CRIME WATCH: ‘Suitcase bodies’ killer sentenced; Target standoff sentencing delayed; peeper alert

Three more Crime Watch notes:

‘SUITCASE BODIES’ KILLER SENTENCED: As previewed here earlier this week, Michael L. Dudley faced a judge one more time today – to be sentenced for killing Jessica Lewis and Austin Wenner and putting their bodies into suitcases found in Elliott Bay and the Duwamish River. The judge went with the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office recommendation we reported – 560 months (just short of 47 years). Documents from the sentencing say family and friends of the victims and the killer were all in court for this morning’s hearing.

TARGET STANDOFF SENTENCING POSTPONED: Also scheduled for sentencing today was Timothy Clemans, arrested in January 2022 after trying to take hostages in the Westwood Village Target. He went to trial last month, choosing to represent himself, and a jury found him guilty of attempted kidnapping. Today’s hearing was postponed, however, and rescheduled for May 5th. According to documents on file, prosecutors are recommending a sentence of just under five years. Another document in the file is a statement from a Target employee listed as a victim in this case, saying that she believes “putting … someone mentally ill in prison for 12+ months is absolutely pointless because you wouldn’t be fixing his problems, you’d just be punishing a sick man.” Clemans was found mentally competent to stand trial, prosecutors note, and say that alternatives to incarceration were tried in previous cases involving him, but that he “reject(ed) the state’s attempts … to divert him from the criminal-justice system and link him with community resources.”

One reader report:

PEEPER ALERT: Via email: “Two different residents in a building at the corner of SW Lander St and 59th Ave SW have both spotted a person holding their phone up to their windows and recording through the windows and lingering around their apartments. A police report has been submitted.”

3 Replies to "CRIME WATCH: 'Suitcase bodies' killer sentenced; Target standoff sentencing delayed; peeper alert"

  • MeMyself&I April 8, 2023 (5:16 pm)

    WSB, since this is his second time attempting to take hostages at the Westwood Target, do you know what kind of time he has served for the first time? (if any). Also would they sentence him harsher since this is his second such offense? (that I’m aware of).

    • WSB April 8, 2023 (5:53 pm)

      I’ll look into the records later – can’t do it right now – the court document access system is a little clunkier than it used to be.

    • CAM April 8, 2023 (6:07 pm)

      Felony sentencing is based on ranges for a specific conviction. Where the sentence falls in the range is determined by how many points a person has. Points are based on previous convictions, number, seriousness, and other special factors. On top of that, additional time can be added for aggravating factors like having a firearm or deadly weapon. 

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