ELECTION 2021: First results for Seattle mayor, city attorney, council

checkbox.jpg8:11 PM: The election-night results count is in. Here are the four city races:

Bruce Harrell – 84,975 – 64.6%
Lorena González – 46,046 – 35%

Ann Davison – 74,549 – 58.2%
Nicole Thomas-Kennedy – 52,419 – 40.9%

Teresa Mosqueda – 65,687 – 52.4%
Ken Wilson – 59,045 – 47.1%

Sara Nelson – 77,581 – 60.3%
Nikkita Oliver – 50,762 – 39.4%

That’s it for vote counts until tomorrow afternoon, but we’ll update with reaction as the evening goes on. This count represents ballots from 27 percent of the city’s voters; as of 6 pm tonight, 39 percent of voters’ ballots had been received.

8:48 PM: Citywide Position 8 Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, a North Delridge resident, is first to declare victory. “We knew this was going to be a close election given the frustration many people feel right now coming out of the pandemic, in an economy that isn’t working for all people, and a homelessness crisis that impacts too many,” she said in an emailed statement … City Attorney candidate Nicole Thomas-Kennedy says in an emailed statement that she’s not ready to concede: “The primary prepared us to have to wait several days for complete results of this election, but I’m as hopeful tonight as I was then.” … Updating the results above to show exact percentages and vote totals.

190 Replies to "ELECTION 2021: First results for Seattle mayor, city attorney, council"

  • Eugene November 2, 2021 (8:14 pm)

    What a beautiful sight! 

  • StopCuttingDownTrees November 2, 2021 (8:15 pm)

    WONDERFUL news!

  • CatLady November 2, 2021 (8:23 pm)

    This is a really bad look Seattle 😩 

    • Candace Braley November 3, 2021 (9:06 am)

      I agree. Bruce Harrell received a large donation from a major donor to the tRump campaign. I don’t trust him. Police departments have become breeding grounds for white nationalists, and Seattle’s department had the largest contingency at tRump’s attempted coup on January 6th. They need to be reformed, funding redistributed, and white supremacists purged. Did we forget the statistics of black men killed daily by the police? They are out of control. And if they leave because of the reforms, good riddance. Make room for better police, better public safety through alternative programs. The Council had this right, along with the plans and programs to address other areas and populations in the city-not just the business owners downtown. .

      • james November 3, 2021 (10:07 am)

        I knew Harrell and his family for years. He’s the epitome of a political snake and grifter. He loves bowing down to Bezos and will be a Durkan type that cares only about progress from an identity politics POV and nothing substantial. The poor will be jailed under Harrell. And black people will be pushed further out of CD/South side due to his politics. He’s scary level bad.

        • StopCuttingDownTrees November 3, 2021 (1:52 pm)

          1) Police officers have a First Amendment right to attend Presidential rallies, just like you and I do. 2) Please post data backing up your statement that no other law enforcement agency had more officers present at the Capital on Jan 6th. Just because SPD officers were IDENTIFIED doesn’t mean SPD had the most. 3) As an African-American, I highly doubt that Harrell will put his efforts behind expelling African-Americans out of the CD and South Seattle. To the contrary, they have better chances of success under him than under Durkan or the nightmare of Lorena Gonzalez at the helm. 

          • Candace November 3, 2021 (3:40 pm)

            Police officers have a right to attend coups on the Capital? You’re OK with this? The Department of Justice have arrested nearly 600 of the traitors, and more to go.  Check out KUOW news- just Google ‘Seattle police and insurrection’ for the facts. 

      • Jeepney November 3, 2021 (11:27 am)

        SPD had the largest contingent at the Jan 6 coup attempt?  Do you have facts to back that up?

    • ltfd November 3, 2021 (11:14 am)

      Democracy in action is a good look, compared to most of the rest of the planet.

  • Darius November 2, 2021 (8:24 pm)

    Fascinating results. I think you can lock all but city attorney (Sawant with the biggest post-election night rally to date with 13%). I am curious what City Attorney would’ve looked like with Holmes still in, in either a 3-way race or against either of the two alternatives. I’m guessing it would’ve been a fairly easy victory.

  • November 2, 2021 (8:25 pm)


  • Duffy November 2, 2021 (8:37 pm)

    Thank goodness for these results. Time to bring some sanity back to this great city. Gonzalez wasn’t going to do that, and neither were Oliver or NTK. Let’s hope these results all hold and those people can go back to their Twitter accounts.

  • Peter November 2, 2021 (8:38 pm)

    OK. I don’t like the ones leading, but I like the ones trailing even less. I’ll take that. 

    • Simon Robinson November 2, 2021 (8:53 pm)

      Couldn’t have said it better!  Lesser of two evils is all one can hope for in this place.  Anyone who wants an abolitionist as city attorney has the brain cells of…well, let’s leave it at that  

  • Derek November 2, 2021 (8:40 pm)

    So disappointed. This is truly a sad day in Seattle history. 

    Hope the procrastinators swing it. Has happened before.

    • CatLady November 2, 2021 (8:57 pm)

      Derek I’m right there with you, but those margins are pretty much impossible to overcome 😔 I love Seattle, but this is embarrassing. Right-wing reactionaries aren’t going to make this city better. 

      • wscommuter November 2, 2021 (9:38 pm)

        “Right wing reactionaries”?  Seriously?  Me thinks someone has been reading too much DailyKos … 

        • Seattle_Native November 2, 2021 (10:04 pm)

          Exactly! Calling people right wing is just an attempt to shame liberals who prefer not to see Seattle completely fall of the cliff.

          • DINOtown November 3, 2021 (8:46 am)

            You’re not a liberal.

        • Insertname November 2, 2021 (10:25 pm)

          Apparently anyone that doesn’t hate the police and thinks that homeless encampments shouldn’t be allowed in parks and on city streets is a “Right-wing” reactionary. And god forbid a person be held accountable for their misdeeds. Oh, the horror! 

        • Eric 1 November 2, 2021 (11:35 pm)

          Radical left wing nut jobs makes me feel like a conservative.  But I just need to cross the Cascades to know that I am a liberal and some people west of the Cascades have really gone into the deep end.  I used to think that rural people were wading in the shallow end of the gene pool needed to get out of their Podunk towns and see the world to become enlightened.  I am beginning to realize that some of the city progressives need to get out of the city and figure out that their problems aren’t “somebody else’s fault” and you won’t be saved because some “rich” guy starts paying his fair share. The so called progressives are in the deep end of the pool and I am afraid they weren’t taught how to swim.

      • Peter November 3, 2021 (12:05 am)

        Yeah yeah yeah. As a left leaning moderate, I’ve been accused of being “right wing” many times, even by family and friends, because I don’t toe the liberal line at all times on all issues. As far as I’m concerned, there is no difference between the left and the right: they’re both mostly interested in picking fights with everyone who doesn’t strictly toe their line, and their politics are intellectually bankrupt. 

        • Irf November 3, 2021 (8:17 am)

          I considered myself very liberal minded until I saw what it has done to this city I love. Now I’ve realized being “liberal” is just a competition to see who is more “woke.” If you aren’t an extreme lib, you are scene as a conservative. Now, I hate to be labeled and just vote by each issue. Sometimes I sway what some would call liberal and other times conservative. 

          • Irf November 3, 2021 (9:17 am)

            edit: seen, not scene. :/

      • MK November 3, 2021 (12:32 am)

        Common sense has been completely lost with folks like Derek and Catlady. I never thought in a million years that anyone would accuse me of voting for “far-right reactionaries”. Hmm, let’s see, I prefer that our public parks be clean and safe for everyone to use. I prefer not to see mounds of trash from homeless encampments within blocks of my home. I prefer not to have to see where I step when I take my dog out for a walk in case there’s yet another hypodermic needle discarded on the ground. I prefer not having my catalytic converter stolen. I prefer going downtown and enjoying our previously vibrant downtown without seeing entire blocks boarded up and abandoned where businesses used to thrive. I prefer not being physically assaulted by a deranged person at random. If experiences like that and wanting to improve the city for everyone makes me a “right-wing reactionary”, fine, I’ll take your insult and own it. 

        • zark00 November 3, 2021 (10:27 am)

          @ MK- Looks like you own it now. Your rant was a list of “Things MK feels entitled to”.Congrats, you win for most tone deaf comment so far. 

          • Chuck Jacobs November 4, 2021 (12:59 pm)

            I just looked it up. There is a wide gulf between “prefer” and “entitled to”.I believe the number of people in Seattle whose preferences don’t match that list include zark00 and three others. 

      • EmbraceReality November 3, 2021 (9:17 am)

        As someone who spent the past week in rural Texas, I find this especially ridiculous.  I was going to send the link to my journalist cousin who works for a mid-size Texas newspaper and gets death threats when she reports Covid statistics, but I fear she’d permanently damage her vision with the eyeball roll.

    • WestSeattleDad November 2, 2021 (10:21 pm)

      Right wing reactionaries? Dude, Harrell and Nelson are strongly left of center – they just aren’t far left. Would you prefer that the elected council be replaced by a politburo?

      • CAM November 3, 2021 (1:08 am)

        Neither Lorena nor Nikita are communists and electing them would have no such impact. But I can see why you would want to use such a divisive and scary word to describe two politicians you disagree with. 

        • Peter S. November 3, 2021 (9:46 am)

          You mean like calling someone you don’t know a “right-wing reactionary”, or God forbid, even a “Republican”?

          • CAM November 3, 2021 (9:52 am)

            So the defense to this is, “They did it too so there!”? Awesome. We’re going to go far in this city. 

          • James November 3, 2021 (10:57 am)

            Ann calls herself a Trump republican. Literally. So it’s not an attack if it’s truth. Lorena and Sawant are not communists. Socialists are different entirely. And Socialist Alternative actually has very good economic ideas to help close the wage gap. It ain’t like capitalism isn’t failing miserably. Just look at how COVID exposed it.  So if you all had “Bye Don” bumper stickers, I’m not sure how you could vote for Ann. Hypocrisy.

  • River November 2, 2021 (8:54 pm)

    So far so good. Seattle voters exceeding my expectations tonight.

  • Thomas A Wood November 2, 2021 (8:56 pm)

    I’m holding my breath! But looking good

    • wilson November 2, 2021 (10:13 pm)

      I’m Soooo happy!! Thank you all that voted 

  • Simon Robinson November 2, 2021 (8:58 pm)

    I got excited but it’s only 27%…there are clearly enough imbeciles to overturn this unfortunately 

    • Wilson November 2, 2021 (10:15 pm)

      Sadly, only about 30% of registered voters actually vote

  • Nachobeaver November 2, 2021 (9:01 pm)

    Love this… Politician’s need to know if you can’t get the job done and listen to the people who support you your out!!… Hopefully Lisa and Sawant are next!!!

    • AMD November 2, 2021 (9:47 pm)

      I mean, Bruce couldn’t get the job done or listen to anyone so he chose not to run in an election he was expected to lose, then came back and got promoted.  Basically since you’re using this election as an example, you’re saying you want Herbold or Sawant to be mayor.  Be careful what you wish for, lol

    • wilson November 2, 2021 (10:23 pm)


  • Darryll November 2, 2021 (9:07 pm)

    I hope CM Herbold is watching. I like her, but feel a bit betrayed by her lack of political courage this past 2 years. 

  • NotWoke November 2, 2021 (9:10 pm)

    So great to see the silent majority speak up with votes and do the right thing!

    • ST November 2, 2021 (10:00 pm)

      Exactly! I don’t feel like I have to leave after 15 years. Maybe the streets will be swept. Maybe some dignity will return to our city. 

    • CAM November 2, 2021 (11:45 pm)

      Based on your user name I’m sure the use of a dog whistle was intentional.


      • Adam November 3, 2021 (7:32 am)

        You know what you do when your debate win can’t happen based on merit? Break out words like dog whistle. 

      • ST November 3, 2021 (7:41 am)

        I think the “you’re racist because I disagree with you” is an old and tired comment that doesn’t work anymore.  Put down the pitchfork and speak to your neighbors.  

      • John November 3, 2021 (8:39 am)

        Silent Majority = commonly used term, been around since the 60s, used to describe those who do not shout their political views from the rooftop, opposition to the vocal minority.  Of course the WP would twist the term into something racist.  Doesn’t make it so.

        • CAM November 3, 2021 (10:00 am)

          I didn’t call anyone a racist. I pointed out loaded and fear mongering language that is divisive. If you read the article (seems like maybe the three of you didn’t follow the link before dismissing the premise) it points out that the concerns about the use of the term go back to it’s use by Nixon in the 60s as a way to signal to a particular group of voters (white suburban blue collar, and that’s what they were back then) that he didn’t align with the protestors (many of whom were none of the above descriptors) about stopping sending an overwhelming # of minorities to die in Vietnam. So yeah. Maybe don’t use it. 

    • zark00 November 3, 2021 (10:33 am)

      @ NOTWOKE – Silent majority – haha that’s rich.  You’re the loudest, most snowflake, nimby, pull up the ladder, public freakout, protest the protestors, group anyone has every seen. You’re the loud, obnoxious, confidently incorrect, mob. How many people have you screamed ‘sheeple’ at for wearing a mask today?  Name checks out – proud to be ignorant – embarrassing. 

  • AMD November 2, 2021 (9:13 pm)

     I guess Seattle voters are happy with the status quo.  Not sure why, but maybe after four more years of the same we’ll get some fresh blood in next time.  

    • Seattle_Native November 2, 2021 (10:07 pm)

      The status quo is abysmal. Our current “leaders” are leading us to ruin. Glad to see more Seattleites waking up.

      • Derek November 2, 2021 (11:36 pm)

        Harrell was on CC for like 12 years or something what do you mean? Something different is….the very thing that led up to this? Huh?

        • StopCuttingDownTrees November 3, 2021 (12:15 am)

          When Harrell was on the council we didn’t have drug addicts, catalytic converter thieves, and serial shoplifters living in our parks. We also didn’t have 50 homicides per year, businesses abandoning downtown, transients throwing chunks of concrete onto I-5 drivers, and King County Courthouse staff and jurors being assaulted on 3rd Avenue. 

          • Pedro November 3, 2021 (7:07 am)

            Exactly – this notion that noting will change with Bruce because he already held office for an extended period overlooks the fact that Seattle has rapidly gone downhill since his departure. Since he’s been gone, the hyper-progressive leaders blew through the greatest tax haul in our city’s history and only made the city a worse place to live.Best of luck to Bruce in his upcoming term. Let’s get the city back on track.  

          • AMD November 3, 2021 (7:31 am)

            Uh…  yeah we did.  Ten seconds with the WSB search feature would remind you of that, but you can keep living whatever fantasy you want.

          • Derek November 3, 2021 (8:30 am)

            Lying now? He was on council in 2019. 

          • StopCuttingDownTrees November 3, 2021 (4:49 pm)

            In 2019 we had HALF the annual homicides we have now. Anyone living in our parks or on school property were swept as soon as SPD arrived. I called in a large tent campsite  near the exercise bars in Lincoln Park and it was gone in 2 days.

          • WSB November 3, 2021 (8:50 pm)

            Fact-check – 37 homicides in Seattle in 2019. 33 so far in 2021 (down from 52 last year).

          • Canton November 3, 2021 (7:20 pm)


  • Nature Boy November 2, 2021 (9:21 pm)

    As the great Ric Flair would say…”WOOO!!”

  • Mj November 2, 2021 (9:28 pm)

    Good results, was also hoping a non politician engineer would get an opportunity.  Three out of four is not bad.  And Dow with a significant lead in the County is positive.

    • Peter November 3, 2021 (12:14 am)

      That “non politician engineer” was very clearly a complete idiot and a very real threat to our lives. 

      • neighbor November 3, 2021 (8:14 am)

        You may very well be correct, but nearly half the voters still thought he’d be better than the incumbent.

  • Brian November 2, 2021 (9:29 pm)

    Garbage results, garbage city. 

    • Auntie November 2, 2021 (9:56 pm)

      Wow, really? I would guess there are lots of other places you’d rather be.

      • Brian November 3, 2021 (10:12 am)

        What if I told you that other places are worse and it’s bad everywhere?

  • r November 2, 2021 (9:32 pm)

    it about time for Bruce Harrell to come back ….

    • AMD November 2, 2021 (9:47 pm)

      But seriously.  What did he do in the last 12 years he was in city leadership that has everyone so enamored?

      • Canton November 3, 2021 (7:23 pm)

        He kept the city intact, and kept Sawant in check at a time when all her minions were trying to overtake council proceedings. 

    • Derek November 2, 2021 (9:48 pm)

      Yes the guy that made the wage gap bigger and bent over backwards for Bezos. Yippeee!!! Love ruining Seattle further with a status quo jobless candidate with no vision.

  • Michael Hock November 2, 2021 (9:36 pm)

    Really disappointing results and comments in here, for the most part. Really ashamed to share West Seattle with some of you.

    • Canton November 2, 2021 (10:05 pm)

      Save your shame. Aren’t elections a choice of of the majority?

      • CatLady November 2, 2021 (10:50 pm)

        Elections should be a choice of the majority, but given the turnout of this election that’s definitely not the case. 

        • Darryll November 3, 2021 (12:16 am)

          It’s not legitimate when people decide not to vote or are unhappy with the process? Sounds to me like too many people are out of touch or only care when they can shout 

        • What Do I Know November 3, 2021 (9:15 am)

          The essence of democracy is majority rule, the making of binding decisions by a vote of more than one-half of all persons WHO PARTICIPATE in an election (learned in Civics 101).  Are you saying an election only counts if 100% participate, or perhaps if your candidate wins? Or, did someone steal this election now as well due to low turnout?

        • Irf November 3, 2021 (9:20 am)

          Hopefully your personal efforts getting those who did not vote this time to vote next time work better in the next election. 

    • Gatewood resident November 3, 2021 (6:51 am)

      You can always leave.

    • Hmmm November 3, 2021 (7:15 am)

      To me it seems like you, CatLady, Derek and others are trying to use shame to silence people’s opinion and force your political will. We had an election and the final results will be the fair outcome, as in any democracy. If you you are so “ashamed”, feel free to move.

    • Rick November 3, 2021 (9:45 am)

      If you live in a bubble is it still considered West Seattle?

  • Pessoa November 2, 2021 (9:51 pm)

    Absolutely no surprise. Seattle is a provincial city of frugal Lutherans posing as progressives. Bruce Harwell, mayor of a supposed major city? But then, he is a native which seems to make up for any and all inadequacies, especially  for those 20th generation lifers who think he going to return Seattle to the glory days-  that probably never were. 

    • Reed November 3, 2021 (6:56 am)

      For once I absolutely agree with you.

  • Mj November 2, 2021 (9:52 pm)

    King 5 has just declared Bruce as the winner!

    • WSB November 2, 2021 (10:03 pm)

      Media declarations don’t mean a thing. Only the vote count, and it’s got a few weeks to go. But a 30-point election-night lead would seem fairly insurmountable, even if as expected the later ballots lean progressive.

  • sgs November 2, 2021 (9:55 pm)

    If these results hold, I’m open to seeing what these new folks can do.  If you think these results are embarrassing, how do you explain the outcomes of our current leadership.   Embarrassing is not a strong enough word for that; I’d say hopeless and inhumane. 

  • Sanity in WS November 2, 2021 (10:10 pm)

    Very glad to see these results.  We need adults who can lead and run the city.  Harrell and Nelson would hardly be considered right wing by most people.Seattle is a progressive and center-left city, as it should be. We need pragmatic people who can get stuff done.What’s going on in city parks, downtown, and in all of our schools needs to improve.

    • Derek November 2, 2021 (10:45 pm)

      Oliver’s credentials are better than anyone else running. I hate when people act like centrist libs are “sane” and “adults” just because they push status quo capitalism and incarceration state Ronald Reagan and Biden created. I do not know why some of you like Jayapal but hate Gonzalez? They’re the same. West Seattle is so weird and bougie. Can’t wait for these new officials to mess it up more and hear all the excuses.

      • Jon November 2, 2021 (11:23 pm)

        West Seattle is “bougie”?  Sorry Derek, you just lost any chance of credibility. West Seattle is home to the most unpretentious Subaru- driving wealthy people that you’ll never notice. You must be new here. 

        • Derek November 2, 2021 (11:37 pm)

          Seattle is home to hyper rich tech bros and Boeing pension guys who corner housing market leaving us millennials and Gen Z in the dust. 

          • Nacho beaver November 3, 2021 (12:02 am)

            Well you don’t like it then go get a job for Boeing or the Tech company’s there all desperately hiring… You’ll only get what you go after!! Seems like genz and millennials just want free handouts nowadays 

          • JJ November 3, 2021 (4:03 am)

            I live in Alaska Junction with a pretty decent apartment. I deliver door dash and give guitar lessons. West Seattle is very much working class, my friend. 

          • CandrewB November 3, 2021 (6:48 am)

            If it’s any consolation Derek, the younger generations will be hating you as well.

          • Tar N Feather November 3, 2021 (7:50 am)

            Sink or swim. Am also a millennial,  grew up here my entire life, saved up money and  left my POS job (from said overlords) to become jobless and studied and networked enough to get bougie job where I can support myself.  Have two close POC friends who have done the same.  Try more, complain less, get out of your comfort zone and stop complaining about your job only while you’re there. Realizing that I forgot about how much life sucked once weekends hit gave me everything that I needed to leave original POS job. 

          • natinstl November 3, 2021 (11:14 am)

            I’m always curious what people actually want when I see comments like this. Should someone give up their good paying tech job or donate their Boeing pension because you don’t like them and/or the fact that they have those things? Why is not okay that they earned those things? I was an English major in college for god’s sake, I had no job prospects when I graduated, I took administrative jobs early on and just worked my way up to the good paying job I have now. I chipped away at my loans, bought a apartment type condo down the road in a crappy neighborhood, which I lived in for a while and then sold, which enabled me to buy my house in West Seattle. I definitely recognize that housing has become more expensive, it was when I bought my home. I utilized a SHIP loan/grant to get my first condo. Not sure if those are offered anymore, if not, I would like to see them be, but overall I didn’t do anything special other than work my way to what I wanted to just feel comfortable financially. 

        • CAM November 2, 2021 (11:50 pm)

          Yep, just don’t put any kind of public transit, free street parking, multi-unit housing, or public service providing agency/housing near their single family homes and they’re absolutely the “most” unpretentious people you’ll ever meet anywhere. 

        • CatLady November 3, 2021 (12:17 am)

          lol Derek & Cam are right. People on here are constantly complaining about apartment buildings & their SFH zoning being taken away and how West Seattle isn’t a community like in the “good old days.” I mean we have a cupcake store that sells tiny $5 cupcakes for crying out loud. We’re definitely bougie. 

        • Sasquatch November 3, 2021 (7:32 am)

          Maybe 15 years ago. Now West Seattle is full of pretentious tesla driving snobs.

    • Pessoa November 2, 2021 (11:00 pm)

      Seattle is a provincial company town in which pragmatism and  moderate are code words for “lets keep things the way they’ve always been.”  That might have worked for old Seattle, but not anymore. No one here has the spine to outlay a bold vision for the city, except hide behind the “Seattle process,” which is essentially to involve as many people as possible in a policy decision so that the responsibility for any bad decision can’t be pinned on one person.  The inbred political scene here is beyond stale and claustrophobic, led by consummate crafty and my least favorite politician, Dow Constantine.  

    • MC November 3, 2021 (12:56 am)

      Ann Davison is literally, by her own admission, a Trump republican. 

      • KB November 3, 2021 (10:52 am)

        I’ve seen this claim made in a few different places.  Can you point me to where she endorsed or supported Trump? Looking at her website, it says she caucused for Hillary Clinton in 2016 and voted for Joe Biden in 2020.  Genuinely curious if there’s a separate statement she made in support of Trump or labeled herself a Trump Republican, as is implied by your comment.  

        • TN November 3, 2021 (5:26 pm)

          You see KB… A lie – if often told loud enough – often enough becomes the truth. Or some such.I know that Ann posed for a picture with Mike Solan  – that might be it? Or maybe MC just want to throw excrement and see what sticks…

        • Jethro Marx November 3, 2021 (6:45 pm)

          https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/seattle-city-attorney-rivals-face-blowback-over-anti-police-tweets-republican-affiliation/Ann Davison did a video for the “#walkaway” campaign that encouraged democrats to become Republicans. I did vote for her, and did not watch the video, because that kind of stuff seems pretty dumb. The fact that she seemed to casually jump on an auxiliary car of President Trump’s freedom train or whatever that $/!+ was nearly disqualified her from my consideration. Nicole Thomas-Kennedy managed to completely disqualify herself from consideration, by posting stuff on the internet about police officers eating “covid-laced s–t” and cheering on their deaths, while also managing to hail a person who bombed a police station as a hero. “I didn’t plan to run for office when I wrote that,” is understandable, but still does not make you a viable city attorney. Systemic racism is not fake, and police are as affected as anyone, and cheering on their deaths is still wrong. If you want to tear down stuff and build anew, have at it, but don’t tell us who to hate. Oh and a CRITICAL PART OF YOUR JOB IS WORKING WITH THE POLICE!

  • North Delridge November 2, 2021 (10:11 pm)

    May I remind the gloaters here that you’re electing a Republican! I agree with the other comment that this city is progressive in name only.  Make sure to keep your cheap “in this house we believe” yard signs in the basement next time.

    • wscommuter November 2, 2021 (11:02 pm)

      I assume you mean Ms. Davison in referring to electing a “Republican”, as if that is some cardinal sin.  As a life-long Dem, I have news for you – not all R’s are Trump R’s.  There are many good R’s which should be a self-evident truth, but sadly so many self-identified “progressives” equate being a Republican with inherent evil.  Which is, of course, moronic.  Just as it is moronic for the FoxNews right to label all D’s as “socialists”, etc.  What’s sad is that we live in an era where we can’t just disagree on policy – we have to demonize those with whom we disagree.  You might want to reflect some on the knee-jerk ignorance revealed in assuming that because Ms. Davison is an R, that this makes her somehow a bad person or an unacceptable choice.  I’m willing to give her a chance – and much more to the point – she was the only sane alternative in this race, given the non-choice presented by her opponent.  

      • CAM November 2, 2021 (11:55 pm)

        If you think that prosecuting misdemeanor offenses to the fullest degree possible in all circumstances is a more reasonable stance than saying that the city should attempt to mitigate the circumstances that lead to repeat offending and the overcrowding of our courts and jails than I’m not sure I trust your opinion on anything else. Only one of those actually leads to a future with less people committing crimes, less people in jail, and a more stable society. 

        • My two cents … November 3, 2021 (8:41 am)

          @CAM … from my view, the previous comments made by Thomas-Kennedy eliminated any chance of my vote and others. It’s easy to tear down, but to build is harder task. 

        • WeSea November 3, 2021 (9:56 am)

          @Cam…So you think by not arresting and jailing criminals Seattle (all by itself) can mitigate circumstances that are national and societal problems?

          • CAM November 3, 2021 (3:50 pm)

            The City prosecutor does not control who gets arrested and who doesn’t. And diversion does not = a lack of prosecution. In fact, in most cases, diversion ends up requiring the defendant to continue appearing in court with their attorney and demonstrating they are maintaining compliance for upwards of 2 years before the charges are dismissed. It is in fact a very effective way to help people find more socially acceptable ways of getting their basic needs met and interacting with society. It keeps people out of the system for longer periods of time than repeated short stints in jails. And it prevents more repeat offenses than prosecution of low level offenses. Diversion is not the Boogeyman. 

      • Helpermonkey November 3, 2021 (6:52 am)

        Except Ann Davison IS a “trump republican”- she loudly and proudly declared her switch DURING the impeachment hearing. She’s a trash trump republican to her core, regardless of who she supposedly voted for previously. Good job, Seattle. Big biz and trashy republican values from here on out. 

      • zark00 November 3, 2021 (10:46 am)

        @WSCOMMUTER – Do you know that Ann Davidson publicly announced her support for Trump and his “values”?  

    • MK November 2, 2021 (11:54 pm)

      I’m not electing a Republican. I’m electing the person who I think will do the best job in a non-partisan election. I’m a life-long Democrat, which describes most people in Seattle, one of the bluest cities in America. But I’ve come to realize that the extreme left and the extreme right are essentially the same. They don’t care about solving actual problems but would rather spend all their time on useless slogans and demonizing their opponents. Fine, if that’s what makes you feel better about yourself, have at it, but you’re alienating your friends and allies in future elections that matter the most. Being nasty, dogmatic and judgmental against your neighbors who want nothing more than to make their city as pleasant and livable as possible is not a recipe for success. Unless all factions of Democrats learn this, the 2022 mid-term elections will be an utter wipeout, which you’re already seeing signs of in VA/NJ.

    • Peter November 3, 2021 (12:20 am)

      Yes, I voted for a Republican. Sometimes the best person for a job happens to be a Republican: Ann Davidson, Kim Wyman, Sam Reed, Ron McKenna. That’s the real world; what’s best for the greater good isn’t always what appeases one’s ideology or political party. 

  • Mj November 2, 2021 (10:31 pm)

    North Delridge – the City races are all non partisan.  The hard left and hard right are the problem.  

  • Happpy November 2, 2021 (10:35 pm)

    I can sleep well tonite.All the candidates that I voted came out WINNERsTime to buy my lottery ticket

  • November 2, 2021 (10:37 pm)

    Finally, adults to run Seattle. Thanks to all the other adults (aka, the silent majority) who voted them in. 

    • CatLady November 3, 2021 (12:21 am)

      For crying out loud, stop with the “silent majority” nonsense. The majority of people who live in Seattle DIDN’T VOTE. 

      • November 3, 2021 (3:55 am)

        The emphasis is on “silent.”

      • Thomas A Wood November 3, 2021 (5:24 am)

        Maybe you should have worked on getting the vote out!You got pounded and you only have yourself to blame.

      • Thomas Andrew Wood November 3, 2021 (5:52 am)

        I would say the majority that didn’t vote agree with you.Who’s fault is that?

      • Ricardo November 3, 2021 (8:45 am)

        Who cares? It’s the majority of those that voted. Are you imagining some hypothetical scenario where if Seattle had 100% voter turnout your candidates would have won?

      • ltfd November 3, 2021 (11:23 am)

        Only the majority of those who voted get to “count”. Those disinclined to participate just get to whine.

    • Derek November 3, 2021 (8:34 am)

      When people say “finally SANITY AND ADULTS!” They’re overcompensating and it’s the most completely childish thing to say. Sara Nelson is a rich person who lucked into tons of capital and now wants to put people who didn’t in jail. She’s awful. I hope she fails miserably and is recalled.

      • EmbraceReality November 3, 2021 (10:35 am)

        You are claiming that Sara Nelson wants to put everyone who hasn’t “lucked into tons of capital” in jail.  I’m a former junkie who got clean, went to college and I’ve had progressively better paying jobs over the last 25 years.  I have not lucked into tons of capital.  Does this mean Sara wants to put me in jail?  I’d really like to understand my risk once she’s in office.

    • Peter November 3, 2021 (10:32 am)

      Adults don’t categorically demean everyone who disagrees with them by implying they’re not adults. Ad hominem insults like that are only made by people who can’t support their position with facts and logic. 

  • Jennifer November 2, 2021 (11:10 pm)

    Most of my life I have been as liberal as the next Seattlite, but this years-long race of who can out-liberal who has wildly neglected the question of what candidate actually has the skills to run a city. And has terrified me now that I have a family to worry about. Resetting back to “moderate” liberals (read: not fringe lunatics) is a breath of fresh air!

    • Irf November 3, 2021 (9:00 am)

      Totally agree. 

    • Scubafrog November 3, 2021 (9:30 am)

      That sounds pretty trumpy.Would you blame progressives for the seizure of the precinct and Capitol Hill?  Durkan’s a corporatist, and moderate dem, and was against, then for “chop” and the protests (the bucks stops at the top).  It’s interesting how often dems vacillate.  The entire party was yelling “Black lives Matter!”, “police reform!”, now they demand “more police!”, and “progressive” and “Black lives Matter” are slurs.  Partisans of any stripe really are abhorrent in their very nature.  No integrity.

  • High Point November 2, 2021 (11:16 pm)

    Hamdi’s making a comeback. Excited for results tomorrow!

  • Anw November 2, 2021 (11:45 pm)

    Regardless of the outcome, it’s important to continue to hold leaders accountable and voice our opinions. Voting is not the only way to have a say! Personally, I’m disappointed by the results so far but that means my responsibility will be even greater to encourage legislators to hear people’s concerns and work toward making Seattle a better place for everyone!

  • Mel November 3, 2021 (4:36 am)

    I’ve never seen a bigger group of whiners than the progressives. I’m a democrat and voted for all of these people in the lead because they were the lesser of evils in my opinion. Guess what? Lots of people don’t get their way in an election. This is the first time in a long time I’m actually proud of the way our city is voting. 

    • zark00 November 3, 2021 (10:54 am)

      @MFL – You miss the Republicans who mounted an insurrection of the nations capital because they lost an election? How about the Republicans who were armed to the teeth occupying the capital steps in Olympia because they lost and moronically believed it was a ‘stolen election’ based on zero evidence?  Or those don’t count as a ‘bigger group of whiners’?

  • David November 3, 2021 (5:44 am)

    Coupd you please mark incumbent candidate names when reporting results as my voting this year was specifically aimed at voting them all out

    • Peter November 3, 2021 (11:40 am)

      Seriously? All you care about is voting out incumbents even though you don’t even know who they are? That’s the epitome of an uninformed voter.

  • Jeepney November 3, 2021 (6:39 am)

    I am feeling great about the initial results, but I am skeptical that they will hold up.  Count me as another lifelong liberal and proud Democrat who voted for Ann Davison.   For me, it’s not about party affiliation anymore, but voting for people with common sense and rational thinking.Hopefully this bodes well for future elections.  I would also like to see Herbold replaced, she has failed the majority of her constituents.

  • anonyme November 3, 2021 (6:49 am)

    I’m relieved.  Not happy, but relieved, with the exception of Dow’s re-election.  He is one sneaky duck.  He’s got three tongues: one left, one right, and a forked one in the middle.  I also agree with MK and Peter.  I’ll vote for whomever I think will do the job, regardless of party (or any other) affiliation.

  • EdSane November 3, 2021 (8:29 am)

    I don’t think the election of the mayoral candidate or city attorney is really an indictment of where Seattle stands (I wish it was). Lorena ran a racist ad a week out from the election and then did a painfully slow walk back with one of the worst politician non-apologies I’ve ever heard. NTK came out against the prosecution of drunk drivers and those tweets are certainly not befitting someone who wants to hold public office. It’s hard to say who’d have won had their campaigns been better run. 

  • Sillygoose November 3, 2021 (8:57 am)

    YES YES YES the only sad display of results is Mosqueda, I was hoping for a complete dump of the current council members, next joyful event Swant in jail!!!!  Time to take back our city!!!!  

    • James November 3, 2021 (9:05 am)

      Yes jail all politicians you disagree with. Great. Maybe move to China? West Seattle is more insane by the day.

      • Rick November 3, 2021 (10:32 am)

        Of course James. Everything anyone doesn’t agree with you is (insert insult here).  Try better. Try harder. Then just go away.

    • Scubafrog November 3, 2021 (9:41 am)

      Wow.  Imprison political opponents now?   Politics can bring out passion, but that’s waaay over the top.

    • Felix Grounds November 3, 2021 (2:08 pm)

      Sawant in Jail for what, exactly?

  • Villagegreen November 3, 2021 (9:04 am)

    It’s human nature. People will say they care about about the vulnerable and underprivileged. But only to a point. Once their lives are affected by too much change they will seek to return to how things were. Thus the belief that a has-been corporate training manual as our next mayor is the solution to Seattle’s problems. But hey, I guess now you won’t have to look at those junkies living in parks while you commute to your job at Amazon or Microsoft. 

    • Thomas A Wood November 3, 2021 (9:27 am)

      What’s your problem with people who go to work?

      • James November 3, 2021 (10:00 am)

        My problem, personally, is the CEOs of where they work profitting off the poor to obscene levels then being mad at the fallout of rising housing costs and lowering wages. 

      • zark00 November 3, 2021 (11:47 am)

        What’s your problem with reading comprehension?

  • JT November 3, 2021 (9:20 am)

    As a former Seattlite, now south-ender, I’m happy to see the results. We’re in the 21st Cenury, but has “We’re so Green and Cool” Seattle government figured that out? Not thus far. The city keeps selling out to developers who make the city unlivable with high-priced spaces, no parking, no greenery, no solar or green roofs, but increased congestion and impact on infrastructure. The last few councils just jacked up property taxes and utilities. Everyone wants to know where the money is going as the problems just seem to increase. Really, there’s nothing wrong with fiscal responsibility and accountability.

  • Who hoo! November 3, 2021 (9:27 am)

    Bravo!!!!! About time this city flipped a switch. Cracks me up that as a moderate leaning Dem im considered a Trump supporter. LOL! Bye extremist left! 

    • James November 3, 2021 (10:03 am)

      LOL if you think progressive left is going ANYWHERE. I am here and I am recruiting. We will be back. This city is built on progressive values. Not Trumper loons like Ann. When Ann fails miserably I’m going to laugh so hard. This only makes the city go HARDER left in the next run. Harrell will be miserable like his last 12 years on council that amounted to all the city’s problems we have now with housing and tech companies playing monopoly with the city land. 

      • Jeepney November 3, 2021 (11:05 am)

        This city was built on corruption and criminal behavior, ask the Native Americans it was stolen from.

      • wscommuter November 3, 2021 (12:10 pm)

        Good luck with that.  Outside of Sawant’s district, the far-left, of which you apparently belong, has tapped out.  I’m guessing that if Herbold had been on the ballot yesterday and challenged by someone less left, she would have lost too.  Seattle is liberal city, but most folks with common sense tend to see that the homelessness crisis is out of control and the status quo isn’t working.  Make no mistake – the voting yesterday was driven by public opinion about homelessness.  It is possible to find the status quo unacceptable and still have compassion for those who are on the streets.  Most of us will gladly pay higher taxes to pay for things like shelter, food, mental health and substance abuse treatment, etc.  But allowing these folks to live wherever they pitch a tent and the the consequences be damned is a condition most of us are likewise unwilling to accept as the new normal.  

        • Michael Hock November 3, 2021 (1:39 pm)

          Bruce Harrell quite literally *is* the status quo.

      • Nah November 3, 2021 (1:52 pm)

        Lol nope you won’t. The people have spoken and it’s time to clean up the mess you left us with. Pretty plain to see. 

  • Kevin on Delridge November 3, 2021 (9:53 am)

    This is a disappointing, but unsurprising result. I’ll stand behind our elected officials and hold them accountable for what the people in Seattle are asking for to resolve the issues of equity, crime, homelessness, among others, with compassion and empathy.

    I hope we can all recognize our individual roles in these systemic problems and push for a better future for all, not just a few.

    If you don’t already, I encourage you to watch/listen to the Seattle Channel (https://www.seattlechannel.org/ or on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu2IUja1ASnGIr_ORrtLReg ) and be an active participant in our local government.

  • flimflam November 3, 2021 (10:37 am)

    It’s interesting to read the angry, fairly whiny comments by Oliver, ntk, Gonzalez supporters and them suggesting that they somehow don’t deserve victory because of voter turnout…i recall the amount of serious gloating and jeering when herbold won again, etc…this isn’t like the city elected hardcore right wing stormtroopers here, they simply were put off by the far left and their seemingly uncaring, if not hostile attitudes towards the vast majority of the city’s citizens.

    • Peter S. November 3, 2021 (10:59 am)

      Sadly, even Dan Evans wouldn’t stand a chance with many self-styled “Progressives” these days, because he had an “R” after his name.  Regardless of his qualifications or track record.    Yes, I know, “Republican”  meant something different back then.  So did “Democrat”. Not nearly as much polarization.  

      • Jamie J November 3, 2021 (4:15 pm)

        Dan Evans wouldn’t stand a chance with the Republicans these days. Dan Evans is sane and believes that 2+2 = 4 and that water runs downhill. Dan is also an environmentalist who supported creating the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area and the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Areas. Dan wouldn’t stand a chance with the racist, authoritarian cult that is today’s Republican Party.

    • Derek November 3, 2021 (1:56 pm)

      Gotta call you out here. Who was Oliver and NTK hostile to? They don’t like cops and terrible people like Solan. That’s not a “majority of city” like you’re suggesting. I need a source on this.

      • TN November 3, 2021 (5:37 pm)

        Do you know Mike? what makes him terrible?? advocating for his officers – which is his JOB.Do people call you terrible for doing your job? 

        • CAM November 4, 2021 (1:34 am)

          Solan is quite universally understood to be hurting SPD officers more than he is helping them. Even more conservative leaning media figures have told him he needs to reconsider his tactics. There’s a difference between standing up for your colleagues and being completely intransigent and unable to take perspective other than your own. 

      • Jethro Marx November 3, 2021 (8:44 pm)


        Apologies for my earlier ineptness with links; the peculiarities of our commenting interface make it easy to run a link pasted right into a run-on sentence. But the above link is a quick overview of Nicole Thomas-Kennedy’s hostile intent. The fact is, most of the people don’t want this kind of bluster; it is the same thing that turned many against President Trump. I am rather disturbed by the labels “Trumpy,” “Trumpian,” and whatever other dumb jingo we use to describe people or views we see as objectionable. He was Your President; yes he was both ineffective and sounded super racist and at least an advocate of sexual assault, but he also presented a new sort of energy to politics. A completely anti-any-kind-of-moral-compass kind of energy. If you like that approach to elected office, and only objected to the party that got their weirdo in there, then we want different kinds of community. Many people, not only cops, object to candidates advocating violence toward cops. Even racist cops or cops who commit crimes of any type are not, in most of our minds, deserving of death by the cruel and violent methods Thomas-Kennedy advocates. If we need to fire or prosecute them, do it. If you’re screaming for blood and think the twitter posts of Thomas-Kennedy are just a funny joke, you fundamentally misunderstand the job of governing a city in a country that, on paper, intends to eventually rule with equal laws.

        • CAM November 4, 2021 (1:46 am)

          Jethro – those tweets weren’t smart but are also being printed now without any context and over a year later. Attempting to interpret them today lacking any of that or using the dynamics present today vs. last year is not really an accurate or useful way of understanding who a person really is. But it should also be taken into account that many of the statements in those tweets are not (if expounded upon in a more lengthy statement vs. a two line tweet) inconsistent with what we now understand about the long-term impacts of racial and gender bias in this country that have created current inequities that remain unaddressed. A blanket, oh those words are unpatriotic or unsupportive of government institutions isn’t really a fair representation of what this country and the government has done to create that sentiment. The fact that a person who feels the government has been historically unfair to them wants to join the government and use it to make positive impacts for people they feel the government has harmed or left behind in the past is actually a good thing. 

          • Jethro Marx November 6, 2021 (4:59 pm)

            With respect, CAM, you are raving. She was a terrible candidate, not because of who she is as a person or her views on the intricacies of race, gender, power, and economic opportunity, but because she called for violence against a specific population and called property damage a moral imperative. These are both diametrically opposed to her duties as City Attorney. In an epic positive reframe, you’re saying that what she meant by ‘eat s–t and die’ was actually, in context, some kind of astute cultural observation that had to be shortened because of Twitter rules. I don’t know Thomas-Kennedy, but I know she’s not suited for this job. As a private citizen, she’s welcome to her trollish and shock-jock style sense of humor; it doesn’t make me judge her character, because Twitter ain’t great for character assessment purposes. But I’m honestly puzzled that a bunch of you are surprised she lost. Davison would have lost too if she tweeted that civil rights protestors ought to be shot and killed or cheered on a bomber who targeted the Black Lives Matter headquarters. And I doubt you’d be here talking about context and vague academic theories. But then, that’s the heart of the issue- whether it’s sexual assault or corruption or mean tweets, we like to hold one standard of behavior for those we agree with and a very different one for our chosen enemies. 

  • Scubafrog November 3, 2021 (12:05 pm)

    Democratic infighting by Progressives V Moderates, has produced victories for moderates here, but losses for Dems in the rest of the nation.  I’m more fascinating than anything else by the outcomes.  2022 and 2024  are going to be a trouncing by the GOP in the US, due to the utter lack of cohesion in the Democratic party.    I’m certainly ready to give any candidate their chance to prove him/herself.

  • Mj November 3, 2021 (12:23 pm)

    Scubafrog agreed, it’s time for the bipartisan infrastructure deal to be voted on and not be held hostage by the progressives.  

    • Lagartija Nick November 3, 2021 (2:25 pm)

      Taken together both bills have 213 “progressive” YES votes in the House and 9 “moderate” NO votes. And both bills have 48 “progressive” YES votes in the Senate and 2 “moderate” NO votes. It is quite clear who is blocking passage of both of these bills and it’s NOT the “progressives”. Once again you are woefully misinformed.

    • Scubafrog November 3, 2021 (3:13 pm)

      Yeah,  obstructionist ultra-progressives Manchin and Sinema need to go further right, and embrace Democratic moderacy.  That will surely stabilise their party for the midterms, and 2024.  Per my wish, I yearn for the day when Moderate Republicans come back, the paleo conservatives:  Educated Fiscal Conservatives who really believe in Small Govt., and Civil Rights.  Sign me up!

  • MM November 3, 2021 (1:02 pm)

    This is good news on voter outcome on new Mayor.  I hope we can see some quick positive change to clean up and get our city back! In the near future, It would be nice to see a video on “Seattle is Thriving” instead of the sad devastating videos on “Seattle is Dying”. We have one of the best and beautiful cities to enjoy and live in when it’s safe, clean, free from graffiti, homeless, drugs, crime.  Let the change begin now. 

    • Michael Hock November 3, 2021 (1:40 pm)

      Oh no, not graffiti!

    • Derek November 3, 2021 (3:37 pm)

      Graffiti is definitely more important than poor people not having a warm place to sleep! Wow great priorities you got. Don’t like graffiti? Move to the country. It’s a city. I wouldn’t like it on my house but I ain’t crying about it if it’s on some bridge pillar.

  • Lagartija Nick November 3, 2021 (1:13 pm)

    Crime and homelessness are skyrocketing nationally because of Covid and systemic issues in the economy brought about by 40+ years of neoliberal (trickle down) economic policy. Yet so many voices here want to place ALL of the blame for the current state of the city on a few progressive council members who have no real clout and have had little, if any, of their major policies put into place. Seattle has a strong mayoral system, meaning the mayor has more power than the council, yet during this election cycle Durkan and her failed neoliberal policies never get the blame only the progressives on the council do. Now we’ll have our third neoliberal mayor in a row with Harrell and an even more weakened council. Congratulations, I guess. I sincerely hope that Harrell, Davison, and Nelson are up to the task and things get better but after watching 50+ years of doubling down on the same old failing neoliberal policies I don’t have much hope. Who are you all going to blame in 2-4 years when nothing has changed again? The final 2 or 3 lonely progressive voices on a 9 member council? Of course you will, our corporate owned media have done a masterful job of convincing conservatives and well meaning liberals that the “radical left” is destroying the country and, in this case, the city. Nevermind the fact that the “radical left” has NEVER held any real power. Oh, and calling people “imbeciles”, telling them to “get over it” and “move if you don’t like it” is straight out of cult #45’s playbook, sad to see my fellow ‘liberals’ embracing that rhetoric.

    • flimflam November 3, 2021 (1:34 pm)

      Please, homelessnesses here has been a major issue for YEARS and has gotten much worse in the last 8 or so. That’s not covid related at all – the only thing covid did around here was give the city an excuse to stop clearing camps and discouraging camping. 

      • Lagartija Nick November 3, 2021 (4:36 pm)

        Fascinating, the city stopped doing sweeps because of covid but covid doesn’t have anything to do with the increase in visible homeless? That’s some first rate mental gymnastics there. And homelessness in Seattle has been a problem for YEARS but that’s not the fault of the guy who was on the council for 12 years but it is somehow the fault of the woman who was on the council for 6? Please, indeed.

    • Frog November 3, 2021 (4:01 pm)

      You should have a look at this:  https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2021/11/the-new-meth/620174/  It’s an article by Sam Quinones, a respected, veteran MSM reporter on the US drug crisis.  (See also the book Dreamland.)  One point of the article is:  the current homeless crisis is not caused by neoliberal bla bla; it’s caused by cheap, toxic methamphetamine which has flooded the country.  And the socialist left maintains a consistent wall of denial on this matter. 

      • Lagartija Nick November 3, 2021 (4:53 pm)

        You do understand that people turn to drugs and crime because the economy has failed them, right? And while drugs are certainly a major factor in the visible street homeless population, they don’t account for the majority of the homeless who are sleeping on friend’s couches, in relative’s spare rooms, in RV’s in people’s backyards or cheap hotels. They are the ones who’ve lost their homes due to failed economic policy. The fascist right is really good at scapegoating drugs as the one and only cause of homelessness while ignoring the very obvious impacts of their own failed policies.

      • Lagartija Nick November 3, 2021 (6:20 pm)

        If the socialist left is in denial about drug addiction among the homeless, then why does Gonzalez, Mosqueda and Oliver have drug treatment prominently embedded in their homeless plans and Harrell and Nelson do not? 

        • Canton November 3, 2021 (8:43 pm)

          Drug use is not just a homeless thing. Many perfectly functioning people use some sort of drug as well. Alcohol, tobacco, weed, prescription, caffeine. It’s the people that use the hard drugs, meth, crack, heroin, that are not contributing to society. The later are the ones we need to focus on that are so stuck in unproductive ways that need the help. Can’t paint that picture with such a broad brush. Then you have the people that head here because of lack of those consequences of such drug use.

    • Villagegreen November 4, 2021 (1:06 pm)

      @Lagartija Nick, thank you for crystallizing why so many of the comments on this post are comical. We’ve elected the status quo. People who think the powerless city council have anything to do with our current homelessness and crime issues are deluding themselves. Electing essentially the same corporate sponsored, bland, neoliberals over and over and over again has gotten us where we are. Congratulations, you’ve elected to keep things exactly as they are. Which apparently is awful. 

  • Graciano November 3, 2021 (1:25 pm)

    If you didn’t fill out your ballet…, ______________!

  • Simon November 3, 2021 (1:36 pm)

    So the pendulum swings, in a couple of these races, dangerously the other way. We just elected, as legal counsel for our fair city, someone that is a member of an organization that aims to take away the right to marry from tens of thousands of our neighbors. We elected someone that is a member of an organization that believes we shouldn’t tell our children that there were millions of indigenous peoples before Europeans arrived or that we had an economy based on enslaving millions of people. An organization that welcomes neo-nazis, convicted fraudsters, and proponents of martial law over democracy into their leadership. An organization that promotes demonstrably untrue arguments about elections, climate change, infectious disease, and immigration. I’m a moderate. I despise the property crime and worry about the barbaric conditions created by tent encampments. I wish for more pragmatic strategies towards racial and social equity. This wasn’t the way to come back to center. We elected a member of an extremist group that resembles a cult more than a political party. That matters even in local, nonpartisan office. I pray that we can limit the damage she will do.

    • GC November 3, 2021 (3:43 pm)

      A ‘moderate’ what Simon? Get a grip.

      • Simon November 3, 2021 (4:06 pm)

        What do you mean GC? Get a grip? 

    • Sickofthewhinning November 3, 2021 (5:07 pm)

      Simon, she considers herself an independent, and the position is non-partisan.  And I’m pretty sure that being a republican does not make one a terrorist or member of a cult anymore than being a democrat makes you a commie. Its broad generalizations like this that make politics so polarized. You know nothing about her except she ran as a republican for Lt Gov. She also voted for Hillary, Obama and Biden. Most rational people seem to understand why she is running, and that none of the things you are concerned with she will be able to oversee or undo.I find it amazing that when someone runs for office in this city, if they aren’t a socialist/leftists, they get branded a right wing nut job. Most of these so called right wing nut jobs wouldn’t stand a chance in a city that’s more moderate, as they would be considered too liberal.We’ve had a liberal city attorney for 20 years, maybe its time to have a moderate one.

      • Simon November 3, 2021 (7:30 pm)

        SickOfTheWhining, thanks so much for taking time to write a response. I appreciate it. What I don’t appreciate is the presumption and condescension. Why would you tell someone what they know on here? I simply listed some planks in the Republican platform and a couple verifiable items from their track record of the last few years. Perhaps the word cult might be going a little far but a dictionary definition of a “a misplaced or excessive admiration for a particular person or thing” is not too much of a stretch here. I’d be considered conservative by most local friends. Still affiliation with any group, political party or not, that has these positions is worrisome and it is not wacky to say so. The City Attorney needs to stand up for the civil rights guaranteed by Federal and State law. In our state that includes our LGBT neighbors and by Federal law there is at least the right to marry for consenting adults. Our likely City Attorney is signed on to an organization that seeks to deny both marriage and other rights to those communities. The head of Seattle’s Law Department will swear to tell the truth. She is signed on to an organization that makes it a matter of policy to prevaricate to the detriment of our democracy, public health, and our planet. This stuff matters, a lot, at any level of elected office. If you were hiring someone and their resume featured affiliation with clubs or employers known for deception and bigotry in the course of everyday business, would you still extend an employment offer? My goodness, do I want our city to get to a place of equal protection and enforcement of law, making policy based on pragmatism and not emotion, and protections especially for small businesses! I hope the best for the presumptive next City Attorney. I hope the best for all of us moving forward. Respond if you want, and with courtesy if you can.

  • flimflam November 3, 2021 (2:40 pm)

    WSB, or anyone – is there any way to see the number of votes left to be counted anywhere?

    • WSNeighbor November 3, 2021 (5:08 pm)

      They have no way of knowing as the mail is not all delivered.

  • WSB November 3, 2021 (4:01 pm)

    For those interested, today’s election-results update is in:
    Only change of note in the races we’re following is that Toshiko Grace Hasegawa now has a 275-vote lead over incumbent Peter Steinbrueck in the Port Commission Position 4 race. – TR

    • Jamie J. November 3, 2021 (4:20 pm)

      Whoo hoo! I hope that Hasegawa wins, not because she’s going to stop the Port of Seattle from being a corrupt, taxpayer screwing, environment wrecking organization, but because it would put Peter Steinbrueck, who is one of the most useless people in Seattle out of work. Steinbrueck has spent his entire career in politics trading on his name and muttering vague liberal platitudes while collecting a salary and accomplishing nothing. As a PoS commissioner he has been an eager corporate shill who is all on board with letting the PoS continue to wreck the environment by expanding SeaTac airport, one of the largest polluters in the state.

  • Pessoa November 4, 2021 (10:12 am)

    Vote for more police funding because they have been so proactive and responsive in the past – a dismal track record that long predates  the defund movement? The SPD is like any other bureaucracy it wants to justify its existence and current level of funding.   And then there is “Show up in shorts” Bruce Harrell. His biggest claim to fame is that he is a native and a Husky. Grow up, dude. 

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