that a new District 1 City Councilmember, Rob Saka, takes office in a few weeks. At some point the Healthy Streets may come back before the council’s Transportation Committee for review – not necessarily a yay/nay vote, but perhaps a progress report – and if that happens, it may be an additional comment opportunity – the councilmember who currently chairs that committee, Alex Pedersen, decided not to run for re-election, so he is departing in a few weeks too, and the new council will decide who runs, and who serves on, which committee – TR

  • Chuck Jacobs December 4, 2023 (8:40 am)

    I have a feeling that publishing a list of property owners in the affected area would be illuminating. 

    • WSB December 4, 2023 (8:47 am)

      You can go to King County Parcel Viewer and see that for every parcel you click on.

  • sam-c December 4, 2023 (9:08 am)

    Now my kids will have their own, “back when I was young, and you could park there….” stories.  They loved sitting in the car along Constellation Park during windy, stormy, high-tide events and watch with excited anticipation to see if the waves would crash over the car.  Now they’ll make new memories there, but probably not during blustery windstorms., lol

    • Will December 4, 2023 (7:19 pm)

      Wouldn’t your kids make better memories by, IDK, getting out of the car and actually experiencing what is actually going on?

  • BJG December 4, 2023 (10:10 am)

    I’ve lived in West Seattle since I was a baby. That’s been a very lo-o-ong time. Our Sunday drives always included Alki Point, as did our children’s. It is a legacy viewpoint and it is for the benefit of the public. Some can walk there. Some can’t. It should always be accessible to everyone no matter how they make their way there. As for parking, of course there should be street parking to sit awhile and enjoy the winter storms and summer sunsets. Leave it all alone for the sake of West Seattle.  At least it’s still free.

  • Vicki December 4, 2023 (10:47 am)

    This is a waist of money and is unfair to those with mobility issues who for decades were able to park and enjoy the beautiful Puget Sound, mountains and crashing waives.  You’re taking away from a larger group to appease few. 

  • Sharon Glockner December 4, 2023 (11:33 am)

    I’ve lived in West Seattle for most of my 75 years.  The city should focus first on fixing potholes and cracked concrete and finish sidewalks in Seattle and West Seattle!  Alki is a gift to all of us, not to just a few.  Don’t fix what isn’t broken!

    • TAP December 4, 2023 (3:23 pm)

      This seems like a proactive move by SDOT rather than a reactive. If you reduce the amount of cars on Alki Point, you reduce the amount of wear and tear and need to reactive maintenance. Seems like something that should be rolled out citywide: reduce maintenance by reducing vehicle traffic! 

  • David December 4, 2023 (11:46 am)

    I think it’s great that they are removing 61 parking places – this entire concept reeks of rich people wanting their own private road and view on public right of way. 

    • CarDriver December 4, 2023 (12:25 pm)

      David. The parking spaces being removed are PUBLIC PARKING. Open to anyone who drove there to enjoy the beach. They are NOT private parking.

      • John December 4, 2023 (3:59 pm)

        I think that’s the point he’s making is that it IS a public street and the rich people who live on that street are trying to make it a private road essentially

    • Rhonda December 4, 2023 (1:53 pm)

      David, poor people park in those 61 spaces, too. Alki is a area that’s free to all, but now there will be 61 fewer places for the working poor to park with their families.

      • Mr J December 4, 2023 (4:43 pm)

        Pretty sure David is being sarcastic. 

  • Adam December 4, 2023 (12:15 pm)

    I like parking on these private roads the city has imposed, and they aren’t stopping me by putting blocks up. My steering wheel turns, and I’ll drive around them. I’ll park in front of your house, I’ll run your neighborhoods, I’ll walk my dog up and down and (gasp!) take her down on the beach. I’ll have a fire when unpermitted. I’ll have a drink down there, maybe smoke as well (at a distance from anyone). I don’t leave at 10 or whatever crazy time has been made law. Why? Because as hard as you folks try down there, you don’t own that hood. Your property ends at your fence line, and your inability to crash everyone’s fun because you hoped differently when buying there doesn’t concern me. I’m not loud, I don’t speed, I clean up after myself, I just don’t follow insane rules imposed by NIMBYs. I’ve been doing this for a decade and a half and haven’t caused any trouble, I just go use the space, spend money at commercial establishments down there, and mind myself. Now I’ll go grab my popcorn and read comments bashing me as they come, I know I’m the worst thing to happen to WSea since pickleballers

  • revilo December 4, 2023 (12:16 pm)

    does this take in account for rising sea level?

  • wslongtimenative December 4, 2023 (12:46 pm)

    I personally am bothered by the decision of the City to not be given
    options to comment during design phase regarding disagreement with ANY
    design.  I commented on every one of the reviews that I think this is a
    terrible idea.  My family has been in West Seattle for generations and
    even live in the proposed closed area.   We all agree that this is a
    terrible waste of funds and has way too many flaws.  As stated on their website ”
    Funding for final design and permanent installation has not yet been
    identified. As we’re hearing from the community, we’re also working to
    secure this funding. “
    There is an email address  HealthyStreets@seattle.govI will be sending an email to voice my concerns again and will to Rob Saka as well. 

    • noCarBrain December 4, 2023 (5:06 pm)

      You don’t ask the frogs if you wanna drain a swamp.

  • Toni December 4, 2023 (3:38 pm)

    This is gross. I’ve lived in west Seattle for ten years and its never been a problem to drive and park in this area. The only people who have a problem with it are those who live there and don’t want people passing through their neighborhood. This is a prime example of Seattle entitlement and hypocrisy. Advocate for everyone but this area belongs to us and we don’t want you here. I would suggest you consider how Hawaii looks at this type of situation (where I was born and raised). Nobody owns the beach or waterfront. Everyone has access to the beach and waterfront even from private neighborhoods with multi million dollar homes. You can even drive through a wealthy neighborhood and park there and enjoy the area. As much as they would like to claim it for their own; this belongs to everyone. In Hawaii, Seattle,  all across our nation and the world. So if this goes through it will truly be disgusting and a prime example of how the rich get what they want. I live in this area and fully plan to regularly protest it if they go threw with it!

    • AlsoTony December 4, 2023 (5:03 pm)

      Access is not being restricted to the street or beach, you will just not be able to pull the typical American maneuver of driving your multi-ton vehicle with in inches of it. I for one look forward to less vehicle traffic on this road, and I live miles away from it. ADA spaces will be available for those with mobility issues. 

      • Toni December 4, 2023 (10:07 pm)

        Yeah sorry but I couldn’t disagree with you more. Never have I driven down this street and said wow look at all these multi ton vehicles hogging all the access. Most of the time there is ample parking and space for everyone no matter their vehicle. Keep it open and keep access for everyone that’s what sounds healthy to me. I for one really enjoy driving down there when the resident orcas are heading down the sound what beautiful experience meeting people that enjoy nature and our unique local wildlife; however, now they want to deny people that experience!? Because I’m sorry but there isn’t enough time for everyone to walk, run or ride their bike to an area where there is already barely enough parking? Sorry but it needs to stay open and accessible to privately owned vehicles. That’s what’s what’s fair to the public. 

    • noCarBrains December 4, 2023 (5:19 pm)

      Why do you conflate access to beach with parking? How do you think more developed countries make sure their beaches are accessible? Spoiler alert: Definitely not by providing parking spots for the bloated SUVs.

  • Admiral-2009 December 4, 2023 (4:23 pm)

    The street parking is heavily used especially when there is a very low tide event and events happening at Alki.  Enough with privatizing public property. 

    All SDoT needs to do is simply pretty up the the location of the street closed signs (landscaped street bulbs) and move on to other things, maybe focus on street maintenance!

  • BJG December 4, 2023 (5:00 pm)

    John, we recently met a Houston couple at lunch on Alki who were in awe of Seattle, West Seattle specifically, and they wanted to drive to the Fauntleroy Ferry. They’d seen the warning signs about going toward the lighthouse and were worried. We said, “Of course do it! It’s not illegal, just silly and a waste of a beautiful view.” We and our very appreciative tourists deserved the full access that we’ve always had. The restriction was embarrassing and impossible to explain.

  • Jules December 4, 2023 (6:04 pm)

    For those of us who live on the other side of Beach Drive,  who already struggle to find parking, who have had numerous cars totaled on that curve, SDOT didn’t listen to a word we said.  Constellation Park is a public park with public beaches and the city doesn’t want it’s residents of West Seattle to park there? And you’re calling it a safer street?     Haha. …. So what do you think is going to happen?   Overflow into the nearby neighborhoods, when it’s already a struggle for those of us who live there.  Idiots!!!    

    • Reed December 6, 2023 (6:31 am)

      Perhaps you should put in off street parking for your vehicles on your property?

  • BDR December 4, 2023 (9:00 pm)

    Oh my, another bad move by the city. I’m sorry, this is a public street. Why do they want to block this street and remove over 60 parking spaces? I don’t recall any violence along this part of Alki.  This is not the location on Alki where there is trouble. Why on earth is this any kind of priority or better yet, why is money being wasted on this project?!?! Does SDOT have an issue with people driving on the tip of Alki or parking where they can see and enjoy the view? Does some high up person at SDOT live along this road about to be closed off?  I would like to see this money redirected to stop some of the local crime. Yes, I realize it’s two different departments, however it is taxpayer money being spent. This is just a huge waste if money. Alki is a public park and a City treasure. Doing this will limit the ability of some to enjoy it.  #StopSDOT 

  • Public Involvement December 6, 2023 (9:29 am)

    Public involvement is missing again. What is our city doing? We need to email the city, not just the blog. That’s just complaining within our bubble. Meanwhile the folks making these decisions are in an office downtown. If people are causing problems there deal with the problem people. Just like if people are illegally using a park for unleashed dogs, enforce the illegal behavior. In either case, real public involvement should be happening. Email: Phone:(206) 900-8760

  • alkistu December 6, 2023 (10:56 am)

    Living on a Safe Healthy St, I have witnessed the dramatic increase in it’s use by people, walking, talking stopping to say hello to one another. We could use some more of this. My neighborhood is not a destination point for visitors from all over the city so I understand the need for more control of traffic at Alki.   The same people that will criticize this plan also complain about the crowded beach and some of the unwanted activity that goes on there. Safe streets are all about positive activity, Unfortunately positivity is not a part of this society. 

  • Joe Paschke December 11, 2023 (4:04 pm)

    Removing 60 parking spots is villainous where are the people that use those spots going to park? The city is at war with privately owned cars. 

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