2:35 AM: Police are back at the 35th/Roxbury east-side strip mall right now, after a reported crash-and-grab attempt a short time ago at Global Smoke & Vape, burglarized via vehicle five times in the last four weeks, including the last two days in a row. This time, though, it didn’t work, according to what police have reported so far. But the attempt apparently also did some damage to A Pizza Mart next door, officers told dispatch. In this attempt, so far the burglars’ vehicles were described as silver (possibly Hyundai) and black sedans; the silver car has rear-end damage and one broken light on each end.

10:13 AM: Bollards are now in place outside the shop. Our photographer just went by:

A crew is there working on the steel gate, too.

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  • Robert M September 21, 2023 (5:23 am)

    Fantastic police work there Lou

  • Eddie September 21, 2023 (6:39 am)

    KIRO Radio keeps incorrectly referring to this business as a “PotShop”.

  • sagek September 21, 2023 (6:48 am)

    This is insane. I don’t know how this business is able to keep going and why they are being targeted over all the smoke and vape shops.

    I really wish there was some way to put up a barrier to stop cars from smashing into the store. It would at least deter the thieves more.

    Not sure how this business is going to be able to stay afloat.

    If only we had enough police resources for a stakeout and bait cars.

    • Marina September 21, 2023 (9:24 am)

      I think they actually put up barriers and that’s why the thieves weren’t able to get in. At least that’s what some news sources are reporting.

      • WSB September 21, 2023 (9:33 am)

        Our photographer is going back over this morning.

  • California September 21, 2023 (6:57 am)

    This what happens when there’s no repercussions. Won’t be surprised if it happens tomorrow. Poor business owner :(

  • CarDriver September 21, 2023 (6:58 am)

    Any word on if these are the same crooks coming back?

  • Good neighbor September 21, 2023 (7:12 am)

    Thousands of dollars worth in damage > couple $20 vapes. Mind boggling!

  • HP family September 21, 2023 (7:53 am)

    Left behind this morning from the silver Hyundai.  Items were all birth to 3 mon in a bag now. Woman’s clothing is still on the street can be found on 10ave sw between trenton and Cloverdale 

  • Andrew September 21, 2023 (8:21 am)

    Maybe time to install some polls in front of the door so thieves can’t smash through with their stolen car/truck.

  • Mike September 21, 2023 (8:22 am)

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I could swear WS had a police force?It’s absolutely absurd that this is allowed to happen to the same location so often.Heck even the tenants could do something besides lockup and go home every night.   How about hiring a security guard?  Or parking cars out front as a way of barricading the doors?  At  least that way,  if they get damaged its covered by insurance. 

    • Anne September 21, 2023 (9:32 am)

      Do you really think there are enough LEO that can spare even one car to  just sit there for what- 2 hours-6 hours -10 hours??? I do agree that maybe the tenants could go in together &  hire a security guard-at least for awhile. (I would hope that there are already good security cameras in every shop there.) Haven’t heard anything about who owns that property & if they’re willing to help their tenants-but a better deterrent would be to ask the property owner to install bollards out front of the businesses. 

  • MrBell September 21, 2023 (8:56 am)

    How many break-in’s does it take for Police to take notice? Asking for a friend. 

  • sbre September 21, 2023 (9:05 am)

    I would imagine that by now bollards are being considered but it’ll take time to coordinate that work.In the mean time maybe the owners could consider parking a vehicle or two directly in front of the store to prevent another repeat performance.Additionally disconnect the power source to  the vars so they aren’t easily stolen. 

  • Alki resident September 21, 2023 (9:07 am)

    All it takes is for the owners or employees to park cars out front to avoid a smash and grab or rent a security car. Seems we are all doing the suggesting and they just continue to do daily clean ups. 

    • E in Dub-C September 21, 2023 (11:05 am)

      Why would employees put their personal vehicle at risk and outside of working hours no less 🤨

  • Vapeneighbor September 21, 2023 (9:08 am)

    They DID put up poles yesterday and it probably helped. It’s really too bad about the Pizza Mart too-I wondered how long that would take. A wall can only take so much :-(

  • CeeBee September 21, 2023 (9:16 am)

    This is starting to feel like a “dare” social media trend for gangs, or initiation rite.   Has there been any discussion from SPD if this is gang activity or just random groups of people?  Also heard on TV last night someone suggest that police just park a car there and wait for the idiots to come back.  Spot on advice in hindsight.

  • DRW September 21, 2023 (9:17 am)

    Park a van in front of the store at night.

    • waikikigirl September 21, 2023 (11:09 am)

      Then the van would probably just get stolen…

      • P September 21, 2023 (8:16 pm)


  • Brandon September 21, 2023 (9:17 am)

    Seems the police could make an easy arrest if they stake out an undercover Seattle PD car nearby tonight or several nights this week and probably get an arrest not only for burglary but for possession of multiple stolen vehicles as well. I’m sure these same criminals are responsible for other felony crimes throughout West Seattle as well so it would be nice if arrests can be made asap by Seattle PD & lock these individuals up long term! 

    • smallbizowner September 21, 2023 (2:54 pm)

      As this is happening all over, and SPD has limited resources, I don’t think they can try to save one business over the rest of the businesses. And as for locking people up for a long time, the city doesn’t seem interested in punishing criminals. It’s up to us small business owners to fend for ourselves. Waiting for the city to care is pointless. In my experience, I only hear from the city when I am late on filling my business taxes. My latest business break in took hours for  SPD to show up. I am not blaming them, but I am not relying on them either. If you want to do business in Seattle, you need to be prepared to take care of yourself.

  • WSB September 21, 2023 (10:15 am)

    Bollards installed. See above.

  • anonyme September 21, 2023 (10:37 am)

    I’m sorry that A Pizza Mart got dragged into the Smoke & Vape drama.  One is a family business run by nice folks; the other doesn’t sell pizza.

    • Alki resident September 21, 2023 (11:44 am)

      Not sure why you said it this way but they’re both small businesses trying to support themselves. The pizza place has had their share of bad luck too. 

    • Ferns September 21, 2023 (12:16 pm)

      Pizza customers are allowed to pay with credit and legal marijuana customers must pay with cash. It’s more of a “thank those upholding moralistic, outdated views about marijuana” situation that makes the store fronts a target since they are not allowed to use the federal banking system for “drugs!!!!”. 

      • WSB September 21, 2023 (1:22 pm)

        To clarify, this is NOT a marijuana store, and cash is not required unless that’s a choice made by its owner.

        • Rick September 21, 2023 (2:07 pm)

          Well, you know the old saying about telling a lie enough times it eventually becomes a truth. Seems to be fairly prevelant these days, especially for those needing to push their agendas. That in itself is sad.

  • IHeartBPP September 21, 2023 (11:28 am)

    WSB, has there been any comment from the SW precinct on the recent spate of vehicular smash-and-grab thefts in our area?   

    • WSB September 21, 2023 (11:39 am)

      They’re happening all over the city (and outside Seattle too). A SW Precinct rep is expected at tonight’s Alki Community Council meeting and that’s always an opportunity for community questions – TR

  • Bdr September 21, 2023 (2:11 pm)

    Maybe it’s time for a few people to do a stake-out and as soon as a car drives in and people get out of a car, call the police and film what’s happening at this little strip mall. Anyone have a camera that can film well enough in the dark that people in the video could be identified? So sorry for this business owner. Seems to be very targeted. And the amount of product being stolen hardly seems worth the effort compared to other small stores. 

    • Brian September 21, 2023 (3:52 pm)

      This is 100% going to get you assaulted or worse but go right ahead. 

    • AMA September 21, 2023 (6:32 pm)

      I live across the street, as soon as we hear glass we know what’s happening and my husband calls the police. We have given the police pictures, they seem almost put out that we are trying to help. I gave picture to smoke shop yesterday, I feel sorry for the business, not sure how much more they can take. This is the 7th time it happened in I believe about a year and a half. 

  • LookMa,Bollards September 21, 2023 (11:03 pm)

    Honestly just happy to see the posters saying that bollards couldn’t be installed turned out to be wrong :)

  • RayWest September 22, 2023 (6:21 am)

    Unfortunately, the “new normal” will be bollards in front of most stores and also roll-down security gates over the entrances. Every shopping center should install some type of barrier between parking areas and storefronts.

  • Cranky September 23, 2023 (3:10 pm)

    I think the ecoblocks are cheaper and sturdier but this is good to see… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DsbVGox4jos

  • Balderdash September 23, 2023 (4:14 pm)

    interesting.Just went by there.  Looks like no one bothered to test the bollards with KIA POWER. Paint hasn’t even been touched.  Will they try again or just say ‘nah’

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