In addition to the incidents we’ve already covered, here are three more from the past few days, the first from a reader tip, the other two from SPD summaries:

BUSINESS BURGLARY: Thanks to Brenda for the tip on this:

The Verizon store in Admiral confirmed to us today that they were broken into via car crash early Sunday. Store staff told us the driver/burglar left behind damage including the now-boarded up window/door on the east side of the store, but said it did not appear anything was taken. Cameras did catch a license plate number, which has been provided to police.

SHOPLIFT-TURNED-ROBBERY: This happened around 12:30 am Friday but wasn’t reported to police until nine hours later, according to the summary. It happened at the South Delridge 7-11; the summary says two people came in and grabbed beer, chips, and other beverages, then left without paying. The clerk followed them, took a photo, and walked up to their vehicle. One of the people brandished a gun, and then the two left.

GUNFIRE: Also in South Delridge, several 911 callers reported suspected gunfire around 6:17 am Sunday; calls were received by both SPD and the King County Sheriff’s Office, so both officers and deputies showed up to investigate. The summary says they found “evidence of a shooting” – which usually means casings – in the street at 20th/Roxbury. No gunshot victims turned up anywhere. The summary notes that a vehicle was believed to be involved, “possibly a black sedan.”

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  • Rhonda October 11, 2022 (12:13 am)

    We heard that 06:17 shooting here near Arbor Heights Elementary and it sounded like multiple, overlapping shots from different firearms. It sounded closer than 20th and Roxbury. It was about 2 seconds of what resembled a very short fireworks show grand finale. I chalked it up to early-morning  drunks setting off a string of leftover fireworks.

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