CRIME WATCH: Car-wash assault; auto-theft attempt

Two reader reports in Crime Watch this afternoon.

CAR-WASH ASSAULT: This happened in White Center but the victim’s mom wanted to get the word out widely:

I just wanted to make readers aware that there is risk of assault at the Car Palace car wash [10450 16th SW]. Two weeks ago, my 19-year old daughter was getting coins from the bill changer at the car wash. It was about 10 am.

She was groped from behind by a man who was about 5’5″ with dark hair. He was filming himself groping her with his camera. When she yelled, he took off running. She was so upset that she unwisely leapt into her car to follow him.

She followed him in her car to a nearby street where he hid under a bush. She then called her dad, who called the police. They saw the man enter a house nearby. They waited for 3 hours for the police, or in this case the sheriff, but no one came. There is currently just one car assigned to White Center.

Last night, the sheriff’s deputy came to interview my daughter. They cannot interview the suspect until the single deputy gets a partner for safety reasons.

At the very least, we’d like to warn other women that Car Palace may not be safe when you are alone, even in broad daylight on a busy street.

(Update: Incident # C23017252.) We’re checking on the KCSO staffing situation, as they recently assigned a new “storefront deputy,” according to briefings at the North Highline Unincorporated Area Council, which we cover monthly for partner site White Center Now.

CAR-THEFT ATTEMPT: The photo and report are also via email:

On May 21, my car was vandalized in an attempted auto theft on 56th and Alki (and is not functional as the result of an attempted theft and damaged ignition). Attached is a picture. The car was parked outside my residence, and I feel showing this information on West Seattle Blog is instructive for others. A police report was filed.

We’ll add the report number when we get it. (UPDATE: It’s 23-139708.)

18 Replies to "CRIME WATCH: Car-wash assault; auto-theft attempt"

  • Lola May 25, 2023 (3:07 pm)

    Wow and the Sheriff’s office is right there in White Center.  Too many of these weirdo’s now filming themselves for Tik Tok video’s doing off the wall stuff.  It is sad when you can’ t even utilize the businesses as they are intened to be used.  Stay safe out there. 

  • Ryan May 25, 2023 (3:51 pm)

    Thanks for the update. TikTok culture is relentless and ugly.Might not be good to publicize that there is only one acting police car in WC. 

  • Fed Up May 25, 2023 (3:55 pm)

    Good for your daughter to not let this go! keep fighting for our safety.

  • R2 May 25, 2023 (4:42 pm)

    So… A woman is assaulted, but because there is only one “storefront deputy” in her area (which seems like another way of saying “window dressing deputy”), they can’t send them to interview the suspect because… they might be assaulted? And they can’t borrow another officer from anywhere else? Perhaps someone can explain to me how this isn’t just another example of just how low on the list of priorities assaults against women are considered. 

  • Mr J May 25, 2023 (6:11 pm)

    I don’t know why commenters are blaming Tik Tok. I didn’t see it mentioned in the story. People film themselves doing things for lots of reasons Tik Tok is just one. There’s a lot of propaganda going on with Tik Tok, I recommend trying it out before deciding it’s the culprit. 

    • Wut? May 25, 2023 (8:56 pm)

      Tik tok is trash. Whether or not this creep was using it or something else, TT sucks

    • Mike May 26, 2023 (5:31 am)

      It’s not propaganda.  SMH
      I recommend NOT trying it, in fact uninstall the app and don’t visit their website either.

    • Pdavis May 26, 2023 (10:08 am)

      That person wasn’t blaming TikTok.  They simply stated it advertises the lack of police coverage in White Center, which could put residents at risk for more crime due to lack of officers  I agree that it should not be posted on social media, including TikTok
      Also, it might be it’s not SPD but is King County police depending on the exact location in White Center

    • Wseattleite May 27, 2023 (12:56 am)

      TikToc is a medium used by a huge part of the world for many reasons. To say it is trash is said in ignorance or ill informed bias. People can be such lemmings. Sign of the times I guess. 

  • Neighbor May 25, 2023 (7:51 pm)

    I’m so sorry this happened to your daughter. How scary. Good for her for getting herself to a safe space and reaching out for help.

  • flimflam May 25, 2023 (8:15 pm)

    Pathetic and dangerous that there was no assistance for this woman. 

  • Scubafrog May 25, 2023 (11:30 pm)

    This is awful, and I’m disappointed that there’s not enough law enforcement for the victim’s justice.  

  • LFWSeattle May 26, 2023 (12:41 am)

    I am the person whose car is shown above. I wasn’t sure where to post my request, which follows: my car had been repeatedly vandalized on the street in front of my house rental on 56th and Alki near Lander. My rental has a garage, but the landlord wishes it to be kept free for his rare visits. I am interested in paying for a carport,  an alley spot, or a garage within 3 to 4 blocks of where I live. If anyone has this opportunity please contact me at: Thanks

  • Another One May 26, 2023 (8:15 am)

    I’m so sorry for the young woman. When I was that age I was often groped in public, once in a similar situation when getting money at an ATM. This was long before TikTok or phones with cameras. It makes me sick that it keeps happening. 

  • Belvidear May 26, 2023 (8:49 am)

    What a traumatic experience for this young woman. My heart goes out to you. 

  • anonyme May 26, 2023 (6:20 pm)

    What would have been really great to see on this puny pervert’s live stream would have been him getting pepper sprayed in the face and then kicked hard in the groin. HAHAHAHAHA!

  • Seattlite May 26, 2023 (9:02 pm)

    The young woman was physically and emotionally abused with unwanted touching and filming.  A guy who would be so bold to do what he did in broad daylight will probably escalate unless he is caught by law enforcement.

  • Terremoto May 30, 2023 (4:13 pm)

    Thank you for alerting ppl, esp women, to this danger at the Car Wash. Groping can be a rehearsal before a perpetrator commits greater sexual assaults. It is serious.     Very sorry your daughter’s sense of safety and confidence in just going about living her life has been shaken by this assault.  Makes me very angry as I know the feelings are long lasting.  Take care.

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