TERMINAL 5: Next quarterly update on half-billion-dollar modernization project Tuesday

(Photo from Northwest Seaport Alliance presentation for Tuesday’s meeting)

Every quarter, the port commissioners of Seattle and Tacoma – convening as managing members of the Northwest Seaport Alliance – get a briefing on “modernization” work at West Seattle’s Terminal 5. Agenda documents are now published for the next one, scheduled for their meeting this Tuesday (February 7th). From those documents – memo here, slide deck here – we learn that the South Berth, previously expected to be complete by now, won’t be finished until fall, when its cranes are now scheduled for an October arrival. At the North Berth, now one year into cargo operations, the first shore-power usage is supposed to happen any time now. The total T-5 project budget is now authorized for $454 million, more than $110 million beyond the $340 million cost estimate given four years ago. Tuesday’s meeting, happening at the airport but also available for online viewing, is scheduled to start at 9:30 am with a closed-door executive session; the public session will start around 11:30 am.

4 Replies to "TERMINAL 5: Next quarterly update on half-billion-dollar modernization project Tuesday"

  • Jaye February 4, 2023 (7:47 pm)

    More than $100 million over estimate??!! Assuming they factored in inflation (did they?), that still a hell of a big leap.$340 million verus $454 million! Or am I missing something here?  I’m not all against this project, but gawd!!And now that the South Berth is significantly behind schedule, did they factor in variables? Sure, they didn’t know about Covid – is that their reason/excuse?

  • Pdavis February 5, 2023 (10:18 am)

    We fought very hard to have Terminal five not be the number one selected ‘go to ‘ Terminal in Washington. We also asked for shore power because there is a massive amount of diesel which is harmful to health produced by Port activities from ship smoke stacks, diesel trucks and diesel equipment. The water depth is the same at terminal five as it is on the east side of Elliott Bay.  Also, the east side of Elliott Bay has massive rail that it’s already in place and it’s a great asset to the movement of containers that is not true of terminal five.. the environmental impact statement predicted gridlock on W. Marginal Way as well as one truck per minute 24 seven at terminal five.  That is massive air, pollution, and traffic congestion when I could’ve went on the east side of Elliott Bay.  Much better rail and street surface options and in an industry is zoning that does not impact massive residence like it does here in West Seattle.  Terminal five should’ve never been placed where it is .  It would have function better on the east side of Elliot Bay. Much better rail, more streets and less residential zoning getting toxified.  We worked hard to try to protect our air quality, but to practically no avail.  It was noteworthy how many West Seattle residence let a very small minority fight the port of Seattle alone, and read complex environmental impact statements, while they just sat still, and let this far reaching air pollution project take place when it could’ve been right on the other side of Elliot Bay.  It’s also an example of politics.  They wanna keep the east side of the waterway for the tourists, while they pollute the air of the people that pay for the port of SeattleShips trucks or heavy equipment? The environmental impact statement expects one truck per minute 24 seven and that’s right below massive residential property full of babies kids and elderly. The truth is the depth of the water is the same depth as downtown/ the east side of Elliott Bay. there is much more rail available on the east side of Elliot Bay, as well as multiple historical terminals. As we know Harbor Island has some as well. Our community got flat out screwed by putting terminal five right next to you are residential and highly populated area. This has huge impact daily and for years to come. We got dumped on partly because West Seattle residence always thinks somebody else is going to take care of the tough issues and they could just sit on the sidelines. Terminal five should’ve never been located here!  

  • jw February 5, 2023 (6:49 pm)

    Surprise over budget?  STOP the project until the money is available. If I was building a house and it was over budget, what would happen?  Construction would stop! But good old Seattle will just rise  our taxes to cover their failed estimate!  Another NO accountability!

  • brandon February 6, 2023 (12:30 pm)

    The last two Monday mornings crossing WS Bridge has been crazy backed up west bound with container trucks, backed up all the way to the Michigan ramp on I-5,  Can it only get worse when the Megaships start docking?  What is the traffic plan for that?

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