ELECTION 2022: First debate Thursday for 34th District State House Position 1 Democratic candidates

Now that the withdrawal deadline has passed, the fields are set for the August primary (same as what we reported Friday, except for one State Senate withdrawal – see the official lists here). The marquee local race in our area this time around will be for 34th District State House Position 1, from which Rep. Eileen Cody is retiring after more than a quarter-century. The first debate/forum in the race is Thursday night (May 26th), 6:30 pm online, with the 34th District Democrats and West Seattle Democratic Women hosting the two Democrats who are running, Emily Alvarado (left) and Leah Griffin (right). 34th DDs chair Carla Rogers says All are welcome to attend; register here to get the link. In addition to being a public forum, this also is a prelude to the 34th DDs’ endorsement meeting, which Rogers says is set for June 8th.

3 Replies to "ELECTION 2022: First debate Thursday for 34th District State House Position 1 Democratic candidates"

  • independent May 24, 2022 (7:02 pm)

    I feel like the pressures between our divided two main political parties is building to a breakdown and creation of some new parties. Wouldn’t be surprised if a humanistic oriented party emerges. Then there is the Trump party already, and I wonder what other groups will arise.

    • Pessoa May 25, 2022 (7:38 am)

      There is only one political party, in reality, and it’s sole purpose is protecting the intergenerational transfer of wealth (trillions) with a few crumbs and fancy words thrown to the less fortunate to salve the conscience.    Let’s all be honest with ourselves, 

  • Jamie Jamison May 31, 2022 (10:32 am)

    I watched the “debate”.  The choice between Emily Alvarado and Leah Griffin is the choice between which useless hack will replace useless hack Eileen Cody. Both of them lament the regressiveness of the Washington state tax system and want to impose a progressive income tax. Neither one of them seems to be aware that our tax system is regressive because Democrats keep punching holes in it to grant tax exemptions to major corporations, such as Jay Inslee’s $8.7 billion giveaway to Boeing in 2013. Both candidates lament the fact that the price of education at our state universities has gone up a 1,000 percent in recent years. In reality, once you adjust for inflation, this is only about 350 percent, but hey, 1,000 percent is a better talking point. Neither candidate mentions that this increase has taken place under almost 40 years of Democratic control of the governor’s office.Both candidates have all sorts of great ideas for decarbonizing housing and for forcing people out of cars and on to mass transit to combat global warming, however neither candidate will do anything about the Democratically controlled Disneyland for corporate polluters that is the Port of Seattle. So basically the middle class is going to slammed with all sorts of new controls and regulations to combat global warming while corporate polluters like Alaska Airlines will be allowed to skate. In short: same s**t, different Democrats.

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