UPDATE: Dock collision on Harbor Island

4:06 PM: SFD and the Coast Guard are responding to what’s reported as a boat colliding with a dock in the 1300 block of Spokane St. Updates to come.

4:09 PM: Texter (who sent the photo above) describes this as ‘runaway crane barge’ hitting a marina.

4:22 PM: No injuries reported. SFD has closed out its response.

4:45 PM: We just went over for a look. From Jim Clark Marina, that Coast Guard vessel in our photo is the only sign of anything out of the ordinary.

6:43 PM: An update from USCG: “A tug pushing a barge with a crane caused damage to approximately 3 houseboats.”

12 Replies to "UPDATE: Dock collision on Harbor Island"

  • Sus B March 23, 2023 (4:12 pm)

    That explains the helicopter hovering over Pigeon Point

  • Amy Thomson March 23, 2023 (4:22 pm)

    Is that what the helicopter hovering over W. Marginal is all about?

    • WSB March 23, 2023 (4:36 pm)

      The shared TV chopper was over here for a bit. We are here on the ground, at Jim Clark Marina, not much to see since SFD left, but there’s a Coast Guard boat on scene.

  • Eddie March 23, 2023 (5:40 pm)

    Excitement! Runaway crane barge coulda made a mess out of any bridge unfortunate enough to be on its way.

  • CPO Snarky March 23, 2023 (6:49 pm)

    Wow! It seems Jim Clark marina just can’t catch a break! 3 serious fires (multiple boats lost in each one) in 10 years, and now this. I wonder if they can even get insurance anymore.

  • Mc March 23, 2023 (8:57 pm)

    Any idea what vessel or tugs this was?

    • WSB March 23, 2023 (9:22 pm)

      Everything we know is above. I’m going to root around for followup info tomorrow.

  • Sue March 24, 2023 (6:15 am)

    Tug was ISLAND BREEZE and the barge was DB BREMERTON.

  • jim March 24, 2023 (9:20 am)

    Was that damage to 3 boathouses (to store boats in) or houseboats (were people live)?

    • WSB March 24, 2023 (9:27 am)

      That is a direct quote from the Coast Guard.
      The damaged side was not visible from the marina.

    • IHeartBPP March 24, 2023 (2:00 pm)

      The damage was to three boat houses, where personal vessels are stored. There are no live-aboards at Jim Clark. 

    • Julie B March 25, 2023 (9:10 am)

      These are boat houses to store boats. Live aboards are not allowed at Jim Clark Marina. Or it could have been much worse.  

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