TRAFFIC, TRANSIT, WEATHER: Last day of July, including port-truck backup update

10:10 AM: Norskgirl posted in a comment on another story a short time ago: “I’m stuck in stop and go traffic on southbound exit from I-5 to West Seattle freeway. Extremely slow, lots of waiting. Long line of cargo trucks virtually blocking lane waiting to exit to docks. Cars unable to merge due to blockade caused by volume of trucks. Recommend avoiding SB I-5 to West Seattle.”

10:14 AM: We’re seeing this on the westbound low bridge, too – here’s a framegrab from SDOT’s camera:

We should note that part of the ongoing “modernization” work at Terminal 5 includes a plan to double “on-terminal” truck-queuing space from 100 trucks to 200 trucks.

11:24 AM: We asked Northwest Seaport Alliance spokesperson Melanie Stambaugh if there was a particular problem to blame. Her reply: “Our operations team spoke with the terminal and there was a technical issue on terminal this morning. The issue has been resolved and trucks should begin moving again.”


6:02 AM: Good morning. It’s Monday, July 31st.


Sunny, high in mid-70s. Today’s sunrise was at 5:45 am; sunset will be at 8:45 pm.


The “quiet zone” project along West Marginal could start today – here’s the announcement from last week.


Metro – regular schedule – check here for advisories.

Water Taxi – regular schedule.

Washington State Ferries – 2-boat service. Check Vessel Watch to see where the boats are.


Delridge cameras: Besides the one below (Delridge/Henderson), cameras are also up at Delridge/Genesee, Delridge/Juneau, Delridge/Orchard, and Delridge/Oregon.

High Bridge – the main camera:

High Bridge – the view from its southwest end (when SDOT points the 35th/Avalon/Fauntleroy camera that way):

Low Bridge – east-end vicinity:

1st Ave. S. Bridge – alternate route across the river:

Highway 99: – northbound side at Lander.

MORE TRAFFIC CAMS: See all working traffic cams citywide here, most with video options; West Seattle and vicinity-relevant cameras are on this WSB page.

BRIDGE INFO: The @SDOTBridges Twitter feed shows whether the city’s movable bridges are opening for vessel traffic.

If you see trouble on the bridges/streets/paths/bay, please text or call us (when you can do it safely, and after you’ve reported to authorities). Thank you!

5 Replies to "TRAFFIC, TRANSIT, WEATHER: Last day of July, including port-truck backup update"

  • Marty2 July 31, 2023 (10:29 am)

    I noticed the same issue Norskgirl mentioned last week, the trucks were backed up on the viaduct all the way to 4th Avenue.  The trucks were exiting to Harbor Island, so the SR99 southbound exit to the West Seattle Bridge was not affected.  Hopefully the Port can come up with a better solution for trucks accessing their terminals than using the viaduct as their queuing area.

  • KT July 31, 2023 (11:43 am)

    I left WS at 8:30am.  The trucks were back up to I-5 N/B exit and back east of 4th Ave.  This is not the first time in the last two weeks I have found this to be so.  I came home at 11:00am.  I-5 S/B was backed up half a mile from there WS exit.  I got off on 6th and tried lower Spokane St and that was a parking lot too.  Finally got down 4th to 1st Ave bridge and came home that way.  There is no way the port should be allowed to basically prevent people from getting to West Seattle,  I’m sick of the argument “the port is so important to the Seattle economy”.   These issues are not new.  The port is always saying they are looking at it, studying it, or offering some lame excuse but never finding permanent solutions.  What exactly do they do to mitigate the negative effects of their business model?  Nothing that I know.  What does the City of Seattle do to ensure roads are open?  Nothing that I know.        

  • Lola July 31, 2023 (12:38 pm)

    Move the whole operation down to Tacoma.  They can handle it better.  

  • CL July 31, 2023 (12:42 pm)

    Can the city mark out a  “do not block” area on the bridge? I work on 1st Ave and multiple times I have tried to get on the west bound bridge at the 1st Ave on ramp. Trucks are blocking the lane from cars being able to merge over. When I ride my Vespa I’m able to squeeze through, but not in my car. The trucks should be considerate and treat is an intersection. Leaving space for cars to get over isn’t going to prevent them from not getting to the port any faster!

  • MB July 31, 2023 (4:14 pm)

    This is definitely not the first time it’s happened. I saw the exact same backup at least twice last week. 

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