West Seattle Meaningful Movies digs into ‘Saving Native Plants to Save Ourselves’

This Thursday night, West Seattle Meaningful Movies (and a few of its counterparts elsewhere in the city) are taking on the topic Saving Native Plants to Save Ourselves.”

We are showing a couple of short videos on Zoom and hosting a discussion about how and why to ditch your grass and plant native plants.

Join us for a conversation about the movies INSECT APOCALYPSE and WHY LAWNS MUST DIE. You can choose to watch these two short videos on your own, in advance of our event, or you can watch them with us as a group at on March 16th. Join us on Zoom at 6 PM for a quick introduction and then we will watch the short videos together. Afterwards, at approximately 6:30, we will have community conversation about the films. We will be joined by climate activist and native plant hero Andrea O’Ferrall and native plant experts Marcia Smith, Chris Fuentes, and Bibi Powell. They will share tips on how to get rid of your grass, and suggestions for native, waterwise plant options. Afterwards, we will all have a discussion about what we can do to support a healthy environment in our neighborhoods and backyards.

2 Replies to "West Seattle Meaningful Movies digs into 'Saving Native Plants to Save Ourselves'"

  • Andrea O'Ferrall March 15, 2023 (10:20 am)

    Thanks for posting this.  I would like to add that I have native plants such as Red Osier Dogwood and Service berry (and more) to give to West Seattle Residents!

  • Barb March 15, 2023 (11:34 am)

    Thank you for this and looking forward to the review!

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