BIZNOTE: Just Poké says West Seattle space is finally under construction

Ten months ago, that banner on the window at 4735 42nd SW gave West Seattle poké fans hope that Just Poké was finally close to opening here. Then the banner disappeared during the recent round of snow/ice, and we’ve been getting questions about it ever since. The permit file indicates recent activity, though, and that’s confirmed today by Just Poké proprietor Norman Wu, who tells WSB, “The space is currently under construction, slated to be done at the end of February. It took us almost 10 months to just get our permit to build, which is why the project has been so delayed.” (The space was home to art gallery/framing shop Wallflower until summer 2019.) The regional chain originally indicated West Seattle plans five years ago.

8 Replies to "BIZNOTE: Just Poké says West Seattle space is finally under construction"

  • Lina January 17, 2023 (5:59 pm)

    IM SO PSYCHED!!! Poke and Share Tea across the street is an afternoon in heaven for me and my tween son.

  • West Seattle Mad Sci Guy January 17, 2023 (8:55 pm)

    Do they have to pay rent while waiting for the permit?

    • my two cents January 18, 2023 (3:47 am)

      In most cases, yes as this was not a built from the ground-up food establishment/facility.  Examples include fire suppression/kitchen requirements and venting.

    • aa January 18, 2023 (5:48 am)

      Rent is based on the lease agreement.  Not when the business is up and running.  Just like renting a home, you start paying rent based on your lease, regardless of when you move in.

  • Belvidere Mike January 18, 2023 (7:55 am)

    Best news ever! Can’t wait.

  • waikikigirl January 18, 2023 (7:59 am)

    I’m hoping they have a tasty Poke’ haven’t had a yummy Poke’  since our last vacation to Waikiki in 2019!

  • Fishmonger January 18, 2023 (11:33 am)

    No Poke’ for three years?  
    Poor girl!
    This is Seattle with bountiful fresh seafood and dozens of Poke’ places that have opened in the last decade.  
    From fish markets, Whole Foods to COSTCO, Poke’ is widely available in this region.
    Last month I enjoyed some excellent Poke’ in  International District at goPoke’ where you can take it out to picnic in the wonderful Hing Hay Park right across South King Street.  
    Well worth the trip off the peninsula and support of the struggling I.D. .
    Looking forward to more availability in West Seattle, though.

  • DemandCurve January 18, 2023 (2:16 pm)

    There is a West Seattle gentlemen who is a permit expeditor – for a few thousand dollars he’ll get you a permit in 3-4 months including plan review and will manage submission & issuance of MEP permits that are not OTC.  Paroline & Associates, very reputable and well known in the building community.  As far as rent goes that gets negotiated during leasing.  You would do well to use a commercial real estate agent for the negotiations unless you have a lot of experience in this type of leasing.  Many expensive details can easily be overlooked and the landlord is using professional agents from in-house or under contract.

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