READER REPORT: Tree falls on Lincoln Park path

Just in case you saw this too, it’s been reported, Catherine tells us:

My friends and I were walking on the beach in Lincoln Park this afternoon and came upon a large Madrone tree that had just fallen across the path along the south beach side of the park near the shelters. There are pieces of broken wood everywhere and some still hanging perilously in the branches of other surrounding trees so people should be very careful to walk around the site of the fallen tree. I called the incident to the Seattle Parks & Rec. emergency line and also sent them a photo via the Find It Fix It app. Hopefully they will be out there cleaning up the area soon.

It’s been a few hours, so that might already have happened – but if not, know that it’s been reported. (If you see a problem like this at a city park, 206-684-7250 is the maintenance line.)

2 Replies to "READER REPORT: Tree falls on Lincoln Park path"

  • Daily Lincoln Park Walker March 29, 2022 (8:21 pm)

    Thanks to Catherine for the report!  As of late Tuesday afternoon there was still plenty of debris across the road/walking path close to the picnic shelters midway between the south parking lot end of the beach and Colman Pool, but it seems safe to walk past.  Someone has used a chain saw on a large part of at least one limb.  Looking up the hill beyond the debris, several trees look dead or dying and at risk of falling over the road, so those trees may need to come out for pedestrian safety.

  • Lola March 30, 2022 (7:47 am)

    Does anybody come thru these parks to make sure that there is no threat of trees falling on someone?  It amazes me how many fall and nobody has been hurt. 

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